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Donald Trump

Anthony Weiner is a


6/7/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump just RIPPED Rep. Anthony Weiner into pieces -- calling the Congressman a "psycho" ... who "should never ever be allowed to run for office again."


Trump released the video moments ago on his YouTube page -- it's brutal.


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Who is Marla Maples?

1204 days ago


Maybe, The Donald was hacked.

1204 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This guy sure does have lots of money, but NO CLASS. He's rude and disrespectful. I bet if Weiner or anyone else talked smack about him like he is doing now about someone else then he would fire back and not hold back.

1204 days ago


seriously...Trump commenting on morality. It is o.k. for his pageant babes to immoral behavior but when someone else does it he has the right to make a judgement, nice try Trump...your such a loser. Didn't you say that everyone deserves a second chance and so that is why you did not strip Miss whatever-her-name was from her crown. Kind of a double standard don't you think?

1204 days ago

Fake Hair    

Who the **** cares what Donald Trump thinks!!!

1204 days ago

nicole bernier    

k k donald trump we all know you have no choice but to go to the younger women to marry because the older ones are smarter and wiser..tsk tsk on you.. like you never showed yur weiner to your girlfriend before she became yur wife.. what a hepocrit you are.

1204 days ago


Rep. Anthony Weiner
He is democrat

1204 days ago


And you, Donald, are a LOSER. No one needs to hear your comments or opionions.

1204 days ago


Says the guy who has a hideous comb over and has been married 3 times. I really don't think you can make judgements there mr. trump.

1204 days ago


Donald your just PISSED the Weiners WIENER is BIGGER then your WIENER!!

1204 days ago


I wonder if he would have the same comments had Weiner been a Republican.

1204 days ago


Anthony Weiner may be a psycho but Donald, you are quitter like Sarah palin

1204 days ago


why does anyone have to listen to trump, he is just as psycho in my opinion

1204 days ago

m Smith    

Coming from Donald Trump that is too funny. Donald had how many wives? I am sure he cheated on each one. He could care less about anything but himself. He is a lot like Anthony Weiner. Political affiliation does not matter, when you are a jerk you are a jerk! Just like Sarah Palin. She is clueless about anything, but boy does she know about tax breaks for the wealthy. That is what she is all about. So, give the rich tax breaks and explain how you will take care of the economy? Don't tax the rich, don't raise taxes, don't reform health care, and what? the economy is just going to just all of the sudden get better? I don't think either the republicans or democrats have a great economic plan. However, I do know that taxes are the norm. Taxes take care of our roads, libraries, public schools, etc.. So the republicans say less government. However, they want government intervdention for their own agenda. Government should not be involved in healthcare, businesses, etc.. but they should be involved in anti- abortion, anti gay rights, etc.. Either you want the government involved or you don't. The top republican priority is keeping the rich wealthier. Republicans can not have it both ways. If we had not government involvement our country would be ins such a sad state of affairs. Sure, let each state run everything and we could be looking a Sarah Palin/Donald Trump/Anthony Weinerrunning our states and honestly their morales are non-existant.

1204 days ago


My God. When did everyone in our country become the morality police??? Donald Trump? Are you kidding TMZ? Trump is the biggest womanizer ever. He owns a beauty pageant where his squirrel-head judges women on their looks. The bashing o*****uy who sent some photos over Twitter is reaching disgusting levels. You all sound pathetic. Get a life people.

1204 days ago
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