TMZ Live -- Weiner's Lying Playbook Exposed

6/7/2011 12:45 PM PDT
A Weiner woman fesses up to Harvey and Charles -- why she's standing by her online man, but also why she spilled the beans on him.  Plus, lots of people think there's no place in the gay pride parade for gay uniformed cops.

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(0:00) Big stories today: New developments in the Weiner case, the gay cop crisis, the stupidity of bottle service, and much more!
(4:45) Congressman Weiner dirty talked with a porn star -- and then coached her on how to lie about it ... Mike has the details.
(9:15) One of Weiner's Internet gals -- Lisa Weiss -- is on the phone ... and she's NOT going to bash him. In fact ... she's totally on his side ... and doesn't want him to lose his job.
(11:45) Lisa admits ... she NEVER touched him ... and NEVER met him in person.
(16:30) Lisa claims she had NO IDEA this would be such a big deal ... and says her life has been turned upside down since the story broke.
(17:00) Lisa says she would NOT have met him face-to-face if the chance arose ... and she doesn't believe Weiner cheats on his wife. 
(25:10) A gay officer is NOT allowed to march in uniform in a gay pride parade ... and now Gloria Allred is on his side. So yeah, there was a press conference.
(38:00) Gabrielle Union was raped at 19 and had a chance to shoot the rapist ... but is glad she didn't. A debate about Rihanna's new music video ensues.
(44:45) How stupid is bottle service? Very. Zac Efron recently dumped $1,000 on it ... and then over-tipped. Sigh.