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Lohan -- Two-Year Protection from Obsessed Fan

6/8/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just scored a huge victory against the man she claims is a dangerous stalker -- a judge has ordered him to stay the hell away from the actress for the next two years.


Moments ago, an L.A. County Superior Court judge ruled David Cocordan is not allowed to go within 100 yards of Lohan. Lindsay was not present during the hearing -- she was at her Venice apartment ... still serving her house arrest sentence.

As we first reported, Lohan claims David has been stalking her for years ... and recently sent her sexually explicit text messages, including one which read, "F**king n sucking wit u kkk i need it more thn."

LAPD's Threat Management Department is on the case -- and officials are convinced Cocordan has mental issues and is schizophrenic.


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Blood Red Witch    

At this point, I am fairly sure all the guys on here who claim to have banged Dina, have formed their own club. So cute, something in common they can bond over.

1233 days ago



1233 days ago


You have to be a low-life to be a stalker, but an even lower-life to stalk Lindsay Lohan. Really? What attracts people to her? Her stupidity, or her fake lips that looks like she just got punched in the mouth? Which one?

1233 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I have never claimed to have banged Dina here, but I will claim now I have had a dream where she gave me the best BJ eve,r and I aint kidding.

Im using this Twiki avatar for now from Buck Rogers, so hate the robot, not the

1233 days ago


One of the classic lies, among many with Lohans, is Dina as a Rockette. What a fall from performing at Radio City Music Hall to being finger banged at the Kobe Club at a table. The second part is FACT!


1233 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Is that blond chick in the picture even Lindsay???

1233 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

I don't believe anything this 2 dollar ho says. If her lips are moving, she's lying. It's probably some poor, unsuspecting civilian who's been harassed by her for publicity.

1233 days ago


messenger 14 hours ago

Seriously people, what do you want? it seems some of you would be happy to see this stalker maniac hurt Lindsay in some way, thats despicable.

I've looked at this guys twitter page and blogs in the past and he's seriously deluded and obsessed. He has now crossed the line and is dangerously obsessed, Lindsay did the right thing by making it legal. The court have all the information, how he got her phone number, the text messages, him being in court at sentencing, hanging around her home, leaving a book on her doorstep about freemasons which was smeared in blood and a LOT more.

Anyway, she has the legal protection for 2 years and he has agreed to abide by it. Will he?


1. I personally don't wish her hurt by a stalker.
2. What the heck was she doing all of those years that he was allegedly stalking her? Why didn't she report him to the police years ago and get a restraining order years ago? To not do so implies that she did NOT feel threatened by him during that time.
3. How in the Hades did he get her phone number?

1232 days ago


Rogue Warrior 14 hours ago

the Seeker about an hour ago


"I talked about long hard work growing a cash crop."

But TMZ has sent me request to get a profile. But why?
because YOU'RE a self admitted drug smuggler that sent DRUGS thru the US postal system across state lines for years..Duh losing.oh and btw YOUR favotite song about Cloe sounds like you saying goodbye to LILO YOUR stalking victim..

WORD !!!
FACT !!!

Well said seeker,m what a hypocrite he and his friends are that hate Lindsay! Seeker has baby lucifer ri8sen yet?


Point of fact, no, I don't approve of sending pot through the mail. I don't approve of drugs but I do realize that pot seems to be a fairly harmless one, as far as that goes. No, I don't condone using it or mailing it but I REALLY don't condone posters who threaten others and who brag about beating up women, which makes Andy's actions seem like small potatoes.

And I also don't condone posters who continuously make up new names and talk to themselves like they are a group of people when, in fact, they are a chorus of one.


1232 days ago


john smith 14 hours ago

The stalkers posts on twitter usually are short chopy sentences that start with "I" and have either "my" or "me" in the sentence and usually three !!! or ??? at the end, short syllable simple word and incomplete sentences..... Sean Lindsay said the book was an occult book, I don't think I have heard anything about it being a freemason boo*****il now.


Well, how's this for you, John? I think you and all of the other male Trollhans are the same person. So what does that make you, by your own logic? Are you actually admitting to being a stalker?

1232 days ago


90291 14 hours ago



FROM: Lindsay's Stalker

I am worried that in order for this woman to get her drugs she might hurt me. I am worried that she might bit my head off afterward like a black widow. Please understand that when I threatened to expose her because she will not pay me the thousands she owes me for cocaine, she turned the tables. This way I never get paid.


That's a rather nasty thought...but I wouldn't put it past her, I really wouldn't. I hate to say it but that scenario makes so much more sense with Lieho than the stalker one.

1232 days ago


grandma cracker 13 hours ago

Hey Sean,
Lucky was unraptured and rebounded as Izzy. I can take him or leave him, like Lucky seems kinda silly.


What's with all of the new names with the same old posters? Do they think they'll come back as a new, improved form, with new and improved points of view? You are who you are who you are. So why bother?

1232 days ago


Hey Sean, nice to see you back.

1232 days ago


sean 13 hours ago

Rogue Warrior 3 minutes ago

Welcome back seanass, NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Whatcha gonna do when Lindsay is back on top again????? off yourself?

So much for giving Daddy Douche any credit at all, eh, Sean? And IMHO harassing women negates good (?) taste in muzak.

But kudos to you, Sean, for giving it right back to Daddy Douchie but he probably enjoyed the sexual images.

1232 days ago


You know, Julie, in theory I completely and totally agree with your POV about stalkers and stalkies. Unfortunately, since this is LL we are talking about, it's REALLY hard to believe her word. She is such a known liar and backstabber that even if she were telling the truth, it'd be almost impossible to know fact from fiction. IF she has a legitimate stalker, then yeah, she should be protected with a restraining order. I have no problem with that, nor with her getting a bodyguard, etc. But who knows? Would she lie about a person and situation, to get her own way? Yes. Would she distort what the person has done in order to benefit? Yes. Her past shows that she does exactly that to other people. She smears them for her own benefit. So that leaves us with not knowing who is in the right here. Myself, I just don't trust Liehan.

1232 days ago
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