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TMZ Live -- Bret Lockett Calls BS on Kim K.

6/8/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Lockett tells Harvey and Charles he has the firepower to prove he hooked up with Kim Kardashian ... Plus, are the Dallas Mavericks turning the NBA Finals into germ warfare?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Major topics today: Kim K. allegedly cheats, should people play sports when sick, and Weston Cage's crazy fight video.
(2:10) Bret Lockett -- who is Kim K.'s alleged other man -- pops in via webcam. Kim says she's never met him ... but Bret tells us a whole different story.
(7:30) Bret isn't afraid of legal action ... because he says he's got the texts and pics to prove it.
(8:20) Why Bret spilled the beans to In Touch Weekly.
(10:50) Bret says he had no idea Kim was talking to her future fiance -- Kris Humphries -- at the same time they were hooking up.
(21:00) Dirk Novitzki played sick last night -- Harvey thinks it's ridiculous ... because he put other people in danger. A major argument breaks out.
(29:30) Andrea and Evan tell their "I was sick at TMZ" stories ... and they are polar opposites.
(36:40) Yes, the sick/sports argument JUST ended.
(38:00) Weinergate update -- one of his Internet gals apologizes to Mrs. Weiner ... AND was suspended from her job due to the scandal.
(43:00) Weston Cage gets his ASS KICKED ... and we have video.
(45:00) Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior, as explained by Ryan


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He may be telling the truth, but it is very low class of him to sell the story to a tabloid and out her on it. If he's telling the truth, he ought to be happy he got booty and leave it at that.

1203 days ago

Dark Meat    

Just wanted to comment on Harvey's view that there is not a different between being Reese and Kim K. Here's a scenario...Harvey is a lawyer...he went to undergrad...then law school...passed the bar and became a lawyer. People could call him lawyer...that's even his moniker...I'm a lawyer and he must be proud of it and as well his parents are proud of him for his accomplishment. So stopping there...his parents would be proud to say they are his parents and if Harvey had kids and the accomplished being a lawyer Harvey would be proud. Now let's say I (a black man from a respected family) ***** a semi famous white girl on camera...and to keep it in perspective, she sucks my black ****, I eat her white ***** and I deep **** her with my black ****. Now I sell that take and because she is semi famous and I am from a respectable family people want to see it and it sells millions. Now stopping right there...would my family or her family be proud of that ACCOMPLISHMENT. In Harvey's eyes, they would be because hey as he says...there is an audience. But turning it back to Harvey...would HIS parents be proud of it and if he was a parent would he be proud if one of those people were his kids. NOT. Now let's say after I make that tape, I get to call myself a LAWYER because hey...after the tape, people want to see me, hear my opinion and have me sell their products. So now I am a LAWYER. I didn't go to school, didn't pass the bar but hey people call me a LAWYER. What do you think other lawyers would say to me that put in blood sweat and tears to study, pass the bar and practice law. So Reese's comments were very VALID and I'm glad that Edie Falco made a statement also. Hey, what kind of family is not embarrassed when a nipple slip happens on TV. Kardashians are bad for TV and actually bad for AMERICA. As Edie's frightening.

1203 days ago


1) What on Earth was Weston Cage wanting to order?
2) Just to let you know-my first thought when it was announced the ball player had a fever was also-is he contagious? I think this is the hypochondriac coming out in us.

1203 days ago


Bret is telling the truth, I get that he does his rap thing so maybe this will help plug that.
But why is Kim going through all this trouble, certainly not for defamation of character that ship
has long since sailed. I think he does have naked pictures, and texts. I think he is wavering because he has every intention on selling the rights to photos and story and is looking for the right taker. Don't underestimate his hesitation. ;)

1202 days ago


Just saw TMZ Live footage from 6-8-2011 and it seems that Bret Lockett is jealous of Kris Humphries. Like he wanted to date Kim and they MAY HAVE talked at the same time but she decided to be wit Kris instead. He sounds like a woman scorned. Why won't he just say where they met? He has taken it this far already, so why not just say where they met(if they ever met at all)? I'll tell you, b/c it was never in person. When Kim K. says "I never stalked to him or met him" that could leave room or texts and pic messages (which do not necessarily have to be dirty). Basically, if he truly feels what happened between Kim and him stays between Kim and him then WHY do all of this? His ego is getting the best of him just so he doesn't look like a punk, liar.

1202 days ago


Bieber? JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

1202 days ago


Charles is such an EGO Head.. and RichardHead.... I can't believe it.

1202 days ago


Your audio quality sucks so bad I can't listen to the broadcast.

1202 days ago


His ego is so bruised by Kim saying she doesn't know him.. If he's so insecure with his " celebrity status" that he has to go to these lengths, then it's no wonder Kim denies knowing him. He should move on, any man in Kim's past now is NO ONE now, they are all irrelevant to her present life, she's engaged.. " I wish Kim the best of luck" Pffffft, this dudes happy with the drama he's created, if he really meant her no harm, he'd have turned the other cheek and ignored it.. His ego is bruised and by his reaction and his defensive nature it's safe to assume he's had this happen before. He sounds awful bitter about her not knowing him, dude's probably got serious size issues aka inverted penis..

1202 days ago


Why would anyone accuse someone of a tryst at this time in her life? He must be hurting for attention. What a jerk.

1202 days ago

jeally bean     

if they did hook up or w,e why cant he say where they first saw each other face to face? its not "irrelevant" bret... what is he afraid of if "its all true"?

1201 days ago
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