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MC Hammer

When Insane Clowns Attack

6/7/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MC Hammer has a better chance of surviving the apocalypse than the Insane Clown Posse's annual Gathering of the Juggalos. So pay attention Hammer ... if you want to LIVE!

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ron mexico    

for anyone interested in seeing an excellent example of what you can expect to see at the show, the following link will provide you with 49 pics from a recent gathering.

i'm sure they're all very nice people. but, i most say, not the healthiest bunch you'll ever come across. i can see why our first lady Michele Obama is so concerned with obesity!

1228 days ago


First off MC Hammer isn't going to die....
Second Vanilla Ice will be there cause hes cool with the juggalos...Duh.
Tila got hurt cause shes a dumb bitch who doesn't know when to get off a stage.
Third, just because someone calls them self a juggalo doesn't always mean they really are.
Find the old school juggalos, their real and know how to treat people.
We are NOT thugs in clown make-up nor are we undereducated. If you ask around or look hard enough someone knows at least one juggalo. We are all not bad like the mainstream media makes us out to be.
Just once i would love to not be stereotyped along with all the "juggalos" who give us real ones bad names.

1225 days ago


First off, not all Juggalos live in trailer parks, second, Tila showed up in an armored car with body guards late as hell and lip sinked her stale a$$ music. It's not uncommon to have water bottles thrown at you if you suck!! We didn't have tomatoes, lol.
Most of her story was false and blown way out of proportion. There wasn't even 1000 people watching her stale a$$. She wasn't provided with a trailer to run to, those are reserved fro the main stage artist. She was on second stage!! Finally, If she would have just left the stage, she would have been forgotten immediately. She provoked the crowed by saying she wasn't going out like a bitch, etc. Any artist coming to entertain us, needs to do just that. If water comes your way, you suck, leave and count your money. ICP and Juggalos will always be hated by so called normal society, we get that and we don't care. BTW, Vanilla Ice is a Juggalo, do your research!!

1223 days ago


hammer will be ok!!! miss teqellia started **** and tmz vanilla ice has been too 6 or more gatherings also ice cube and ice t naughty by nature has been there soo why would we hurt hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1223 days ago

Mal Havock    

This is Havock of Def Jam's 7th Layer. We have played GOTJ several times. You punks out at TMZ have everything all twisted. That's how you really end up ****** up.

1222 days ago


thank you daniel for pointing out the fact the everyone should know there are bad apples in EVERY crowd don't be judgemental, i am a good person i would never join in on any throwing of anything but you need to understand that the people going to the gathering are not all juggalos either. This is a music festival now not just a juggalo festival anymore. And to anyone who doesn't know that vanilla ice is a juggalo u don't know **** that fool has been representing for years and years now on mtv on his own tv shows everywhere if you don't know about this then you don't know about vanilla ice.. don't be ignornant!!!!

1199 days ago

Tony Montana    

All u people are stupid. Come to a gathering before you talk ****. We only throw **** at people who suck and Method Man was a mistake buy some drunk kid!!!

1195 days ago


ok i only read the first page of comments but whats funny is you guys know nothing except daniel. icp did have a wrestling show a long time ago they were actually wrestling with people like sting and them.another thing vanilla ice is a huge juggalo not many people know that.and also alot of the time they dont even mean to hurt people i went to hallowicked 2010 and i got my face cut open and a concussion from getting hit with a faygo bottle but i knew it was a accident. yeah the bricks and stuff that was wrong but there are fakes that show up to these things all the time. and they actually have cops at every entrance at the gathering they just dont do can think what you want but we will always be family no matter what you say there is absolutely no point in putting us down because we will always be around and by putting us down its just giving us more reason to help each other so thank you because with out the haters we wouldnt be here.

1194 days ago


Vanilla Ice will be fine. He's been proudly calling himself a Juggalo for years and played the Gathering a couple of years ago. I was there.
Every year there is one act that totally against the grain of the rest of them. That doesn't fit in. This year, it's MC Hammer. Should he go? If I was him I wouldn't. Since I'm not him, I'll be there having a great time. To answer why the police aren't there? It's a 4 day music festival on private property. The police can only come in if they are called in. There is in house security. They are the ones that pulled Tila off stage and escorted her stage when things went horribly wrong for her. You don't flash your breasts and a group and drunk people and act like a hooker on stage and expect to be treated well.

1193 days ago


wow have you guys not done your research! Vanilla Ice has performed many times at the gathering Juggalos love him! now as for the Tila and Man getting hit it was 2 incidents out of hundreds of acts that performed, and as for methodman/redman's performance (1!!) drunk guy threw a can of beer and has his ass whipped! as for the rest of us we enjoy thier show, but until you go for yourselves you will never see the true love and happieness alot of us have at that one time of year, where we are not judged or profiled for being a juggalo we are truely surrounded by family.

1192 days ago

Head Hurtz    

The best thing about GOTJ is that you also get to see some of the best up and coming acts in the genre. Check out "The Oddfellaz" from Head Hurtz Music. They are going to be on the Second Stage on Saturday at 5:30pm.

Check out a preview!

1175 days ago

Syckzy The Clown    

Ok. So, obviously, none of you have ever spoken to a Juggalo one on one. You all sit here, safe behind your computer screens, and judge a culture that you have absolutely no knowledge of. Im a Juggalo. Have been since I was fourteen. I'm 28 now, with a college degree and an up and coming business. I have attended numerous Gatherings throughout the years. My point.... All these undereducated, thugs in clown make up (thats sarcasm in case your not that bright, ARE MY FAMILY!! I would die for them. And I have unwavering faith that the love I feel for Juggalos is reciprocated ten fold. Next time you feel like judging something you dont like or understand, remember, thats just ignorance masked with your self righteous image of yourself. Im not mad at ya though homies. I know that not everyone has what it takes to be a JUGGALO! WHOOP WHOOP

1158 days ago


lol v ice is always there. stupid people!!

1093 days ago


haha... wow tmz has NO clue wtf thy are even saying anymore not only did mc hammer survive but without a scratch.. V-Ice is Signed to psychopathic records and have been preforming at the gathering of the juggalos for years.. tmz dosent mention ice cube that went to the gathering twice in a row or other rappers that support the GOTJ openly like Ice T. but ya if you think your gonna get assaulted on stage or if you are being told your gonna be by the concert organizerd right before you get on stage then you probley shouldent be at the gathering in the first place and defenitly shouldent go on stage... and if you cant handle a scratch on the face without finishing your set then dont step on stage (props to methodman and redman for finishing thier set)

1092 days ago


wow... really. you really think all juggalos come from trailer parks? some half ass research you guys did. you really dont know the first thing about juggalos. we are not all stupid ass people that raise hell thank you very much. next time try being a real reporter and look into things first.

1089 days ago
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