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Donald Trump

Anthony Weiner is a


6/7/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump just RIPPED Rep. Anthony Weiner into pieces -- calling the Congressman a "psycho" ... who "should never ever be allowed to run for office again."


Trump released the video moments ago on his YouTube page -- it's brutal.


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jealous of kate    

#1 Trump HAS contributed to Democrats before for those who say he hasn't
#2 Yes, he has a big mouth and has an 'opinion' on EVERYTHING. All for RATINGS AND TO MAKE MONEY!
#3 Why is he on here? Because Harvey and Co. are bleeding heart liberals and will put anyone who leans to the right and looks the SLIGHTEST BIT CRAZED on the site. Got to balance out what happened on the left.
#4 WEINER HAS BEEN AN IDIOT FOR YEARS! But no one in his party would say so. He LOVES taking the floor of Congress and ripping into the Republican party on how 'they have held up this law, that benefit, how 9/11 HEROS will not get benefits because of the horrible REPUBLICANS!!! (despite the fact that MOST ARE FIREMAN OR RESCUE WORKERS FOR THE CITY SO THEY HAVE CITY BENEFITS ALREADY AND Congress Weiner put the Vote up to some WEIRD type vote that needed 75% approval. WHY? Because it would not pass at that level and conditions and gave Weiner a chance to yell, & YELL! Never mind that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY COULD HAVE SENT THAT BILL FLYING THROUGH CONGRESS ANYTIME, and I mean anytime in the previous 4 years, with out any problems and of course,IT.WAS.NOT.BROUGHT.UP. and Rep. Anthony Weiner would not answer why. Same thing with the budget-why wasn't it done during the previous year, when it was supposed to be done and voted on, were it would have PASSED WITHOUT A PROBLEM. He has taken the Republicans to task constantly the last 2 years, and longer, but HAS NEVER ANSWERED QUESTIONS POSSED TO HIM. and as of yesterday, seems to still be having problems with questions .. AND THE TRUTH

1237 days ago

Bill Occam    

Trump should just keep his mouth shut; he has a life-long history of womanizing & lying.

How many times have you been married Donald?? 3 times a charm I guess... So much for better or worse & death do us part...

What's your net worth again Donald?? Was it 10 Billion, or maybe the 8 billion dollar figure you so often like to cite, or maybe it the 2.7 billion Forbes reports?? I mean what's few billion between friends right.

How many times have you filed for bankruptcy & swindled your creditors Donald?? Once in each of the last 3 decades.

Who makes $$$ on other peoples misery by owning & operating casinos?? Oh right, I forgot gambling away there life savings actually helps your Atlantic City constituents..

Whatever the fascination is this bigoted s***bag I will never know???

1237 days ago


Let's see...Donald Trump cheats on Ivana, the mother of his three eldest children, causing her to spiral into alcohol abuse and relationships with social climbers (Rossano Rubicondi). Ivana gets re-married at Mar-a-Lago, the marriage falters, and the Donald gloats over her misery. Donald has an out-of-wedlock baby with a "Georgia peach" whose own mother advised her to get knocked up by this rich man ASAP. That marriage ends with a payout and a gag order, hindering Marla Maples' ability to write a tell-all, and she fades back into obscurity.

Now, Trump wastes the taxpayers' money with his ridiculous political flirtations. He is NOT presidential. Why is he in New Hampshire? Is he gonna build a new golf course?

Rep. Weiner took some dirty pictures and reached out to porn stars, co-eds and single mothers. He shouldn't have, but this makes him a psycho? Puh-lease.

1237 days ago


Top 10 Donald Trump Failures

Trump Airlines
Trump Vodka
The Bankruptcies
The Hair
The Marriages
Trump Mortgage
Trump: The Game
The China Connection
Trump Casinos
The Middle East 'Policy'

1237 days ago


Douchebag Donald, didn't you file bankruptcy 3 times? What does that make you? CHEAP and CROOKED! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeee.

1237 days ago


just another irrelevant misguided Donald "dump". Everything he says is just one giant skidmark...

1237 days ago


Although, I don't agree with the behavior of Weiner, Donald Trump has the nerve to call someone a physco. How does Donald Trump explain his past behavior for the the last 25 yrs or more.

1237 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....Notalawyer...u forgot his " university"..what a scam that was!

1237 days ago


I'm willing to bet that Trump has never been interested in a sexual relationship with anyone other than himself, so I guess I can understand why he's so unable to relate.

1237 days ago


He needs to SHUT UP!!!!!! Since when is he the voice of reason.

1237 days ago


DT is trying to keep in the public eye and will pick on anybody to stay significant, his skeletons are just as creepy as, weiners...still laughing at that "scandal"...DT is a psycho and I bet he's reading all these comments now to ensure people are still talking about him, what a loser.

1237 days ago


Donald is jealous of how virile Anthony is, Donald needs millions to be in the public eye, whereas Anthony is a popular guy and doesn't own a casino. If Donald made those tweets the reply would be LOL. Anthony should stay in office the Democratic Party needs virile good looking candidates that don't have sex in airport toilets, fly to Argentina or cheat with their pals wives. His wife will stay or go but Anthony will not be lonely.

1237 days ago

Your Momma    

Donald Tramp is not better than the other guy, he is just trying to improve his image or what is left of it. No one wants to hear what this jump on board of everything has to say.

1237 days ago


Seriously? This guy doesn't have any credibility to be commenting on other peoples relationships considering his own infidelity and three marriages. At least the congressman doesn't have kids UNLIKE THE DONALD whose kids were publicly exposed to his own infidelities. What a hypocrite.

And btw..we are still waiting to read those "very interesting" discoveries your non-existent private investigators found on Obama when they allegedly went to Hawaii.

1237 days ago


Isnt that like the pot calling the kettle black?

1237 days ago
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