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Jesse James Pays Up After Bloody Dog Attack

6/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pitbull belonging to Jesse James escaped from the reality star's Texas bike shop this weekend and
attacked another dog being walked in the area -- nearly killing the innocent animal ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with a rep from Animal Control in Austin, TX -- who confirms cops were dispatched to the scene after Jesse's dog -- not Cinnabun -- went after a corgi named Buckley and chomped down on his neck. 

We're told the person walking Buckley freaked out -- and began punching the pit bull in the face because it wouldn't let go of the corgi.

Eventually, cops arrived to the scene and freed Buckley -- who was rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care. Buckley had to be sedated and stitched up -- and doctors inserted a drainage tube into his neck to prevent infection.

After the incident, Buckley's owner got in touch with Jesse's assistant -- who eventually forked over $250 to cover the vet bill. We're told Jesse has also promised to cover any additional medical expenses.


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@CEE Uh, CEE, labradors aren't known for visciously attacking and many times killing other dogs and people??? Labradors, by nature, are gentle and other dog and people-loving.

1201 days ago


He's notorious for letting his pits & other dogs loose all over. A long time ago on his tv show it shows one of his pits attacking a small dog in his shop & they had to stop the attack. This was on his show! They just laughed it off. A responsible dog owner makes sure they don't get out, that they are secure. HE is not a responsible dog owner at all. Unfortunately that pit might be put down now. Not the dog's fault, but you can't take a chance & have that happen again. It could be a child next. A dog like that should not be in a public business at all!

1200 days ago


It is sad but pitbulls can not be trusted. Being from the south there are a lot of people who own them and always say my dog would not hurt anyone. Bull****! These are the same people that say my kids know not to play w/my guns! In the town where I live a lady was mauled and killed by 4 pitbulls she had raised since they were pups!

1200 days ago


Freaking useless pits. A few years ago one attacked my lab mix while we were on a walk. I carried a huge metal poop scoop on those walks. I swung the scoop over my head and brought it down hard in the middle of the pit's back. I paralyzed the aggressive pit bull and they euthanized it.

One down, a couple more hundred thousand of that vicious, ill-conceived breed to go...

1200 days ago


This should be a no-brainer. If a dog ATTACKS another dog / animal or human - unless it's protecting its master - the dog owner must pay any bills but then immediately - no court hearing - pay to have his attack dog PUT TO SLEEP / DEATH. Dogs that attack are like timebombs, there's NO WAY to know if or when they'll attack again.

1200 days ago


Jesse James is trailer trash...period. He taints everything he touches with classlessness. (I am friends with someone who knows him personally, and the tales they tell...)
He's not that good a fabricator and his shows were always about his attitude more than anything else.
Poor Sandra fell for that "bad boy" personna, not knowing that in his case, he really was a "bad" egg.
No matter how much Hollywierd paint you slather on him, he's still a slug.
It's like that great philosipher, Al Gore, once said..."A leopard can't change his stripes!"

1200 days ago


How about this had been a child?

Why do certain types of irresponsible, low-lifes seem to love pitbulls?

$250....Should cough up way more than that...just for the inconvenience.

And Pitbulls should be outlawed...It doesn't matter if they can be "loving" dogs....Just too many irresponsible people out there and no way to keep bad dog owners in check. Never hear much about golden retrievers running loose and attacking anyone.

F'ing idiots of society...May Jesse James be attacked by a gang of Pitbulls one night as he wanders the streets in a drunken stooper. What a loser!

1200 days ago


250$ is practically free for that wound/procedure. And Jesse shouldnt own dogs,he has constant problems with them. Dogs are animals and need guidance and a stern yet loving hand and an owner who is himself disciplined and intelligent. I wonder how much times he invested in training and how consistent he is. Obviously zero. FFS there should be a license to own a dog and fines should ALWAYS reflect the financial status of the owner. He should pay a HUGE HUGE fine.

1200 days ago


Wow this makes me sick, what kind of crazed dog does that?

1200 days ago

Sick of Lindsay    

He is probably the most disgusting man I have ever seen. Even in his owner ship of animals, he has no responsibility. He needs to just move out of the United States already and out of Austin. He is only there to torture the state and Sandra. Also I am curious why he took down his twitter and I noticed limited contact with the Kat Von D. I hope she dumps his a**. I dont care for her either but god even she deserves better than him.

1200 days ago


So let's see he's had his pits escape at least 3 times now, not to mention his pit Cisco killed his pit Rudy, just outright ripped his leg off during a fight between the two, and Jesse seems completely clueless why, or he just pretends he doesn't get it in his p*ssy baby boy voice through pursed lips.

"...Jesse demonstrating the ferocity of the pit bulls he keeps in his shop by sticking one in the face of another, then soliloquizing much later after one of them, Cisco, killed the other. (A bewildered Jesse, with the murderous Cisco pawing him sweetly, looks forlornly into the camera and announces, "Cisco killed Rudy. Just tore off one of his legs." Then, perplexed, musing to himself: "I liked Rudy.")"

Can't imagine why the people of Austin wish he would f*ckoff...

1200 days ago


People say, Pitbulls are friendly, it is the owner.

BS and more BS. I had five dogs, 4 Cattle dogs that are adults, my daughter and boyfriend bring home a Pit puppy, now they can't keep him, so he ends up with us. He was all of 2 months old. I have rasied 4 Cattledogs, not the easiest of breeds to raise and deal with, they tend to have a aggressive side with people and other dogs, broke up some dog fights...

Then came Cooper the Pit into my pack....things were good, I did all the work as a responsible Pit owner....and.....Cooper still had to be watched on a constant basis. He always was the one starting fights, he was always the aggresser. He always wanted to go after my one cattle dog in, after breaking up the 4th fight ....picture that! 4 Cattle dogs and a pit going at it......Cooper had to go.

Yes, Pits are VERY affectionate,Cooper was my lover boy, and he was huge to boot, not fat, but big and tall. They are playful, but they are best as a one dog home...and very unpredictable.

This is their problem, and once they get going it is VERY hard to stop them. A switch goes off in them, you can see it coming, but, then it's too late. I jabbed him in the head, and he could care less. They are intense.

So, I completly believe that ANY Pit is capable of wiggin' out I don't care who the owner is....unless you are The Dog Whisper don't get a Pit.

If all you want to do all day is watch that dog to make sure he isn't going to just go off, then rock on. But, they are not an easy dog to have by no means, they do earn their reputation.

I do miss Cooper, he was a cool dog, friendly and all. But, he just couldn't control himself, he's at the ex boyfriends house now. Locked up constanly, which is no life.

Seriously think about it before you get a ain't easy!

1200 days ago

Kathi j    

How many of Jessie James' odgs are going to get loose before he realizes he shouldn't own a dog? Aside from the facty that these dogs could be hit by a car but nnow they are attacking other animals. Do we need to wait until a child gets injured or worse by one of his animals? Jessie, put a fence around your property or give them to someone who will take better care of them!

1200 days ago


Yes, Jesse should not own dogs, but that would tarnish his image with the other backward-hat-gangstas.

The truth is - Pitbull owners are cowards. They fear the world. They lack confidence.

Just sit down and have a friendly talk with a pit owner... Bring up how safe they feel with their dog. Invariably, the owner will brag about how his dog can kill any other dog. How his dog can kill a person. How his dog has the most powerful, ripping jaws and teeth.

Hey owners, what are you compensating for? Where do you lack? Why do you need to feel like Commander in Chief of your one-dog army?

1200 days ago


Good thing it wasnt my dog being attacked or I would've smashed the pit bull in the head with a heavy stick or a large rock.

1200 days ago
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