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Khloe on Nip Slip

At Least It Wasn't My VaJay!

6/8/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian says she's "not embarrassed at all" about her nip slip on "Fox & Friends" yesterday ... and last night, she told TMZ, "At least it's not my vagina, who wants to see that?" 060811_khloe_k_still_v2


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Why was Khloe so quick to ask Lamar Odom to buy her a new house with no shame? I wonder if she truely loves him or his money.

1200 days ago


i saw the episode of the dog bitting her rubber fake butt i mean why else would a dog bite someones butt? did it think it was a chewing toy? it did not even hurt her.

1200 days ago


who cares, shes really fat

1200 days ago


This woman ?
As if A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y. gives a flying **** what she does or thinks or says ??? The epitome of trashy useless nothing culture .
Where is Nero when we need him . Rome burns and we waste time on a person like this ?
The entire family needs to retire from the public eye along with anybody connected to this embarrassing nonsense.

1200 days ago


With all the money she makes on her reality show you would think that she could afford a bra. It happens to the best of us though.

1200 days ago


this waste of life should be shot.... this family is a collection of douche nozzles.

1200 days ago


She's a pig...

1200 days ago


all these attention seeking people really want the public to belive it wasnt planned to show their privite parts. i think it is intentional. why doesnt she do it like her sister and get paid to bare body, so her mother can get her percentage. i hate to say it but these people have no self respect and their mother is nothing more than a pimp. by the way the old wardrobe malfunction is getting a little tired. and yes we will most likley see her vjay, when public starts to lose interest in her show.

1200 days ago


Way to stay classy...

1200 days ago

dont hate    

First of all she is not fat!!!! she has a fat face (don't get me twisted) which leads the illusion and assumption that her whole body is like that, I think she might have the best shaped body of the 3. why be so hateful?????? is there a hint of jealousy!!! without perverted minds with high zooms no nipple was visible for the viewing innocent eye. Her face is an eye sore to the eye compared to her sisters,,, but compared to many women including commenters on this article she is far more beautiful than you, whores???? not sure atleast not Khloe... Calling her a man and all these hateful comments really are a reflection of your own incompleteness you get satisfaction by putting people down!!! whats new these days few real people exist in America its sad...

1200 days ago


her sister has ALL her body parts out there on a sex tape and on playboy which was pushed on by her own mom- so a nip slip is nothing in this family.

1200 days ago


I love your dress, Khloe, and screw these rednecks on this board. You look great!

1200 days ago


OMG. Thank God it wasn't her VaJay. It may have swallowed up one of the interviewers. I am tempted to call this classless woman a pig but I don't want to offend pigs!

1200 days ago

South Side     

The thought of viewing his vagina just made me throw up.

1200 days ago


Next to the mother? Kris, Khloe is the most disgusting of the sisters... Bruce you need to man up and get outta there.

1200 days ago
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