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Jesse James Pays Up After Bloody Dog Attack

6/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pitbull belonging to Jesse James escaped from the reality star's Texas bike shop this weekend and
attacked another dog being walked in the area -- nearly killing the innocent animal ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with a rep from Animal Control in Austin, TX -- who confirms cops were dispatched to the scene after Jesse's dog -- not Cinnabun -- went after a corgi named Buckley and chomped down on his neck. 

We're told the person walking Buckley freaked out -- and began punching the pit bull in the face because it wouldn't let go of the corgi.

Eventually, cops arrived to the scene and freed Buckley -- who was rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care. Buckley had to be sedated and stitched up -- and doctors inserted a drainage tube into his neck to prevent infection.

After the incident, Buckley's owner got in touch with Jesse's assistant -- who eventually forked over $250 to cover the vet bill. We're told Jesse has also promised to cover any additional medical expenses.


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It is always lowlifes like Jesse that have to get pit bulls to look tough and never train them properly. Pit Bulls can be WONDERFUL dogs that are great around children and pets, but only if they get training and are owned by responsible owners. Unfortunately this will just add fuel to the fire of anti-pit bull hysteria.

1202 days ago


How many times can his dogs "get out" before he is told he can not own dogs? It seems this guy has a problem keeping his little things contained . . .

1202 days ago


I cant even ley my dogs out the front porch without a leash. Dog was not tied up or muzzled interesting. We have a pitbull ban where I live. This story just backs up the reason for the ban. Stupid friggin' owner.

1202 days ago


TracySan, Your post was excellent but you forgot *According to the American Temperament Testing Association, APBTs have an 85.3% passing rate, compared to a passing rate of 81.9% for all breeds on average.

1202 days ago

meh neighbor got $7000 in small claims court for a inky binky dog bite on her aggressive dog, which attacked the pit first. It was for...let me see....lost wages (a tiny "hang nail" on her hand) for which she tried to take a month off, but she was released back to work in a day....xanax, which she was already on.....boarding fees while she and her husband went on vacation.....sleep deprivation (she allegedly didn't sleep for weeks, yet lived)....the dog was fine - a tiny bite that was fixed right up. You find me a person whose dog has never gotten loose...and I mean NEVER...and I'll find you a liar. I'm not condoning it, but I think Jessie got off easy. If that person plays their cards right, they can make up crap and get a big payola. Love the court system.

1202 days ago


Yeah, I agree with the vet bill thing. Last time I had to get "doggie surgery" it was over $1200. Guess me and my dog should move to Austin.

1202 days ago


Perhaps I should take away the animosity I have towards my crazy neighbor...she took pictures of my 8-year-old...because she feared a ball would roll in her yard. I don't agree with dogs getting loose. You're responsible for them....I'm astonished he only had to pay $250 was my point....he should have to pay at LEAST more than $7000 because it's happened apparently semi-often (plus he's a turd, LOL).

1202 days ago


Well said TracySan!! I am a single female, white, blonde, blue eyed, don't do drugs, smoke or drink and I own two male pits. Never had a problem with them at all. However,as a responsible owner, I know that my boys are ANIMALS with minds of their own, therefore I am always watchful when I take them out. I am not afraid they will attack, I am afraid of the non pitbull dog owner who is CONSTANTLY walking their non pitbull OFF LEASH. Their dog could come over, attack one of my boys, and I would be the one getting in trouble. I am so sick of you ignorant, racist people saying ALL pits should be banned. Good luck with that one!!! You will then have to ban all Boxers, English Bulldogs, Mastiffs, not to mention a slew of terrier breeds.

1202 days ago


You never hear anything about a dog attack at Dr. Phil's, why aren't you on that. That was the same time as when he bought his new house. Where's the information on that?

1202 days ago


I think Sergio's mother eats TVs for breakfast...according to Sergio she gets one delivered every day. Must be the crappy quality.

1202 days ago

Hot Blooded    

Ohmygod, and here I thought I couldn't despise Jesse James more!
I would've been in jail had Jesse James' dog attacked my corgi -James would have to get my size 8 shoe surgically removed from his arse!!

1202 days ago


oh ****. poor thing.

1202 days ago


Loser. I have had a pit cross for 14 years and never once has it just got free. Put your big boy pants on and make sure your dogs are always under your control. That said I hope they sue you for your lack of responsibility!

1202 days ago


Ummmmm, seriously, TMZ- can you hook us up with the name of that vet??? I just paid $150 bucks to induce vomited when my dog ate some chocolate. This would have cost a fortune.

1202 days ago


WOW! I live in Austin, TX and that is one story they did not put on the news. They talk about all other dog attacks. Hope Jesse pays up and does something about that dog. More training maybe needed. Btw, who is the Vet ? $250.. WOW! I need to starting going to that person. Mine is much more than that. Sorry to hear.. hope the dog is ok. I love corgis, great dogs

1202 days ago
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