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Weston Cage

Beat Up In BLOODY Street Fight

6/8/2011 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage took 13 HARD punches to the face -- in the middle of a Hollywood street -- during a violent confrontation with his personal trainer yesterday ... and it was all caught on tape.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nic Cage's long-haired son is beaten to a bloody pulp in front of the Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood ... while several spectators stood by and watched.

The footage begins moments after 20-year-old Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer after the trainer refused to allow Weston to order a certain item off the menu.

After a brief scuffle, the trainer takes Weston down to the ground ... climbs on top of him ... and rains down with a flurry of barely-contested punches to Weston's face. At one point, Weston tries to punch back -- but the trainer blasts him in the face -- once again taking control of the situation.

The trainer kept Weston pinned down on the concrete until cops arrived -- and as TMZ first reported, Cage was eventually handcuffed, strapped to a gurney, and taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Weston's father, Nic Cage, raced over to the hospital to be with his son yesterday -- and vows to stay in town as long as Weston needs him to be here.


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those people standing around and laughing are just as guilty. This world is a sick place when people just sit back and laugh at someone getting their azz kicked.

1202 days ago


What on Earth was he wanting to order?

1202 days ago

f you    

the guys that recorded this sound like the biggest d-bag tourist ever. they must have stumbled across this situation on their way to go shopping at the Ed Hardy store. Seriously, if you’re reading this and you are the one that filmed this or who was talking in the background, you are a complete loser with no chance to go any farther in life than maybe a valet parker.

also, the trainer used excessive force and regardless if he’s charged or not will be forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to defend his case. Trainer is screwed. way way over reaction. Once Wes was subdued and the trainer kept hitting then the trainer was the aggressor and any reaction after that was self defense on Wes’s part.

to the people who filmed this, please don’t ever reproduce. Not that you could ever get laid in the first place, but in case you end up paying for it... please use protection.

1202 days ago


What ever he wanted eat would have been more healthy than the treatment by his instructor, I wonder was that personal trainer really concern about his clients fit...

1202 days ago


1) What video were the majority of you people watching? Its quite clear in the video that WC was still fighting the trainer guy until the video cut out. At one pint, you can see the trainer is merely trying to keep WC'sarms under control. Poor WC, my ass! The douche was wanting a piece of that trainer and the trainer refused to let him have that, too!

2) If anyone has ever seen someone f'ed up getting violent, you wouldn't say this was over the top. Mental patients and druggies have NO self control when off their meds or high. I also don't recommend getting involved unless you are trained to do so. Nasty situations, mostly.

3) Nic is gonna go after him. Sucks, but HWood ****tards don't discipline their kids so why would they let anyone else?!?! Shame, really.

1202 days ago

Canada Guy    

All the frickin' vultures taking video and pictures with their cameras probably made Cage even crazier, out of embarassment.
The world is a sad place when the people would rather take video than help someone in a dangerous situation.

1202 days ago


WTF I smell charges and a lawsuit coming take his ass Nic.

1202 days ago


Yes, see this, you gotta take pictures and video! What is wrong with people....

1202 days ago


Other than having a mental problem, the trainer is insane too cos fighting with somebody mentally ill, then u must be mentally unfit too. Other than that, big for nothing, ignorant and unwise trainer does make anysence fighting with a 2oyear old guy, why not got to the ring and fight the real buu dogs. He is a damn cruck n pain in the ass. He would have tried me here in in Africa dammy ass.

1202 days ago


I hope that trainer gets his butt thrown in jail. There are other ways to control a situation without beating someone to a pulp!

1202 days ago


I am so emberassed to be American. How could your first reaction to witnessing this incident be to pull out your cell phone and record it?

Truth is, if I had have been there I would have put out the fight. Then, I would beat the **** out of one of those animals filming in the hopes the rest would think twice...who am I kidding? We are lost as a society. At least in the big cities.

So frigging disappointed...

1202 days ago


Trainer did nothing wrong. The entire fight was over in about 20 sec. The rest of the time the Trainer is just struggling to keep the larger Weston pinned to the ground. He was completely within his right to defend himself after Weston attempted to roundhouse kick him. Witnesses from across the street comment on how Weston seemed to be pretty messed up before attacking his trainer.

1202 days ago


I thought there was no fighting in the red zone everyone should get a ticket.

1202 days ago


Damn TMZ, you never cease to amaze me. Stand back and film while a guy gets his head bashed in. Not to mention the rest of those Hollywood ******* recording and laughing instead of helping the guy out. Regardless of who the guy is you dont let him sit there and get his head bashed in on the sidewalk. Completely trashy and sad. TMZ you should be ashamed for even posting this ****.

1202 days ago


shut the f up thwe trainer DID NOT go too far...he didn't go far enough, he should have knocked the mother effer OUT!!!you bunch of *******!!

1202 days ago
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