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Anti-Pitbull Activist -- Jesse James' Dog Should Die

6/10/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Texas' most outspoken anti-pitbull advocates is lashing out at Jesse James' dog -- after it nearly killed another pooch last weekend -- telling TMZ, Jesse's pit "should be put down without exception."


As we previously reported, one of Jesse's pitbulls escaped his bike shop in Texas and attacked another dog (below) ... which then had to be rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care.


Douglas Wolfe -- one of the leading advocates for banning pitbulls across the state of Texas -- tells us, "This attack shows that even seemingly responsible owners with the means to manage and care for their animals cannot control this unpredictable and inherently dangerous type of dog."

Wolfe adds, "Any animal that attacks and kills or injures another animal or a person should be put down without exception and tested for rabies regardless of who or what the owner is."

"No animal's life is worth the life of any person."

Pitbull ownership is a VERY heated issue in Texas right now, where Douglas and other activists have proposed a bill to ban pits throughout the state.


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I'm sorry that this happened to you and your poor kitty :-(

I know that my would probably attack and kill a cat if given the chance though (not a pit bull or other "aggressive" breed). Many dogs are aggressive toward small animals (bunnies, squirrels, cats) so I don't feel like it is accurate to just blame it because it was a pit bull. Any dog could have done that.

I am not discounting what you went through, it's truly awful, just saying that it is another example of a pit bull being blamed for something any dog could and would do.

1202 days ago

none of your buisness    

Love my fans, I want to see your credentials as a dog trainer. What exactly are your qualifications as a dog trainer? Because if you were a REAL dog trainer and not one with his head up the ass of celebrities then you would know that ANY dog can attack. They are animals moron...Pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other breed, it's stupid moronic ******** like yourself who know nothing about the breed who go around spouting falsehoods that make it hard for responsible pit bull owners,who GASP are out there. I have been around pit bulls my whole life, own five and have never been attacked, bitten or mauled by one.
I have been bitten by labs, chows, German shepherds and datsuns....

1202 days ago


Pits are awsome dogs and banning them isn't gonna stop ******** from owning them.

Pits need smart owners who know what they are getting into and work to handle the needs of a Pit. They are super smart dogs and when treated like they are dumb or treated badly they will get frustrated and lash out. Wouldn't you? Yes you would.

And Love My Fans you train dogs? I doubt it, cause a real dog trainer would never say that any breed should be exteriminated. Or you are one of those Petco/Petsmart 5min trainers who think getting a dog to sit is the end of training needed for a dog. You should also think about a new career if you can't handle a dog charging you a trainer knows what to do.

No one here knows what exactly happened that day, I won't judge the dog or his owner since I wasn't there. Everyone makes mistakes. Now if it happens again, all bets are off for me.

1202 days ago


i have nothing against Jesse or pitbulls or pooches, but dont blame the dog, blame the owner!

1202 days ago


unless you are going to "put down" every murderer that was convicted IMMEDIATELY... let the damn dog live

1202 days ago


Love my fans if you trained dogs you have been bitten by other animals. Don't even try to tell me that was the first and only time you got attacked. My Bella is a pitbull. We got her 5 years ago from a rescue. My 12 year old daughter and my 11 year old autistic son WHO STIMS are always with her. The only way she can hurt you is if she lands on you hopping up on the couch or maybe an eye infection from all the kisses. IT'S THE PEOPLE!!! That ruined this breed. DOES THAT MEAN KILL PEOPLE THAT HAVE KIDS LIKE CASEY ANTHONY OR PARENTS THAT CHEER ON THEIR BULLY KID DURING A FIGHT??? Cause they help the world become a better place too (sarcasm) HURRY UP 2012 PEOPLE ARE INSANE!!! I would also like to also declare myself an ANTI-STUPID REDNECK ADVOCATE!!

1202 days ago


Every day when I walk my pit, the same chihuahua tries to attack us... EVERY DAY he bites at Duke's ankles. Duke just lookes at him like he's crazy. Perhaps we should put down chihuahuas too since we all know they are aggressive little turds. Oh and while we are at it... bulls can be extremely human aggressive so let's ban cattle.

Any breed dog can snap like a pit. I've been attacked by a collie so I figure if Lassie will attack then so can any other animal that isn't raised properly.

Don't ban the dog, require pit owners to go through state appointed dog training at their own expense and require a license to own the dog.

1202 days ago


I actually am a fan of Jesse James and all for protective dogs, but i still feel his dog was outta line here. How can this dog be a threat to a pitbull? If the dog came in his shop then maybe i can understand a dog being protective. If Jesse's dog really escaped the shop and did this for no reason that's wack. I have a friend that has owned a number of pitbulls and i have noticed that they are tempermental and unpredictable. Its not just the owner. Some are not controllable. SAD but true as much as people want to defend them, they are dangerous.

1202 days ago


You know if pitbulls get banned, the type of people who fight them and overbreed them will just move on to another breed, most likely mastiffs. The Cane Corsos like the one who killed the boy in NY has been advertised as "pitbulls on steroids" for years. Dog breeds are not the issue, the warped people who are getting a slap on the wrist for dogfighting are.

1202 days ago


It's sad that irresponsible owners cause such issues for the breed. Pitbulls can be loving, peaceful creatures if they are raised properly. As with any breed, if you know your dog tends to have an aggression (whether it be towards other species, other dogs, or people) you should minimize exposure to these situations and plan ahead. This attack was Jesse's fault for not monitoring the activities of his pet and it is sad that the Pitbull community is taking the blame.

I have a pitbull and I would recommend a pitbull as a pet - but only to people who understand the breed and will take the time to appropriately train and exercise their dog. Asking for state legislation to ban any breed of dog is ridiculous. You know, at one time people thought that other human races were less intelligent than Caucasians and were more aggressive. What if we were now to suggest banning them...

1202 days ago


I agree, the dog should be put down & so should Jessie.

1202 days ago


you people must be retarded. Pitbulls are dogs like any other the ONLY difference is they are used in bad cir****tances, like dog fights, and by thugs who cut their ears off and abuse them every single day to make them tough. I have worked in rescue, and even pitbulls rescued from dog fight situations learn to trust and behave appropriately, they are thankful and sweet. It is not just pitbulls who don't like other dogs. I had a ****er spaniel who was sweet as pie, but did NOT like other dogs. that was just his personality from a puppy..he just had attitude with them. Pitbulls do NOT have the strongest bite force, infact german shepherds have a much stronger bite force then pits which is why cops use them to take people down. LOOK IT UP.

have none of you ever heard of Patrick the poor pit puppy who was starved?

he is a sweetheart who has NO reason to trust and love but does, he kisses the faces of the people who saved him, he plays with other dogs, and he is peaceful. pits are treated badly, you just discriminate and hate on an animal. shame.

1202 days ago


ANY dog should be put down that does this!

This has personally happened to me Twice! They go right for the neck and literally shake your smaller dog like a "rag doll." The dog Pitbull or any other vicious breed....their intent is to KILL your dog which is why it goes for the neck!

Once a dog attacks like this he needs to be destroyed! My dog weighed 8 pounds was being walked on a leash she was spayed so you can't blame it on my dog!

Also....I think the owners should be held responsible also!

I Pray this dog will be fine! This kind of attack will take years of the victim dogs life and it is rare that the victim dog will live!

1202 days ago


I was a letter carrier for 15 years. The dogs that attacked the most were in this order:

1 Dashund
2. Chihuahua
3. Chocolate Lab
4. tea cup poodle

1202 days ago


Breed specific banning has been proven to not work. People who want vicious dog will get them, we now has are large increase in breeds such as the Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Neoplolitan Mastiff etc that these people are now getting. These breeds are twice the size as the average pitbull and are known to be very aggressive even with their owners. Many dogs will go after small animals, currently my cats fear my whippet more than my 90 pound pit who was rescued from a fighting situation.

1202 days ago
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