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Jesse James Pays Up After Bloody Dog Attack

6/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pitbull belonging to Jesse James escaped from the reality star's Texas bike shop this weekend and
attacked another dog being walked in the area -- nearly killing the innocent animal ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with a rep from Animal Control in Austin, TX -- who confirms cops were dispatched to the scene after Jesse's dog -- not Cinnabun -- went after a corgi named Buckley and chomped down on his neck. 

We're told the person walking Buckley freaked out -- and began punching the pit bull in the face because it wouldn't let go of the corgi.

Eventually, cops arrived to the scene and freed Buckley -- who was rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care. Buckley had to be sedated and stitched up -- and doctors inserted a drainage tube into his neck to prevent infection.

After the incident, Buckley's owner got in touch with Jesse's assistant -- who eventually forked over $250 to cover the vet bill. We're told Jesse has also promised to cover any additional medical expenses.


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two cents    

Why wasn't his dog impounded and destroyed?? A loose pit attacks unprovoked is a danger to society. Great job Austin PD.

People that allow pits to run amok are complete losers and Jesse should be sued for emotional distress!

1232 days ago


Buckley AND his owner will need therapy . My best to both . Shame on you Jesse James !

1232 days ago


Hey Alexa, your ignorant azz needs a Zsa Zsa slap. I own a pitty, grew up with them, currently I do rescue and it's attitudes like yours that do nothing but ADD to the problem. Blame the Deed, NOT the Breed!

1232 days ago


D about an hour ago

"Austin has a leash law!!!!!"


That's alright, he's just yet another one of "those" dog owners that feel laws don't apply to him.

1232 days ago


CLEARLY shows He Is Not A Responsible "PIT" Owner! It could have been a child walking with his mother. $250.00 What An Insult to what this owner went through seeing their dog ripped apart!

1232 days ago


arf arf

1232 days ago

Tammy LM    

To the poster above,

Pitbulls are NOT friendly dogs. Pugs are friendly dogs. A pitbull's natural instinct is to be aggressively territorial and to fight anything and everything. Just like a Golden Retriever's instinct is to retrieve, and a Pointer's is to point. It's in their breeding. Jesse's pitbull should be put down. IMMEDIATELY.

I get so sick and tired of these stupid pitbull owners who fall back on that crap line of how the dog's aren't bad, it's how they're raised and trained. NO IT IS NOT! I can't count how many innocent pets and children who have been attacked, mauled, and killed by these same damn dogs who were obtained as puppies, raised and trained properly, not by drug dealers, or gang bangers but by upstanding law obeying responsible citizens. Put their dogs through obedience classes and sit there in a courtroom with the most dumbfounded expressions on their faces pleading with a judge,....
"I don't know why this happened, He's such a friendly dog. He's never done anything like this before. He must have been provoked to do this. He just snapped. I don't know why this happened your honor. He's NEVER EVER done this before."

Over and over again. And the majority of these dogs aren't purchased or sought after for their FRIENDLY demeanor either. If that was the case everyone would buy a damn ****er spaniel or a pug. People want them because they're a bad ass dog that scares the crap out of people. And why do you think that is genius? Because people have a REASON to fear them. They are DANGEROUS ANIMALS. They attack easily. They are KNOWN for attacking and fighting at the drop of a dime. They are killers and that's why people are afraid of them. People are not reacting to a totally false reputation. Those dogs have EARNED their nasty rep. I've worked in a courtroom and you're full of crap if you think these dogs get a bad rep falsely. Out of every 100 dog biting or attck cases that rotate through our courts involving a person or another animal 94 of them are damn PIT BULLS. Pit Bulls or the other fancy name owners like to try and put past the judge,.....Staffordshire Terrier... I love it when they try and smugly tell a judge "Oh my dog's not a Pit Bull.... He's a Staffordshire Terrier." You really wanna piss off a judge? that in court.

I can't stand those butt ugly, trap-jaw, beady-eyed, fat-headed, muscle-bound four-legged monsters. I'll be so glad when they pass a law banning them all over the country. And it's only a matter of time before bans like that do come into play. So enjoy your ugly demon dogs while you can people. Pretty soon they'll pass so many laws banning the breeding of them and manditory spay/neuter acts for that breed, you wont be able to even find one. Insurence companys need to raise the premiums so high on pit owners they can't afford home owner's insurence with one of those things in their yard.

Maybe then they wont be so much of a status symbol when people find out how much trouble it'll be to own one. A status symbol is all that breed is now anyway. They want one for the rep.

1232 days ago


oh my god ..

1232 days ago

John dowser    

piece of crap dog breed. I carry a big 7" blade, when I walk my dog, that will stop the assault real quick...

1232 days ago


Would somebody PLEASE put Jessie Shames to sleep and find his dog a proper home?

1232 days ago


He's had several of his dogs kill each other. This man should not be allowed to own an animal!

1232 days ago


Yet another reason we don't want the dumb a$s here in AUstin. with his b!tch nasty von d. Bring your stupid untrained dog here, GO BACK YOU LA TRASH. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!!!

1232 days ago


Tammy is spot on with her comments; every time something like this happens the "it's not the breed, it's the owners" comments start flying.
John Dowser, you too? I do the same thing.

1232 days ago


Bull****, that is all?? I know this sounds nutty, but what about the trauma/pain to that poor little dog?? You dont think this will affect this dog, and probably the owner as well, everytime the walk pass a pitbull. He shoudl be paying WAY MORE than that amount, and maybe get rid of that particular dog... Look at the rip in the other dogs neck, his dog was trying to kill the other dog, and doesnt seem like pet material to me.

1232 days ago


Its not the owner! That is a myth... In some cases yes, but particular breeds of dogs, instinctively have particular traits... I love dogs, and own three... I have a German Shepherd, a lab, and a Yo-chon, and can 100% tell you they have all been raised the same, and my lab and yo-chon wouldnt hurt a flea, but the Shephard would bite another dog if it apporoached her, and possibly a stranger who she didnt know... Certain breeds were used for guarding,for thousands of years, and its in their genetics. Not to say, all of these types of dogs woudl do this, but it is in their blood, and cannot say ots the way they are raised.

1232 days ago
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