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Kim K Issues $2 Million Statement to Bret Lockett

6/9/2011 3:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite Bret Lockett's claims that they had an affair, Kim Kardashian sauntered into LAX today from London still wearing her $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries.

While Kim has fired off a demand letter to Lockett telling him to retract his accusations, it appears her engagement is still solid as a rock.


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Oh please, probably just another PR stunt to keep the talentless Kardashians names in the news. You sure aren't going to hear about their latest great song or movie...well, maybe a sex tape. She has probably tackled more football players than him.

1230 days ago


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1230 days ago


The only reason this KimfuglyFACE thing is with Kris whats is face is for publicity THE whole thing is stunt to try and make her relevant...the whole family is trash and i really dont understand why the media whores love them so much. Kris guy looks like a retarded CAVEMAN and shes fug.. big bird and her deserve each other.

1229 days ago


She's suing him for banging her? Wow, talk about a high-priced hooker! She follows the money plain and simple. I don't have a problem with it, just stop pretending like it's not what is MOST important to her. No black guy would marry her and she smashes them all the time, so she had to find a white dude to put a ring on it. When I heard she was marrying a non-black guy, I knew it was a money move! I wonder if he's even smashed her yet? I know a great wedding gift Kris; a vagina-restoration procedure! You're gonna need it if you plan on hitting the walls!

1229 days ago


1229 days ago


That football player is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Kim has been trying to get married so long, she wouldn't risk her relationship for him. I believe Kim--sue him, Kim!

1229 days ago


Honestly, not the biggest kim fan, but she's not stupid when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't cheat. And even if she did cheat, her dad got OJ off of murder, you swear his friends aren't going to get her off of this. All I can say is this dude is TOO stupid for even messing with her. He's gonna lose money he doesn't have.

1229 days ago

Scott Myhervold    

Is anyone bored by this chick yet??
Scott Myhervold

1228 days ago


Lamar and Kris are only with the Kardashian hos because it's their insurance after their NBA careers end. they want to be able to live in the same kind of luxury they are accustomed to now.

i don't understand why anyone gives a s*** about this family ... and LMAO about Kris' supposed bible verse in her ring .. the one about holy and honorable women? ROFLMAO. just smoke and mirrors. they are in love with only themselves ...

i have never heard ONE of any Kardashian helping anyone other than themselves ... why not donate that $2 mil to the people of Joplin, MO?

they disgust me.

1228 days ago


kim who

1227 days ago


Man, are some of you just plain stupid or can you not read or hear? He has stated "LIVE ON TV" that he has "NEVER" met her? So please tell me how he could "DO" her?????? He is a classless individual seeking his time in the spotlight at her expense and there are just too many eager numbnuts and tabloid trash ready and willing to buy it. I normally could give a rats rear about this mess but I "HATE" A LIAR!!!!! I beleive him to be a liar. If he is not a LIAR,he should prove it!! He claims he can. Hey Brett if you want to make a name for yourself make some tackles record some sacks and do your talking on the field and do the world a favor and "SHUT UP"!!!!!!! I hope her lawyers humiliate you into confessing that you are a LIAR!!!

1227 days ago


the whole family is nothing but medias whores seeking fame but none of them have any talent but one being stupid, khloe looks like a man in drag , kim is nothing but a whoreand the mother is so stupid, no pride , she will do anything to get publicity, and then there poor bruce , he looks like a wuss and acts like one too. american tv would be better off without those idiots on tv. it is stupid for them to get paid for being stupid and acting likes sluts and whores.

1224 days ago
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