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'Hangover' Face Tattoo

To Be Un-Tyson'd for DVD

6/9/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. claims Ed Helms' face tattoo will be digitally altered when "The Hangover 2" goes to DVD -- after the artist who designed the infamous Mike Tyson tat sued the studio for ripping him off.


The studio filed new docs on Monday in their legal battle with S. Victor Whitmill -- who inscribed the tribal face tat on Tyson back in 2003 -- claiming, "Warner Bros. does not intend to make any use of the allegedly infringing tattoo after the film ends its run in the theaters because Warner Bros. will digitally alter the film to substitute a different tattoo on Ed Helms’s face."

As we previously reported, Whitmill sued the studio back in April claiming copyright infringement -- but a judge refused to block the movie's release.

Whitmill has been threatening to take the matter to trial ever since -- but now that Warner Bros. plans to alter the offending ink ... the studio insists a trial won't be necessary.


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Christy - yes, if you COPYWRIGHT THE DESIGN you OWN it. Dumb beotch...just because its a tattoo doesn't take away that fact. If you create the design and copyright it for use...its YOURS. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

1230 days ago


Its obvious that the studio realized they had a small little problem on their hands with this design, otherwise they wouldn't have given in so quickly. Yes, they got the movie to be released, but that wasn't the point of the lawsuit. They didn't get his permission to use his design! It's that simple people! If we went out right now and copied the Hangover logo and printed off a bunch of t-shirts to sell, you can damn well be sure their lawyers would jump on you so fast your head would spin! Just because this involves a tattoo does not take away the legitmacy of a copywright. All you morons defending the studio just for this excuse are wrong. And its obvious that the studio knew they were too.

1230 days ago

Lucas Brown    

It's just a tribal tattoo. Doesn't take a genius to come up with that design and I wouldn't say it's unique either. My kid drew something very similar on my face as I slept.
I like how Warner Bros is handling the situation.

1230 days ago


The tattoo in question is based on traditional Maori (new zealand) tribal the Victor doesnt own any copyright as he ripped of other people in the first place. The Maori's in NZ are well pissed off by this!

1230 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well now, star treck needs to sue the 'tatoo artists' dumas for copyright infringing on seven-of-nine borg. cuz it is way beyond apparent, that this is where he got his crappy 'copyrighted' idea from.

1230 days ago


Wow, Warner bros. employees read TMZ?

1230 days ago

Tony Bowler    

******* stupid. the movie studio needs to tell that no name tattoo artist to lick their balls....

1230 days ago


How many Buggs Bunny tats did this dork do on his way up in the tattoo world, who owns the copywirte on that image? Why is he making such a big deal other than to make a quick buck? The tattoo is so ridiculous, which is why it's funny that it's in the movie, only an idiot would get something tattooed on their face... see photo on the right.

1230 days ago



Doesn't this mess with the Tyson punchline at the end of the movie? Tyson tells Helms to take that tattoo off his face at the end, and if they change it so it doesn't look like Tyson's will the joke still make sense?

1230 days ago



1230 days ago


"I'm pretty sure 'Parody' is covered under the fair Use clauses of the Copyright act. they are not trying to represent the copyrighted material as their own design, they are parodying the fact that some loser put that 'emlem' on his face - forever!"

Yup, my guess is the guy isn't suing for copyright infringement, he's suing for loss of face because of what the movie suggests about his tattoo.

1230 days ago


Copyright law is out of control. Good to see the movie studios get a taste of their own medicine.

1225 days ago


Oksana Kehoe, sports reporter claimed on Stern show to have the same tattoo on her privat part...I am only guessing ..where..

1220 days ago
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