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Victory for Gay Cop

at Gay Pride Parade!

6/7/2011 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred knows how to get results.  The California Department of Corrections has just folded like a cheap suit and will now allow a gay corrections officer to march in uniform in Sunday's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.


Officer Andrew Johnson and Allred held a news conference today and filed a complaint, alleging the Department was guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation when it refused to allow Johnson to march in uniform, on grounds it would be a "discredit" to the Department.

The Department now says, "CDCR acknowledges that [its policy] is outdated and requires careful revision.  Therefore, Correctional Officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to wear the CDCR uniform in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade..."


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PRO US about a minute ago
Puckett 36 minutes ago

Sooo...what is the actual standard for which events are acceptable to wear your uniform to while off duty and which aren't? Not that i care about this guy marching in a gay pride parade, but what if someone else want's to participate in a white pride parade, nothing racist about other ethnicities mind you, just a parade for white poeple to express their pride in being white?

That'll be OK right? If not what about a black pride parade, or a latino pride parade?

It's OK with me as long as the Whites, Blacks or Latinos don't hate and/or want to kill people of other races/cultural groups. But you know that any Whites banding together to march in a "White Pride" parade aren't likely to be tolerant, open-minded, peaceful, respectful, decent people who are just proud of "being white". They actually think non-whites are inferior, even sub-human and want to discriminate against them. You know it's true but you pretend you don't. What a joke for you to compare a Gay Pride parade to an Aryan Nation or White Power parade! Can't take you seriously, Puckett, after that joke of a comment you made.


Actually i was trying to ask a serious question about boundaries when it comes to wearing official state uniforms while off duty, well until you sh*t all over it.

Why do you assume that a white pride parade MUST be some Aryan Nation thing that's inherently involves racism? Because a small minority of racists upsurped the lingo for their own racist agenda in the past? That says more about your own mindset then anything i actually said. And you just proved my point too.

It would be immediately assumed that anyone who dares to be proud they are white are racist s***bags even as we encourage minorities to express their pride in their ethnicity. For example Black Pride Month.

So now that we know what you assume of white people who dare be proud of their heritage, care to share what you think of other ethnicities who are proud of who they are and dare to celebrate it?

"It's OK with me as long as the Whites, Blacks or Latinos don't hate and/or want to kill people of other races/cultural groups. But you know that any Whites banding together to march in a "White Pride" parade aren't likely to be tolerant, open-minded, peaceful, respectful, decent people who are just proud of "being white". They actually think non-whites are inferior, even sub-human and want to discriminate against them."

Do i really know that? Or is that just what you assume about white people in general? That they are inherently racist, intolerant, closed minded, and have a superiority complex over anyone who isn't white like them, and that any display of pride they may show must inherently have a racist agenda behind it.

So anyway your answer to my original question is, yes it would be OK for whites, blacks, or latino's to march in a pride parade IF it's a positive uplifting agenda and not a racist one, but whites are inherently incapable of doing such without bringing racism into it, so it would only be OK for an officer to march in uniform at a Black or Latino Pride event, but not a White one.

1201 days ago



1201 days ago


Truth 40 minutes ago

Oh snap, they're allowing him to march in a parade, I guess that's gonna make it slightly harder for the flaming homo to sue. Which is what this is all about anyway.
@Truth: How do you know that he is a "flaming homo"? Maybe you know him a lot better than you're letting on. Is he the "top" or "bottom" when you're together? LOL

@Truth - Aahhh...PRO "US" has presented the classic "if you disagree with the perversion of homosexuality, well then surely you must be gay yourself" argument. This is a classic homosexual activist tactic. They can logically continue their argument on its merits, so they go in for the personal attack. It's pathetic really...

1201 days ago



1201 days ago


Does he have a rainbow bumpersticker on his patrol car?

1201 days ago

PRO US    

elpablo: You're so dumb and prejudiced that you don't understand and won't admit that some people are born with a homosexual orientation that is natural to them. The same is found among many if not all animal groups in nature. There are gay birds, fish and mammals. It's not a choice for some people. It's the way God and/or Nature made them, depending on their beliefs. You want to deny them equal civil rights based on the way they were born and a condition that they can't change. Many of them can no more be attracted to the opposite sex than you can be sexually attracted to members of your own sex (gender). So, you want to punish them for a factor (sexual orientation) that they inherit that they cannot change or control. Sexual orientation is not a behavior, it is part of a person's identity. That is why discriminating against Gay people on the basis of their sexual orientation is wrong and immoral. That is why you are prejudiced, intolerant and indecent. Shame on you! You're too dumb and ignorant to understand or appreciate the truth. Same goes for your prejudiced "friends" here. There's no hope for you. You're pitiful and I pity you.

1201 days ago


To those who are posting your homophobic diatribes. You may be interested in knowing that on May 31st of this year - Leading Neurologists released a study that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. From brain scans of thousands of participants they have found that sexual orientation is neurological from birth! So you see God DID create us in his likeness. You can get rid of us no matter how hard you try. Just think once we get FULL EQUALITY then you won't have to worry anymore about us fighting for it....

1201 days ago


Stop the madness!!!!!!! Your sexuality has no place in a parade for God's sake. I don't care what you do on your own time, if you are a public servant behave like one. Do your job to the best of your ability and do what you want on your own time but stop using the uniform/job as a political, religious or sexual statement.

1201 days ago


What a disgrace & embarassment to society! hope his a$$ gets fired!

1201 days ago


ok if your gay ok, if your not thats cool but the moment that you walk around wearing it like a badge of honor then you need shot. look at this equal rights is the way of this country yet, if gays get all these rights whats stopping pedophiles from fighting for the same. at one time homosexuality was illegal and now its allright so if they keep fighting its gonna open the wrong doors for the wrong reasons.

1201 days ago


@PRO "US" - You just don't get it do you? Some people are born with a propensity toward alcoholism or schizophrenia. That doesn't mean we encourage it. I know society is beginning to implode, but I just don't think we're quite at the point yet where we want to begin comparing the human race with the animal kingdom. I've observed canines consuming their own f*ces before. That doesn't mean it's OK for humans to do so. Wise up!

1201 days ago


@ Dan, give me a flipping break......

1201 days ago


@m&m - exactly! Notice how Dan conveniently didn't provide a source for this "study?" lol.

1201 days ago

No Name    

I am a nonreligious person, am all for gay rights, and not against gay pride parade. And yet I believe that when Mr. Johnson wears his uniform, his identity is that of police officer, just like any straight person who is a police officer (which is a collective identity), while his being gay or straight is a personal issue/identity. If straight/usuaully police officers are allowed to wear their uniforms while attending events in individual capacity (and not as police officers), then Mr. Johnson should also be allowed the same rights; if not, there neither he is entitled to do so.

1201 days ago

PRO US    

elpablo: You sure know a lot about homosexual activists or so you claim. I believe in equal civil rights for all citizens. You don't. That sums up the differences between us.

One person stands for human rights for Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Asians, Women, Men, Whites, Disabled people, etc., the other people stand for discrimination and prejudice and for denying equal human and civil rights to some people based on their sexual orientation and who knows, maybe other factors they also have no control over. That's the difference between being someone who advocates for human rights and someone who advocates against them.

Prejudice a terrible thing. It's evil and as smart as a pig.

1201 days ago
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