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Gay Cop

Fights for Right

to March in Uniform

6/7/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A gay correctional officer is outraged that his department thinks marching in uniform in the West Hollywood gay pride parade is a "discredit" to the department ... and he's taking legal action to fight for his rights.


Andrew Johnson works as a correctional officer for the California Institution for Women in Chino, CA.  He's also a member of the Gay Peace Officers Association.  Johnson asked his superiors at the Department of Corrections for permission to march in uniform on Sunday, but was told he couldn't do it because of a law that prohibits officers from marching in uniform if it would bring "discredit" to the department.

Johnson's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said at a news conference that other departments -- including the LAPD, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and the CHP -- allow officers to march in uniform in the parade.

Allred says the Department of Corrections allows officers to march in uniform in other parades, including the Christmas parade and the Carrot Festival.

Allred says she's filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Allred wouldn't let Johnson speak, because of fear of retaliation.

She wants the warden to reverse his position so Johnson can march.


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Albert D'Orazio    


Why should I believe you voted no for prop H8? Now you're a bigot and a liar who chooses to be hetero.

Why shouldn't he wear his uniform at the parade? What legitimate claim do you have to regulate what clothes he wears at a parade? Give it up dude, your a homophobic bigot and anyone who agrees with you. Call me all the names you want but it's you people who are the intolerant bigoted ********s.

1173 days ago


Neko Nation: Are you the guy who created those delicious Neko Wafers candies? I love those. Could you come out with a coffee flavored wafer?


1173 days ago


@Albert D'Orazio

Have you ever been to a Santa Claus Parade? How many manger scenes do you see? How many angels? Because I have never seen any.

Reindeer and snow men are hardly beacons of Christianity.

1173 days ago


I completely support gay rights but there is no reason he needs to march in his work uniform. Conflict of interest no matter what the cause. Get a grip.

1173 days ago


Whats the big deal. Half the men at the parade have
a fetish for policemen the other half would like to
see that the police dep. isn't against freedom of
speech. My morals don't support homosexual lifestyle
and I have enough manners to let gay people express
themselves if they want.

1173 days ago

Albert D'Orazio    


You people are the one's against gay people. Poke a snake with a stick and it will strike.

How is wanting to be treated equally like you bigots taking your rights away? How is advancing on gay rights infringing on your rights? So illogical and pathetic it's not even funny.

1173 days ago

Albert D'Orazio    


We have been being murdered since the Old Testament of the Bible. So yes we have been persecuted and murdered long before black people have.

1173 days ago

Nick Benson Sr    

Albert D'Orazio, YES, you are damned right I choose to be hetero sexual and if there were ever a time that I found myself attracted to men I would look around and realize something is very very wrong and I would find a hospital to check into as I would with any other disease!

And if I didn't have the decency to put myself into a hospital it is for sure that I wouldn't flaunt my perversion in public.

1173 days ago

Albert D'Orazio    


If you were smart enough and had the facts you would know that along with the Jews being murdered, Hitler ordered all gay people murdered as well. Im not saying we had it worse than Jews, we had it the same as Jews. That is what the Pink Triangle stands for; gay people who had died under Hitler. But seeing as you're an ignorant homophobe, you wouldn't know that.

1173 days ago

Albert D'Orazio    

Nick Benson:

My sentiments on heterosexuality. Heterosexuality is disgusting, and appalling to me. I guess we are at an impasse here.

1173 days ago

Albert D'Orazio    

Nick Benson:

It's not a perversion. There is much more to being gay than just sex (it seems you homophobic heteros think nothing but gay sex). And the reason why we have gay pride parades is to not only celebrate diversity but to commemorate our struggle as a minority.

1173 days ago


1.) not on duty
2.) to be in uniform and parade when not on duty should not be alowed. there should be no activaties of any kind in uniform when not on duty!

1173 days ago


******* ***. Go home and put on your panties.

1173 days ago


Marching in a gay parade is fine. Working as a cop is fine. Working as a cop that is gay is fine.
Marching in a gay parade while wearing a cop uniform is not okay.

1173 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

@ backfire:

but hear: it is not about what 'the people' think, it is about how the gays want the entire world to revolve around their lifestyle... and how they want the entire world to adhere to how they wish to live their lives, excluding YOUR!, ahem, 'freedoms'. selfish self-centered bastards, is all most of this bs is.

1173 days ago
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