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Conflict Over Surfer's Death

6/9/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of surfing legend Andy Irons is adamant the former world champ died as a result of complications from heart disease -- and nothing else -- however, the official autopsy report shows drugs were a factor.

Andy Irons Drugs

Seven months after Irons died in a Dallas hotel room, Andy's family released a statement today explaining Irons died from a heart attack caused by the hardening of his coronary arteries. The family says they spoke with a prominent forensic pathologist who explained Irons had a genetic predisposition to early development of heart disease ... which was SOLELY responsible for the heart attack.

However, the toxicology report and the autopsy from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner note a second cause of death -- "acute mixed drug ingestion."

According to the report, Irons had Xanax and methadone in his system at the time of his death ... along with Benzoylecgonine -- a compound commonly produced by the body after cocaine use.

Andy's wife says the surfer did not use meth, "so it is likely the substance was present in the cocaine he ingested."

Both sides seem to agree dengue fever was not a factor -- as originally suspected.

Irons was 32 years old.

The situation is a carbon copy of Billy Mays' death -- where the coroner ruled the primary cause of death was heart disease and the secondary was cocaine use. Billy's family bitterly disputed the coroner's finding as it related to drug use.

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@MelRose - Afrin won't give a false THC positive. It can give a false amphetamine positive.

But these are a different type of screen altogether. They are far more accurate and sensitive as to amount.

1200 days ago


The NY Times reported that he had cocaine and methamphetamines in his system. Methadone may have been in the room, but the "meth" referred to by his wife really was methamphetamines - TMZ just didn't report this correctly. His wife is not stupid, this article just needs clarification.


1200 days ago


@Dena - Thanks for providing the link for clarification. I know Lyndie isn't stupid...TMZ just seems to refuse to hire any actual journalists, or even anyone with an English degree for that matter. Peace.

1200 days ago

who dat    

Oh so it wasn't the meth, it was the coke. Glad we got that all cleared up.

1200 days ago


He died of an OVERDOSE OVERDOSE OVERDOSE drug overdose..Who cares if he was a surfer..He is a human being with faults like all the rest of us..So he took pain meds,,His body probably was all messed up..He may have been in terrible pain..The family could be ashamed..2 Bad..Face the TRUTH..Surfer Boy liked to get a good feeling from DRUGS

1200 days ago


First off I am in the insurance field and every ones policy is different. He might be covered under OD or not.

The insurance would take the word of a forensic pathologist over a corner. As for the Methadone.. Its not always for recovering addicts. Most of the people who have a script for that in the USA is for pain management either because nothing else works or people want off oxy.

The Cocaine is what TMZ ripped from WIKI. Fact is he could have had a script for a Med that has Benzo in it and also there are many forms of Benzo's including one for seizures.

The Dr would have listed Cocaine if it was a by product. They would do further tests if this man was not scripted something like Esterom.

So what is it TMZ did it list it as Benzoylecgonine aka Esterom or Cocaine?

My guess is you saw that word and went to wiki "Benzoylecgonine consists of ecgonine benzoate, and is the primary metabolite of cocaine." and said hmm lets delete everything before " is the primary metabolite of cocaine." and say thats what it is..

Too bad he isn't alive to sue

1200 days ago


Families are forever in Denial -

When my brother offed himself -

And with rope -

The guile and con in both parents -

Convinced a local paper -

To report it as a "rope accident."

However the same two clowns weren't able to get to the
other local press -

Who reported it honestly -

And as a teen suicide.

Bozo and Boza actually stormed around the house -

Threatening to sue the other newspapers -

And for reporting - such

blasphemous things and lies -

About "their boy."

Psychiatrists familiar with the situation (heavy duty abuse):

Chose to remain neutral/silent -

After all -

-Wouldn't want The_Practice to suffer .



1200 days ago


Um...John...which is it? Are you in the medical field or are you in the insurance field?

1200 days ago


@Amy both its what I have been doing for 10 years.

1200 days ago


What job puts you in the medical field and the life insurance field?

1200 days ago


@Amy umm Medical/Life insurance... You do know people can / do go to school and get a NA, LVN, RN, MD etc and never even touch a person after wards?

There is a lot of jobs out there for Medical trained people in Insurance, RX, and tons of other jobs. But its something I started doing after I broke my back 10 years ago.

1200 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

No one wants to believe anything bad about their loved ones. I wouldn't, & I'd fight to get all the facts. David Carradine's family didn't want to believe his cause of death either, & I don't blame them. You can't really argue with toxicology, though. I mean you can, but really what's the percentage of them being wrong? Probably miniscule, especially if more than one test is performed.

Once the facts are out however, there is nothing else to do but accept that they, like all of us, had their flaws as human beings & try to move on.

1200 days ago


Drugs like Cocaine and Methamphetamine are stimulants that make the heart work harder. When a person wants to "come down" from these drugs they may take benzodiazepines (Xanax,Valium,Ativan to name a few) or painkillers (methadone). Add in some Ambien and you heart rate drops pretty fast. The cycle of getting high and coming down so often will cause heart failure.

1200 days ago


NOF p.s.


"There's been a-tragic-accident involving a local boy -

A 15-year-old - "

"According to sources, i.e. close family members -

The boy was fond of playing-with-rope, i.e. had rope-affection."

"Unwittingly fell/dropped directly down ... into a self-created noose."

"The community is reaching out -

And to the Bozo's -"

"Putting forth -

Such tomfoolery ."

...side dishes are appreciated -


1200 days ago


If you and you kids were going to lose out on what might be a substantial payment, wouldn't you try to emphasize the hard arteries over a condition that might invalidate the insurance policy. Or maybe there are endorsement deals that are also going to tank. Once the celeb is dead (MJ or Elvis or whoever)all eyes turn to the money...guess they acknowledge the celeb ain't comin' back so let's do what we can. Sort of human nature...or at least human nature when big sums are concerned.

1200 days ago
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