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The One-Eyed Machine

That Did Him In

6/9/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's home computer station -- complete with a web cam -- and it was featured on a real estate site until just a few days ago, when Weiner pulled his pad off the market.


TMZ has learned Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, put their swanky Queens apartment up for sale around May 22 -- and uploaded several photos of the place on a real estate site. One pic featured a poster of JFK hanging on the wall.

The computer station seems to be the exact spot where Weiner took his infamous topless pics -- because the paint on the wall matches up. Also, the drawers in the background sync up with another photo featured in the listing.


TMZ spoke with a source connected to the situation ... who confirms Weiner 86'd his plans to sell the place in the past couple of days.

The couple was asking $449k. Think the value has gone up or down?


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Progressive Gurl    

...also his tweets to a 17 year old in Delaware are drawing police attention. I like/liked Weiner too at one time..but wrong is wrong, no matter what political party he belongs to.

1197 days ago

KardASSian Butt    

@Doug, he's not John Edwards, that is true but I wouldn't want my husband flashing his d*ck online. It's gross. I think most women would agree with that. Those who don't were on Weiner's personal Twitter list. That is between him and Mrs. Weiner for all we know she is one of those women who don't think it's gross.

The issue for us (the public) is he claimed it wasn't him and then reported a false crime. I am still waiting for one of these idiots to say, "Yes, that was me. I did it. It's my personal life, let's move on."

The issue for us (the average TMZ reader) is that as long as *I* am not married to him, this is hilarious.

Lastly this is not a partisan issue. Let's not forget the Craigslist Congressman who was run out of office. He was a Republican. The reason Pigbaugh is still around is he is not in public office and he is not using government funds to cover up his peccadilloes. The swine has been married several times. How I don't know because I think I'd rather be Mrs. Weenie or Mrs. Craigslist than Mrs. Pig. At least they were OK looking.

1196 days ago


Good thing his camera has a zoom lens on it for the small thing shot. He will always be know as "Mr. Bennie Winnie". He close friend on the internet call him "Shorty".

1195 days ago


I think his face is so unattractive..he was forced to show his penis...... I can't imagine his penis being more unattractive than his face.

1194 days ago

Newbomb Turk    

99.9% guys took those kind of photos. Weiner should mix in some squats into his routine.

1194 days ago


qwerty, YOU'RE the one that needs to get a life! Why are YOU on this website if it's none of anyone's business? If you don't like what people are saying here, THEN STOP READING. Go back to your little weiner shrine cuz nobody wants to read your pathetic comments anymore. Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound? Why don't you have one of your friends read these comments but don't tell them which ones are yours. I bet your ONLY dollar they say "Wow, what's up with qwerty"??? THAT's how pathetic you sound. Seriously, try it and report back to us.

1194 days ago

Pia Mess    


1194 days ago


Are all Americans just plain nuts? Who cares about this whole situation? It is not news! It is not relevant. It is crap, and yet it seems that the U.S.A. has spent a million dollars in covering this story! This is what is wrong with America! Too many dumb ass people with nothing to do because everything else is running just fine! lol

1193 days ago


Weiner has shot his wad! Come back unlikely :(

1191 days ago
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