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Anti-Pitbull Activist -- Jesse James' Dog Should Die

6/10/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Texas' most outspoken anti-pitbull advocates is lashing out at Jesse James' dog -- after it nearly killed another pooch last weekend -- telling TMZ, Jesse's pit "should be put down without exception."


As we previously reported, one of Jesse's pitbulls escaped his bike shop in Texas and attacked another dog (below) ... which then had to be rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care.


Douglas Wolfe -- one of the leading advocates for banning pitbulls across the state of Texas -- tells us, "This attack shows that even seemingly responsible owners with the means to manage and care for their animals cannot control this unpredictable and inherently dangerous type of dog."

Wolfe adds, "Any animal that attacks and kills or injures another animal or a person should be put down without exception and tested for rabies regardless of who or what the owner is."

"No animal's life is worth the life of any person."

Pitbull ownership is a VERY heated issue in Texas right now, where Douglas and other activists have proposed a bill to ban pits throughout the state.


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Pitbulls are the most dangerous dog there is, you can sit here and cry all you want that they are innocent dogs but they are not. They have been banned in some states , they would not ban a dog in a state unless they had solid evidance the dogs were dangerous. My neighbors daughter was just attacked by one. This dog was a friend of the families whom they have known for years, yes the dog was use to being near kids because they had kids. The child just ran past it to go play with the other kids and it just attacked, they had to pull it off of her.

As far as Jesses dog being put down yes if it started the attack it should be put down and Jesse should be charged and banned from owning any animal. How many more times are we going to read that one of his dogs got loose and to top it off the dogs are part of the most dangerous breed there is.

1229 days ago


This dude is an utter and complete *******! In Toronto Canada, no matter what (so called) celebrity states some smuck has.....the dog would have legally been put down! This guy sucks!

1229 days ago


How can you guys think it's OK to ban a whole breed? Do you know how many types of dogs are considered "pit bulls" by the press? Do you know the % of these dogs that are ever involved in attacks? less than 1%....All dogs can be viscious...they are animals. God just made the pitties a little stronger.

1229 days ago


oops, that's WAS; I'm retired! (Too many ignorant people who shouldn't have pets was the impetus.)

1229 days ago


one life is no better then another. human or animal.

1229 days ago


In the city and province I live in it's illegal to purchase one and the ones that are out there have to be leashed and muzzled. Many parts of Canada are also working to ban pit bulls.
It's unfortunate but there have been too many issues regarding these dogs, and I hate to see any dog put down, but look at what he did to this poor dog.
Also, it seems like Jesse James is an ass and can't take care of his dogs. His dogs need to find a better home because obviously JJ can'*****ch his dogs.

1229 days ago


I think anyone who calls themselves a "Anti-pitbull activist" should be put down.

1229 days ago


This anti-pitbull activist is completely ignorant about the ways of dogs and animals. Animals, especially intake males, frequently fight. It's normal. It does not denote a vicious animal. It only indicates you need to neuter and train your males. Dog on dog aggression does NOT translate to dog on people aggression. Every expert can tell you that. The problem is untrained and un-neutered animals.

1229 days ago


Jesse is not a responsible dog owner. How many times did his other dog run away? 2 or 3 times? You can't blame the dog without knowing the entire story. Pit Bulls are extremely lovable dogs and have such a bad reputation because of close minded people. Until you know the entire story you cannot judge the dog. Judge the owner who obviously cannot control any of his dogs because they are ALWAYS getting away from him. I find it funny that the only time dog attacks are reported is when a pit bull is involved. Every dog is cabale of attacking but when a chihuaha bites someone it's not reported because it's not "news worthy." Open your minds people!

1229 days ago


I myself do not support a death sentence for obvious reasons

1229 days ago


This is ridiculous the dog is not to blame, the owner is! Pitbulls are dogs like any other, the problem is stupid people using their attributes for the wrong purpose. This has happened to many dogs over the decades... German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pinchers.

Pitbulls are some of the smartest dogs, but they have a very strong will and are very powerful, they require discipline and proper guidance. I have 3 pitbulls, all of them are sweet and loving they are all very calm. They like other people, and other dogs, they love each other... I have not once had a dog fight in my house. People encourage the wrong behaviors in them for fun, but they show up in a lot of different areas in the dogs life. These dogs can be amazing, I fostered dogs for two years before keeping my third pitbull. They can be great leaders and teachers for other dogs. They need disciplined owners.

1229 days ago


Blame the owner, NOT the dog. A dog is only as good as the training the owner gives it.

1229 days ago


what if his dog came upon a small child instead of another dog?
then it would be a different story sadly

not a fan of pit bulls-they were purposefully bred for fighting- not worth the risk to own one/trust one

and this man seems to lack the ability to keep control over his dogs- might be his first incident in Texas, but in California how many times did his dog Cinnabun go missing

dogs like this do not need to be in a busy place of business and eventually hoping the breed will be banned and disappear altogether like in some places in Canada where it is now unlawful to get them

1229 days ago

4 the love of ALL dog's    

yes the dog should be put to sleep, but it has nothing to do with his race excepte that he bites harder then a ****su or whatherver..... but he should not have bite and if he did well thats how he was rase. so the blame his on the owner.. not the RACE(PITBULL) COME on dome ass all animal thant bites and that kill and bla bla bla then why do we botter with prison....

1229 days ago


Hold owners responsible for what their pets do without exception. But what if anything did the other animal do in this case, was it aggressive like my 13 lbs chihuahua mix is (which can get it into trouble), most dogs don't attack out of hand. I will give Jesse credit he immediately paid for the treatment and has offered to continue. Most Pit owners would say tough luck sorry about your dog. Those are the ones who should never have a pet. Dogs learn from their owners the behavior they demonstrate. Don't blame a breed for the stupidity of man.

1229 days ago
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