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Kim K to Lockett: Shut Up and Take it Back, Or Else!

6/9/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is ballistic over Bret Lockett -- aka Tom Brady's teammate -- and if he doesn't admit he lied when he said he had an affair with her, she's hauling his big ass into court.


Kardashian has fired off a new demand letter to Lockett, obtained by TMZ, which warns him if he doesn't retract his allegations and cease from making fresh ones, his new position will be defendant on the left side of the courtroom.

Lockett went on TMZ Live Wednesday and insisted he did indeed have an online and physical relationship with Kim this year, at the same time she was dating now-fiance Kris Humphries.

In the letter, Kim's lawyer, Michael Kump, says, "To put it very plainly and clearly, and as Mr. Lockett knows, there is not now, and never has been such a relationship," adding, "Ms. Kardashian does not know and has never even met Mr. Lockett."

060811_brett_locket_launch3Lockett told us he has physical evidence proving the relationship, but he evaded questions on specifics.

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Celebrities Suck    

this is all just a propaganda!!! Typical celeb b-$****

1240 days ago


I think Kim is lying, she loves creating drama and being overexposed but now this time its not a game and she could lose her fiancee which who knows if she really loves him. All she cared about was a 20 carat engagement ring she had to top Khloe's ring from insecurity. Kris think real hard before you get married to Kim this family is about being in the media 24-7, money is their #1 goal there are plenty of nice women out there. Kim does not have a reliable past if she wanted to clear her image she would have already.

1240 days ago


@Sersi 3 hours ago

I personally am not a kim k fan, BUT GUYS DO LIE just to make themselves look good or because they are mad at the girl because she said no. I went through it in junior highschool lol (which goes to show how shallow this dude really is about 15 mins of fame)

you're right
some guys shoot their mouth off all the time about the women they "claim" to have been with- and they're lying

also @agold 25 minutes ago

The texts and pics are from Reggie. The one behind all of it

never thought about that -but
Reggie did want Kim back and she was over him by then
he now sees her marrying someone else which can't make him too happy--but he had his chance with her and I believe she really loved him

and Reggie isn't too popular right now - basically had to give back the Heisman and his college team being stipped of their big win/title because of him

an unhappy/angry man may put all his energy into blaming the wrong person for all of his ills- and send the tweets/pics to a third party to conspire do some damage

like "if my life is ruined..I'm going to ruin yours too"

I really hope that isn't the case-it upsets me to think of that scenario- and I hadn't until I read your post

not sure if I should thank you...or not

1240 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Kris is behind all of this. She knows this just gets them more publicity and they probably have another show starting soon (i can say that at any moment and it'd be true, most overexposed family ever).

1240 days ago


She must be setting this up. The ratings for her show aren't great anymore.

1240 days ago


I'm not a Kim fan at all but this guy just looks and sounds like a utter sleazebag. Although he must be a complete idiot to try and jeopardize his own career by claiming lies. Hmmm whose the liar.

1240 days ago


ONLY THE TWO know the truth. K K needs to carry out her threat by actually going to court and let the chips fall where they may.

1240 days ago


Kim is totally lying and she fully hooked up with this guy. The only reason she is denying it is because if it comes out she risks losing that rock she recently got. And we all know that is the ONLY reason she agreed to marry Kris H. Because we all know she is incapable of loving anyone more than she loves herself. So, let's face it people the fame whore, sex tape, reality s*** is guilty as charged!!!!!

1240 days ago


This guy is lying! He's going to look the fool in the end. He's never met her therefore he couldn't name a place. I bet he's been duped by someone pretending to be her!
Can't wait to see this play out. I think in the end this man is going to owe Kim K alot of money! What a fool he is!
This is a classic dumb jock for ya!

1240 days ago


This is the woman that did a sex tape, put it out there and collected 5 million. Does she do any thing that doesn't put money in her pocket? She gets naked for a cover magazine and then say oh how did that happen while she is cashing the check.

1240 days ago


You can tell that this guy is full of ****. Let's be honest, if he was telling the truth he wouldn't have to roam his eyes around, he wouldn't have that stupid stutter going on. He is completely making it up!

1240 days ago


Kim's life is sad. This is what her "life", pathetic as it is, consists of: Herself, herself, herself, plastic surgery, plastic surgery, plastic surgery, botox, botox, botox, sex tapes, sex tapes, sex tapes, sleeping with every man on the planet, sleeping with every man on the planet, sleeping with every man on the planet, sleeping with every black man on the plant, sleeping with every black man on the plantet, sleeping with every black man on the planet, botox, botox, botox, me, me, me, I, I, I, botox, botox, botox, sex tapes, sex tapes, sex tapes, $$$, $$$, $$$, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, me, me, me, I, I, I.............


She's a pig. Guys use her and make fun of her because that's all she's got to bring to the table. Her engagement will not last. She is NOT serious about marriage. If there wasn't a $2 million dollar ring with this fake engagement, she wouldn't be parading around with this Humphries. All the men she uses for her own self gain is going to come back and bite her in her well-endowned butt. No one can keep this type of thing up for long. Then, there's the fact that Kym just keeps getting older. All that botox and plastic surgery isn't going to hold up a few years from now. lol. C'mon peeps. She's a joke and cheap entertainment. Nothing more to this girl.

1240 days ago


Kim and her "fiance" are mismatched. What would a man that tall want with someone so small? And why would a woman want to strain her neck just to look at her man's face? Is she just that desperate to have a professional athlete? Is he that desperate for false publicity? Oh, and they guy who claimed to be sleeping with her also claims to have physical evidence, so, let's see how that pans out.

1240 days ago


well lets look at the past. 1. Kim k is a huge slut (*cough* sex tape *cough*) 2.) shes notorious for loving black ****. 3.) anytime anyone says anything about her that she doesn't like, she sues them. 4.) she'd rather die and ruin her image any more than she already has. I think its true kim is a slut and from the idea i've had about her this is right up her alley. she said it herself she falls in love with everyone. Just cuz her father is a lawyer doesn't mean she can go around suing everyone, its bull**** if u don't want ppl talking **** about you don't make urself famous by putting out a sex tape.

1240 days ago


this guy is freaking lyingggg it's all over his face,why interview if you don't want to answer simple questions..he says it's not important? then why you talking about? he's a piece of ****!

1240 days ago
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