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TMZ Live -- Weiner's Lying Playbook Exposed

6/7/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Weiner woman fesses up to Harvey and Charles -- why she's standing by her online man, but also why she spilled the beans on him.  Plus, lots of people think there's no place in the gay pride parade for gay uniformed cops.


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(0:00) Big stories today: New developments in the Weiner case, the gay cop crisis, the stupidity of bottle service, and much more!
(4:45) Congressman Weiner dirty talked with a porn star -- and then coached her on how to lie about it ... Mike has the details.
(9:15) One of Weiner's Internet gals -- Lisa Weiss -- is on the phone ... and she's NOT going to bash him. In fact ... she's totally on his side ... and doesn't want him to lose his job.
(11:45) Lisa admits ... she NEVER touched him ... and NEVER met him in person.
(16:30) Lisa claims she had NO IDEA this would be such a big deal ... and says her life has been turned upside down since the story broke.
(17:00) Lisa says she would NOT have met him face-to-face if the chance arose ... and she doesn't believe Weiner cheats on his wife. 
(25:10) A gay officer is NOT allowed to march in uniform in a gay pride parade ... and now Gloria Allred is on his side. So yeah, there was a press conference.
(38:00) Gabrielle Union was raped at 19 and had a chance to shoot the rapist ... but is glad she didn't. A debate about Rihanna's new music video ensues.
(44:45) How stupid is bottle service? Very. Zac Efron recently dumped $1,000 on it ... and then over-tipped. Sigh. 


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Is that why he's working in a woman's prison?

1172 days ago

shame on you!    

Why would you post such a horrible, nonflattering pic of Khloe. Do you just want her to receive negative publicity. She is a beautiful lady and does not deserve all the flack she is getting based on your posting.

1172 days ago


Parading in uniform will allow for the breaking of the nasty schema of gays being "unreputable".

1172 days ago


How is a him marching in a gay pride parade different then those uniformed officers who march in the St. Patrick's Day parade? Pride in being gay and pride in being Irish.

1172 days ago


i am a cco. a correction officer and i would not ever want to wear my uniform out side of work... why would he other then to stand out and say hey its me let make a big deal ..... i agree why would he want to wear it.... missing that point....

1172 days ago


Re: The officer

I agree it is a working uniform. Are police officers allowed to wear their uniform when not on duty? If they are not representing the dept in an official capacity then no they should not be allowed to wear it anywhere regardless of the event.

1172 days ago

Flying Blind    

HARVEY HARVEY 1111111111111111111

HARDBALL has just show an e-mail from the lady i las vegas where she e-mailed wiener that "he owed her cause she was going on all the shows and blogs and telling them how good of a person he is.

she's lying to you


1172 days ago


With regard to Rihanna's video, the art is reflective of the her sentiments and she has every right to and, probably, should do so as an artist. Does it endorse premeditated murder? Perhaps it could but it's quite a leap to jump from sentiments to actions.

1172 days ago


Perspective: Years ago when M*A*S*H came out the military didn't know what to do with it as it was shown on base theaters. (Someone had scheduled it not quite realizing what they were getting). So the Base Commander eventually said anyone could see it, as long as they weren't in uniform. The military hasn't gotten much better. After all, they're still telling women soldiers raped by other soldiers, to "get over it." As the Department of Corrections is a *para-military* organization, don't expect much.

1172 days ago


If you can't teach your children between a music video and a proper role model then the issue is the parenting not what some entertainment star puts on a screen.

1172 days ago

Mark Proctor    

That's exactly what happened on the tip. He did not know the tip had been added.

1172 days ago


Harvey has it out for Rihanna, what has she done to you. What kids do you have out there that you want Rihanna to raise. LOL!!

1172 days ago



If the internet had existed at the time, do you think Thomas Jefferson could have continued to serve his country?

1172 days ago


Are we this enraged over all the violence in men's rap songs and video games??

1172 days ago


one drink at a club cost $15....22 drinks in a the math harvey they are not overpaying for a bottle they are just getting at one time.

1172 days ago
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