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Kim K Issues $2 Million Statement to Bret Lockett

6/9/2011 3:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite Bret Lockett's claims that they had an affair, Kim Kardashian sauntered into LAX today from London still wearing her $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries.

While Kim has fired off a demand letter to Lockett telling him to retract his accusations, it appears her engagement is still solid as a rock.


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Why do people always resort to saying stupid things like, "you're a hater/jealous". Grow up! The fact is, I dislike the entire family because I firmly believe they lack morals & are just out to profit off young girls. My dislike for them has nothing to do with their looks, but that's all the K lovers have to come back with, go figure. If that's what makes you feel better, knock your rocks off, great rebuttal. Khloe is a horse, guess I'm jealous of wanting to look like a horse, right? Oh, and Rob is a loser & mooch. I'm so jealous! LMBO!

1234 days ago


Jeezzz! You haters ...First of all would she sleep with someone who looks him??? No< No Ever!!! He's butt ugly!!!!!

1234 days ago


even the girl behind her is checking out her butt
she is hot looking

1234 days ago


Kim is defenitely Iranian, but she is too afraid to admit that they were muslims.. How sad really.
She acts as if she really cares about her stupid fans on her blog, but she has blinded them with her fake breasts.
I can't even believe how someone like her, can get so far?
Reggie bailed out and that was very smart of him.

1234 days ago


Jillian you're a fool. Armenians are Caucasians, she is more likey to be a descendent of the Aryan people unlike those bird brain neo nazis.

1234 days ago


There has to be at least SOME truth to Lockett's claims or Kim wouldn't be denying them as vehemently as she is. Celebrities have untrue things said about them every single day and they just ignore claims that have absolutely no merit or basis in truth.

The fact that she's still wearing that ring doesn't necessarily prove anything. If Kris Humphries bought it for her, he would be legally entitled to get it back since engagement rings are conditional gifts (you only get to keep them under the condition that you marry the other person), but if Kim really bought it for herself (as so many other people and gossip sites have claimed), she obviously wouldn't have to give back what HE never actually gave her in the first place.

1234 days ago


lol that is the same ring from 2009! unless the one from 2009 was a fake ring and she custom made it into a real million dollar one ,this that is so funny!!!

1234 days ago



- a white chick who'll only do black dudes. (ALSO CALLED...MUD SHARK, COAL BURNER, FENCE JUMPER, CHOCOLATE DIPPER.")"

If you think this hoe is white you must be the a stupid person. Look at her does her skin creams white? nope does her fake body screams white nope. She is not white this is coming from a negro women that has a mixed son by a white men and my son has the same skin color as Kim. I guess my son can be called white now right and his hair and features are European. People do not believe my mixed son is my.

P.s I have been around white people all my life I was adopted by one and I can also can tell for the most part if a white person is mixed. I am always right when I say a person that looks white but has native or african ancestry I can tell and I am usually right and I have to add it depends if the "white " person is not ashamed of being mixed.

1234 days ago


llani you are as black as tar ain't ya? You just got on this site 3 hours ago just to say that? Do you suffer from low IQ? you sound a bit black and dumb. Not that blacks are dumb, just you it would seem. Are you a bit retarded?

1234 days ago

brianna schneider    

after everything ive been thorogh in vegas braking my back my neck and both my ancools falling 5 storys at the time i was writing to criss angel about some problems i was having this might be a liitle hard for you to believe but i have stimata when i get high i tend to see faces people who are talking to me in diifernet voices i prove to criss that this was goin on even at disenyland the sky justt when up and the dead have spoken out of me i cant stand it so thats why i jump out of crisses hotel i even jumped again after leaving vegas the powers were scairing me but im still alive ask criss to tell you telling im writing hes the only person i trust with this information i know people could see what i do i just wanted help and i cant find it in criss when i got out of the hospilte i bot his show on dvd at the end of his show his hand cuffed to the wheel and does get out the car blows up with him in it when they cleared out the fans someone call out my name brianna and i felt it was my falt and it hurt becaus ei learned how to walk again and i was trying to fight this alone and atfer that i never forgave him so goin to vegas sometime around my birthday i plan to go out there give him book to update him on gods plan with me

1234 days ago


Nice going "I Love Kim"

1234 days ago


Wow, "I Love Kim" you've really seemed to have summed it up.

I feel the Kardashians should be stricken from the media

1234 days ago


i'm sure the sex tape is coming soon.!

1234 days ago


I think all this is a publicity stunt
ONE WEEK BEFORE HER ENGAGEMENT IN LONDON ONE OF POEPLE MAGAZINE IN FRONT PAGE WRITING THAT KIM HOOK UP WITH A BRITISH BILLIONNAIRE WITHOUT GIVING A NAME FOR PRIVACY REASON. To me it was like a publicity to introduce Kim like worthy women in Britain and to give her the chance in Britain, it was of course to prepare her venue to sell her perfume. HOW CAN BELEIVE

1234 days ago


Kris Humphries is black you dunb @sses

1234 days ago
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