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The One-Eyed Machine

That Did Him In

6/9/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's home computer station -- complete with a web cam -- and it was featured on a real estate site until just a few days ago, when Weiner pulled his pad off the market.


TMZ has learned Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, put their swanky Queens apartment up for sale around May 22 -- and uploaded several photos of the place on a real estate site. One pic featured a poster of JFK hanging on the wall.

The computer station seems to be the exact spot where Weiner took his infamous topless pics -- because the paint on the wall matches up. Also, the drawers in the background sync up with another photo featured in the listing.


TMZ spoke with a source connected to the situation ... who confirms Weiner 86'd his plans to sell the place in the past couple of days.

The couple was asking $449k. Think the value has gone up or down?


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nuclear winter    

Just change your name tony with a last name like weiner how could you have a normal life.Change your name to HARRY weiner that should coverup any penial problems

1239 days ago


Nyder: you lying, Bible-thumping bitch, you have never even been outside of Alabama. Those countries are not socialist, you obviously do not even know what a socialist is.

Well, kids it has been fun, it has become so easy to sit here and insult you it has become boring, and you do not need me to make you look ignorant and uneducated your all are doing fine by yourself with your all cap rants. but my idea o*****reat time is not hanging on a message board arguing with Jesus freaks and goat ******* who are so psychologically stunted about their own sexuality thanks to that Ol' Time Religion and years of watching the Gospel Hour that they freak and foam at the mouth the first time they see a man in his shorts with a boner. These are the same kind of people that presided over the Salem Witch Trials.

These comments about Weiner show are just like the birther Tea Party signs that popped up a few years ago: both show that the US is grossly underfunding education, now THAT is what the current politicians should resign over. Toodles.

1239 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

@qwerty: why when someone disagrees with you, do you resort to name calling? We are ALL commenting on a TMZ sight. Which means we all have something in common: Gossip. We're all gossiping, we just have different opinions based how he covered up his tweeting, by claiming he was hacked. People have a problem, not with his tweets, but with his lying to cover it up. Remember, the media didn't contact Weinter...he contacted THEM as claimed he was hacked. He reported a crime that NEVER happened!

1239 days ago


Everyone should just leave Mr. Weiner alone, darn it! Everyone wants "respectable members in congress" yet Mr. Weiner has shown us that he has a respectable size weiner and people want him out? Doesn't make any sense! Just doesn't make good sense. Mr. Weiner, I say stand tall & proud and don't resign--until someone else in congress shows us their dingaling then yours is by far the most respectable. Keep hangin' in there!

1239 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@qwerty: You need some help with that anger problem of yours....that will happen when you can't get laid.

And who are you calling people out for being "uneducated"? LOL. What an arrogant moron you are. Get it through your heads - PEOPLE DON'T AGREE WITH YOU. PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTED BY WEINER AND WANT HIM OUT. MYSELF INCLUDED. AND WE ARE ALLOWED TO WANT THAT. I believe that a loser with a name like "qwerty" doesn't sext - LOL. It doesn't matter whether you bathe or not...ugly people can't get sex and need to sext. (But you already know that don't you?)

And you must be ugly if you think Weiner would reject ANYONE. LOL.

And as for "the world" laughing at Americans...add me to that list...I'm Canadian and love to laugh. Primarily at idiot Americans who go by the name "qwerty" SMH.

QWERTY - yet you don't sext? Who are you trying to fool? Huma Abedin? ha ha.

1239 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Progressive Gurl: Weiner is just disgusting on so many levels. ...reporting a crime that never happened (illegal)....Taking advantage of his position by offering his PR team to call the porn star...just gross.

QWERTY is prob just being "devil's advocate" and getting his rocks off by disagreeing ...just for the purpose of disagreeing. Because I can't believe that he is really that stupid as to think that no crime has been committed by Weiner. Didn't balloon boy's dad have to go to jail for his hoax?

But, again, Weiner is just DISGUSTING. And I would think people would want him out for that reason alone. Politics is, in a large part, emotional. All the best politicians know that.

1239 days ago



Actually, I'm Canadian, so Alabama is a bit off...
As an atheist, I doubt you'll see me thumping any bibles.

Many European Countries, such as Italy, Greece, The United Kingdom, etc all employ socialist policies, entitelments etc. Which is why they are broke and sinking.

I'm glad your leaving, you're clearly a brainwashed, Troll.

1239 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

Well said Sociopaths are Sad, well said :)

Now I am wondering...Qwerty, are you really Anthony Weiner???

1239 days ago


its a different chair in the 2 photos. the 'topless pic' shows him sitting on a padder leather chair. the topless pic was taken at his office! 100%
his office paint color no doubt influenced the color he wanted to paint his home office!!

1239 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

Good observations romiemax

1239 days ago



1239 days ago

NOTa STARJONESsupporter!    

I like what Paris told Jimmy Kimmel: Weiner's (weiner)is "not huge." I agree! LOL!!! For those women who think Weiner's "weiner" is big - you've been cheated! ROFLOL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

1239 days ago


I think it's interesting that qwerty is the one focusing on the all the sexual implications, while most of the outrage (as Progressive points out), is over the lying, and attempts to cover up his idiocy. Also, what kind of representative takes advantage of women who simply agree with his ideology, does that then give him the right to hit on them? Wow, really a man of the people there. Absolutely inane.

1239 days ago


If they are going to show us his chest, they might as well show us his erection, ******ize give us something to fantasize about
Do you think he had an erection in this pick? Do you think he was wearing pants?
If I had to guess his ******ize, I would say a thick 8"

1239 days ago

Josh Laughlas    

He hasn't done anything that many many men in this country haven't done too. I just read an article about this.
Turns out this is pretty normal behavior. If it wasn't for our shame around our sexuality he might not have had to lie. If this had happened in Europe no one would have bated an eye.

1239 days ago
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