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Flo Rida

Busted for DUI In


6/9/2011 6:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Flo Rida -- the guy behind the smash hit, "Low" -- was busted for drunk driving in Miami Beach this morning in one of the most expensive cars on the planet!!!!

Flo Rida Arrested

Law enforcement sources say ... 31-year-old Flo Rida was driving around in his red and black 2008 Bugatti -- valued around $1.7 million -- when cops observed the rapper swerving in his lane and pulled him over around 3:30 AM.

During the stop, cops detected the odor of alcohol -- so Flo was given a field sobriety test ... and didn't perform very well.

Flo -- real name Tramar Dillard -- was arrested on suspicion of DUI and taken to a nearby station where he is currently being booked.

060911_flo_bugati_videoCops say Flo's blood alcohol level was .185 ... more than twice the legal limit.

UPDATE: According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops say a large crowd gathered around Flo after cops had pulled him over.

Several bystanders were "trying to get officers to let [Flo Rida] go. Some individuals were offering to drive [Flo] home."

When the officer tried to conduct a "walk the line" test -- Flo told the cop, "Officer I can't do this. I don't feel I can walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let's try another test."

Flo then tried to convince the officer, "I can make it home." Cops didn't let him try.

Cops say they ran a computer check on Flo -- and cited the rapper when they learned his driver's license had been suspended last month for failing to pay a traffic fine.


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What would a black man be without a fancy car, a gun, and outragious clothes ????? Take a guess ?!?!?!?!?!?!

1233 days ago


and so the downward spiral begins

1233 days ago


Yay another idiot driving drunk! When will people learn?
I can't stand drunk drivers! If they have enough money to drink themselves silly they should have enough money to call a damn cab!

1233 days ago


Hey Floyd, I understand how you feel. I'm white too. I can never afford to own a car like that and be that successful. Let just hate him. Don't count me in. You're a loser lol
the floyd 3 hours ago Another stupid black rapper showing his colors! What da f..k is dat sh.t hanging on his ear?

1233 days ago


Van Guiji...take it easy on Floyd. He apologized and saw the error of his ways.

But its stupid for anyone who's drunk to drive anything...Yugo, Pinto, Rolls Royce or whatever. But don't hate because he's riding that heavy.

And how can he afford it...because he has the money. He might be a one hit wonder but the days of the record label getting rich and the artist getting famous is over. Rappers are a lot smarter and don't get ripped off these days.

1233 days ago


These people (entertainers) have enough money to pay somebody to drive them home. Why are they all so dumb?

1233 days ago


it will just make him more famous and sell more records, cute guy

1233 days ago


Just another one who thinks they can do whatever the hell they want on this earth, besides, that is one nasty looking dude. He needs to fire whoever cuts his hair and beard. Gross ear.

1233 days ago

Get over it..    

Is that a magic marker beard??

1233 days ago


@DetroitHoney - If you wanna take it deeper, given that black were slaves in the USA and "confined" to their plantation, the FIRST people to drink and ride their horses were caucasians. So, if anything, blacks seem to be imitating bad behaviour that caucasians who founded the USA started back in the days.

1233 days ago



very interesting theory.

1233 days ago

david lomonica    

really? Your driving a 1.7 million dollar car but you can't afford a traffic ticket. LMAO!!!!

1233 days ago

Mickey Markoff    

Reminds me of that episode of the Sopranos where the rapper pays a hitman to shoot him in the ass. It's all about street creds.

1233 days ago


What's wrong with his right eye? Still sleepy or a remnant of the booze he has taken?

1233 days ago


This guy would be working at a Chick-fil-A instead driving (drunk) in a Bugatti if there weren't so many morons in this country that listen to rap because they are wanna-be gangbangers.


1233 days ago
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