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The One-Eyed Machine

That Did Him In

6/9/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's home computer station -- complete with a web cam -- and it was featured on a real estate site until just a few days ago, when Weiner pulled his pad off the market.


TMZ has learned Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, put their swanky Queens apartment up for sale around May 22 -- and uploaded several photos of the place on a real estate site. One pic featured a poster of JFK hanging on the wall.

The computer station seems to be the exact spot where Weiner took his infamous topless pics -- because the paint on the wall matches up. Also, the drawers in the background sync up with another photo featured in the listing.


TMZ spoke with a source connected to the situation ... who confirms Weiner 86'd his plans to sell the place in the past couple of days.

The couple was asking $449k. Think the value has gone up or down?


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um, the chair is different and there is not a window a/c in the real estate pics...cmon now...

1231 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

@qwerty: who cares what Europe thinks, or if they are laughing at us, as we find Weiner-gate amuzing and/or disgusting. Please, if it wasn't for America the Europeans would all be speaking German. So next time you hear them laughing at us, remind them of that fact. And stop caring that they or anyone else thinks. We're all on the TMZ page just having a little fun...

1231 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

And remember folks, most people are NOT judging Weiner based on his disturbing tweets, or fb messages(where he advised one female he couldn't wait to choke her with "it"), or even the initial lie......

.....he got American's tongues wagging once he went overboard and claimed to be a victim of a hacking, and then blamed a conservative right wing conspiracy, and then asked the same press he lied to about being a victim of a crime, to respect him. Say whaaaat?

Tweeting and lying is one thing, but to then blame a conservative blogger for hacking your account(wrongly accusing someone of committing a crime, is in fact a crime itself) deserves resignation.

1231 days ago

bring back recent posts    

PAUL......I expect he packed up some stuff and did some " staging" to prepare his condo for sale...would explain none of the personal pics in the background....

1231 days ago


Paul 51 minutes ago Wrong conclusion.

The bare chested pic was clearly taken somewhere else because of the pictures in the background. I believe that one, and others, were taken in his congressional office.


Typical of TMZ. They found the picture of his home computer and spun it into a fake story.

1231 days ago


Also why is this even a story? Who cares where he took the pic from? Is it a whole visual thing for perverts?

1231 days ago


qwerty: Europeans also don't think it's a big deal that Dominique Strauss-Kahn raped the hotel maid in NYC, either! I will stick to my American Puritanism, thank you very much.

1231 days ago


i find picture #8 very telling of this weiner's character.

1231 days ago


Wrong. U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner did himself in with a "one-eyed machine."

1231 days ago


Actually annie2: you are showing typical American ignorance by stereotyping Europeans: there are many feminist groups over there who are condemning Strauss-Kahn and speaking about the sexism, especially in French culture, the sexism that says that rape is not serious----many French activists are sick of it. Try reading something besides TMZ maybe your purtanical self will actual learn a bit about the world. And might I remind you that we have this problem in the United States as well---if a woman is raped, it is because she "dressed like a slut and was asking for it". America has the highest rape rate in the world. Try looking that up and stay off of the ******ger websites for a while---they are obviously frying your mind.

and "progressive_gurl" please do *not* call yourself progressive if that cop-out is your response. I do not give a f*ck if Weiner blamed it on a right conspiracy: as if Breibart has any integrity at all whatsoever: he manipulated video to falsely make it appear that Shirley Sherrod was being racist against white farmers. That is much more dishonest and vile than anything that Weiner has done. But I would not expect your marshmallow brain to wrap about that reality. IT is not something you would even give a damn about if it could.

1231 days ago


is it me, or does WEINER looks like GLEN QUAGMIRE from FAMILY GUY... dude even ACTS like HIM.

1231 days ago


Briggs-Dixie: your is one of the most enlightened comments that I have seen on this thread. Seriously.

1231 days ago


What a freakin' pervert. THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN IN HIS CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE! On our dime, with our tax paying money!

This creep is a liar. A pervert. And lacks good judgment. NONE of the qualities we need in our esteemed governmental offices.


1231 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Progressive GURL: Totally agree. What he did is pathetic and sad but what is truly repulsive is how he went about trying to cover it up.

In addition to what you say, when asked why he was following a bunch of mostly young women on of whom is a porn star....he turned it around on the interviewer and made him ashamed to ask the question. This may come back to haunt him because apparently he may have tweeted his goodies to one or more underage girls...which IS a crime...politician or no.

But more than that....a lot of political choice is based on emotions. Many people vote based on their emotions and anyone who doesn't realize that is naive.

And if I were a New Yorker....he just disgusts me....I would want him out just for that alone.

And the bedroom is TRULY pathetic. Is that only Huma's bed with the H & A pillows? How little-girlish. That bed doesn't seem big enough for two people.

But it's a pretty good price for a condo like that in NY I would imagine.

1231 days ago


Regressive girl: you said, "(where he advised one female he couldn't wait to choke her with "it")"

Don't even try it. Those sexting sessions were going *BOTH* ways, they were consensual. And why are you so worried about it, any type of nasty talk or roleplaying between consenting adults is their business and their business alone. So mind your own f$cking business and get a hobby. Loser.

1231 days ago
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