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Anti-Pitbull Activist -- Jesse James' Dog Should Die

6/10/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Texas' most outspoken anti-pitbull advocates is lashing out at Jesse James' dog -- after it nearly killed another pooch last weekend -- telling TMZ, Jesse's pit "should be put down without exception."


As we previously reported, one of Jesse's pitbulls escaped his bike shop in Texas and attacked another dog (below) ... which then had to be rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care.


Douglas Wolfe -- one of the leading advocates for banning pitbulls across the state of Texas -- tells us, "This attack shows that even seemingly responsible owners with the means to manage and care for their animals cannot control this unpredictable and inherently dangerous type of dog."

Wolfe adds, "Any animal that attacks and kills or injures another animal or a person should be put down without exception and tested for rabies regardless of who or what the owner is."

"No animal's life is worth the life of any person."

Pitbull ownership is a VERY heated issue in Texas right now, where Douglas and other activists have proposed a bill to ban pits throughout the state.


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Why is this looser Jesse James opening his mouth his bikes suck just like him choppers should be outlawed and never be allowed on the road Jesse you are a looser go back in to your hole and rot you P.O.S.

1205 days ago


No I dont believe it should be put down.
Dogs are Pack animlas and all are very territorial,
the dog was only doing what comes naturally to it... if it were a Poodle that got out and did the same thing this wouldn't be happening.

Yes the dog needs to be on a more secure premisis but it DID NOT harm a Human being and it does not deserve to die.

Jesse did the right thing by paying the vet bill,
and as I recall through the ages people need a breed of dog to unanimously hate, E.G Rotweilers, German Shepards and so on

Leave the dog alone,
and get a new hobby rather then being filled with hate

1195 days ago


If the Search & Rescue dog is a Pitbull do you STILL want to be saved?

Education Beats Legislation

1192 days ago

John Kontos    

Hey Douglas Wolfe Why dont have a hot cup of shut the **** UP! you ******* communist!!!! What right do you have to tell people what they can and cant have.

1182 days ago


My child is pictured here. I hope your child never is pictured here.

1159 days ago


no need to put the dog down, theres all kinds of dogs that have done the same thing, not just pitbulls. i dont care who you are or where your from pitbulls only act on how there trained. i have a 4 year old pure bred pitbull and live in a busy city in massachusetts. i walk him every single day,and almost everyday pass other dogs and they are the ones that bark and try to attack him while my dog just keeps walking without out growling or barking. my brother brought over his golden retriever and my dog was eating and the golden retriever started attacking him and he just sat there and was the one that ended up needing stitches behind the ear. so all you ignorant idiots out there thinking that its only pitbulls that are the bad dogs should think again and get a life " judge the deed,not the breed"

1146 days ago

Samuel Hendry    

Every year 29 people die in the U.S. from dog bites, 32% of those deaths are caused by pit bull type dogs. Anyone with a brain can look up the fact that 115 people die a day from car accidents. So if we ban pit bulls we should ban cars, guns, alcohol, and anything else a dumb person can use to hurt themselves or others right?

1008 days ago


I worked right next to Jesse James when he was in California in West Coast Choppers,and when his dog got loos here nothing happened some old lady who lives down the block from me had found her and nothing happen to her,i would see his dogs all the time any dog could get out of someones home and attack a dog or person,i have a pitbull and my dog is fine i take him to the dog park and he gets along with my cats and more people are voting for the dog to be put down people are just dumb and ignorant law even states that a dog cant get put down when biting a dog or person after the third time

940 days ago
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