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Kim K to 'In Touch'

I Didn't Cheat, and I'll Sue

6/8/2011 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is incensed that "In Touch" just ran a cover story which claims she has been cheating on her fiance, Kris Humphries, with NFL player Bret Lockett ... and she's threatening to sue the mag and Lockett.


TMZ has obtained a demand letter, written by Kim's lawyer, threatening "In Touch" that if it ran the cheating story Kim would take legal action.  The letter put "In Touch" on notice ... the cheating allegations "are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy."

Kim's reps tell TMZ ... Kim has never even met or spoken with Lockett. 

Nevertheless, "In Touch" is publishing the story in its new issue.  In the story, Lockett is quoted, saying, "I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does."  Lockett adds, "She pursued me."

060811_lockett_v2_videoKim's rep tells TMZ, Kim will sue both "In Touch" and Lockett.

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No Avatar

Ret.Court Officer    

hey is harvey online

1239 days ago


@meeeeeeeeee you sound like one of the kardashians,some of us have this thing called dignity kims a whore and she'll never ever live that down no matter how much money she has.

1239 days ago

Elaine Lee    

This NFL player - whats-his-name - a poor excuse for a man - no one knew of him before the article & now the media frenzy. He seems to be an unknown NFL player - who is need of publicity. We are now hearing that he is trying to get into the music industry.

Kim had an affair with him for 5 months? HE WOULD BE SO LUCKY!!!!! ONLY IN HIS DREAMS!!!!! As the late Peter Tosh of The Wailers used to say "All righteous man free within himself still". Bret Lockett is far from being righteous - his surname should be 'Openett'. He should live up to his last name and LOCKIT.

Kim has fans in Jamaica who thinkge that Mr. OPENIT is despicable. Hope she really sues him & takes all of his future earnings. She should also demand & get a public apology from him.

1239 days ago


I think all this is a publicity stunt
ONE WEEK BEFORE HER ENGAGEMENT IN LONDON ONE OF POEPLE MAGAZINE IN FRONT PAGE WRITING THAT KIM HOOK UP WITH A BRITISH BILLIONNAIRE WITHOUT GIVING A NAME FOR PRIVACY REASON. To me it was like a publicity to introduce Kim like worthy women in Britain and to give her the chance in Britain, it was of course to prepare her venue to sell her perfume. HOW CAN BELEIVE

1239 days ago


Think about it we've never heard of this Bret Lockett before now all of a sudden he's coming up with this story to tell the media. Even the haters of Kim K can tell this is just for publicity since he has a new website ,new twitter page and new songs out

1238 days ago


i think he's lying...he bearly answered questions that TMZ asked....he doesnt know what to say...he stupid!

1238 days ago


I belive Kim is saying the truth. If this were to be true, the paparazzi's would of known, we all would of known, since her entire life is being recorded. Kim Kardashian is a lady and has no need to cheat, she has never in the past. All of you need to stop hating on K.

1238 days ago


Kim you are so fake.. I'm not jumping to conclusions... Ppl. have caught you in lies b4 so don't come to TMZ with this crap.

1238 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Well, he looks black, so chances are is true. If he was white it would be a lie.

1238 days ago

marjorie strickland    

She has a bottom lip like a camel.

1238 days ago


all i know is when i see keeping up with the kardashians is that she always goes on a date and ends up ******* the guy so i think she is a lying whore that cant keep her panties on kim if you looking for a one night stand give me a call ill **** you so hard that you wont be able to walk the next day

1238 days ago


I find this really hard to believe. . . . NOT! Kim with another black dude, you don't say!

1238 days ago


I can't wait for the truth too come out and kim looks like the slut she is. Does everythink khloe was really born a man

1238 days ago


I hope she sues this rag mag for everything. KK is not a stupid girl - she would not jeopardize her relationship with Kris H - she has too much to lose. As for that idiot Bret, he is just looking to be noticed. Hope he is sued straight out of the NFL or where/whatever league he is playing for.

1238 days ago


Not everyone is a hater.... i just hate when people become famous for nothing, not just kim.. but she used a sex tape to get rich... she go's through more athelets, then a d*&@k see's underwear..and continue's to pose simi nude... then she turns around, plays victim, and get mad beacuse peole judge her and jump to conclusions. with all that shes shown us, whos to say shes not just trying to make a quick buck... if she really love this guy, which i really hope she does, she needs to get serious, or shes gonna drag him deep into her drama, no one desreves that. I hope no one else becomes a celeb for such ridiculous reasons... >_

1238 days ago
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