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TMZ Live -- Weiner's Lying Playbook Exposed

6/7/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Weiner woman fesses up to Harvey and Charles -- why she's standing by her online man, but also why she spilled the beans on him.  Plus, lots of people think there's no place in the gay pride parade for gay uniformed cops.


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(0:00) Big stories today: New developments in the Weiner case, the gay cop crisis, the stupidity of bottle service, and much more!
(4:45) Congressman Weiner dirty talked with a porn star -- and then coached her on how to lie about it ... Mike has the details.
(9:15) One of Weiner's Internet gals -- Lisa Weiss -- is on the phone ... and she's NOT going to bash him. In fact ... she's totally on his side ... and doesn't want him to lose his job.
(11:45) Lisa admits ... she NEVER touched him ... and NEVER met him in person.
(16:30) Lisa claims she had NO IDEA this would be such a big deal ... and says her life has been turned upside down since the story broke.
(17:00) Lisa says she would NOT have met him face-to-face if the chance arose ... and she doesn't believe Weiner cheats on his wife. 
(25:10) A gay officer is NOT allowed to march in uniform in a gay pride parade ... and now Gloria Allred is on his side. So yeah, there was a press conference.
(38:00) Gabrielle Union was raped at 19 and had a chance to shoot the rapist ... but is glad she didn't. A debate about Rihanna's new music video ensues.
(44:45) How stupid is bottle service? Very. Zac Efron recently dumped $1,000 on it ... and then over-tipped. Sigh. 


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Weiner's wife met him the same way so she should not be surprised. Sorry finding a spouse through FB, Craigslist, Myspace or Twitter is like shopping for a car at the dollar store.

1234 days ago


Hi Harvey and Charles. What are your thoughts on why 90% of the comments on TMZ articles are Racist, Bigots, and prejudice. These people must live miserable, worthless, pathetic lives. You guys are FABOLOUS!!!

1234 days ago


Obviously the congressman is at fault for his actions, but I don't think that the women who are associated with this whole incident should be absolved of guilt. They definitely knew who he was (and that he was married) and that didn't stop them from continuing long term cyber relationships with him. If any of them had an actual issue with what was going on they could have stopped it on their own accord. I just think it's kind of a double standard, even though he's in a position of power.

1234 days ago


Liar Betcha... she is a back stabber. Such women are evils. f!ck. Team mate yet she continues to talk on phone to the media and laugh.rubbish

1234 days ago


This woman Lisa is not making a good case for herself. She's immoral and twisted. A shameless starf*cker.

1234 days ago


As a Canadian, why do Americans focus so much on politicians personal lives? There are bigger issues that the country should be focusing on. In other professions people cheat, get divorced, have problems in their personal lives and yet they are judged on their performance at work. Who cares about politicians sex lives?

1234 days ago


why did you let that Lisa nobody jackblack dealer speak for so long. boring, she had nothing to add and you let her ramble. somebody was to calling the show very well, i almost shut you off. terrible tv.

1234 days ago


I support the BOEHNER/WEINER ticket for 2012

Way to go, Mike.

As for Lisa. She's so dumb I think it seems like a good idea she hasn't left her home in three days.

Again, while the action was bad, the continuing cover-up is the real crime.

1234 days ago


Dear Dumb-ass Lisa, Clinton was impeached for lying...not sex acts. Wiener's problem is also lying... but evidently TMZ is not going to correct you. Beyond that, Lisa, you are full of crap.

1234 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

did i already miss the part where you confirm analytically, that that thing cannot possibly be real? aww shucks!

1234 days ago


Let him MARCH!!!!

1234 days ago


would Allred have a case if the word "discredit" was not used in the definition of the uniform statue. The legal argument has to do with the sexual orientation discrimination being discredit.

1234 days ago


Why does Trump say Weiner should leave office but says nothing about Newt Gingrich who had an affair in the mid 90s and is now running for president or Lindsey Graham who ran off to another country to follow his mistress yet still has his job?

1234 days ago


I logged on late. I do not think this is him taking part in the parade, I think this is him wearing his UNIFORM which in turn is him representing the police force or in his case the correctional department.

1234 days ago


RE: the Parade- Wouldn't it also bring up an issue if there were uniformed officers marching in a straight pride parade? Most organizations (I would imagine) try to not take stances on controversial topics.

1234 days ago
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