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Kim K Issues $2 Million Statement to Bret Lockett

6/9/2011 3:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite Bret Lockett's claims that they had an affair, Kim Kardashian sauntered into LAX today from London still wearing her $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries.

While Kim has fired off a demand letter to Lockett telling him to retract his accusations, it appears her engagement is still solid as a rock.


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Lovely Rita    

The ring aint real, the engagement aint real and neither are any of these stories about all of it that are posted on TMZ.

1231 days ago


She always walks with this swagger that says, "I'm important". When will she realize that she simply isn't. That most are just waiting for the episode where she gets eaten by an alligator and turned into a purse or something useful.

1231 days ago


yep, still wearing the ring she got in 2009 when she was trying to rope poor Reggie Bush into her tabloid schemes.

when is TMZ gonna grow some balls and run with the "it's the same damn ring as 2009" story? must be angling for a kiss a** Kardashian exclusive or something.

1231 days ago


they will make it to the altar because the wedding will be televised and i'm sure E will pay for this one too. Isn't love grand

1231 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

If you purchase your our engagement ring, then who is she really engaged to? Must be herself because she is the only person she can stand to be around!

1231 days ago


what a who r e white boy better turn and run

1231 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This chick is such a ho she can't remember who she's jerking off aside from America...Please people, put these tramps out of business. Tens of millions these talentless tramps pull in each year for what?

Being TMZ's favorite photog target..that's all. Welcome back my friends to the beginning of the end....

1231 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Now this ho is getting what she wanted when she concocted this up-PUBLICITY.

1231 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Who goes out in public wearing a $2 million ring? She'll need a small brigade of gun-toting mercenaries just to follow her around.

1231 days ago


I don't really care if she cheated or not, or who's telling the truth, or if she's getting married or really anything about the Khardashians or even the Patriots or really much of anything in this article (although I will say if Tom Brady read this he'd probably say who F is Bret Lockett?)

Those boots are wicked! I want to get my wife a pair of those for when the kids are outta the house.

1231 days ago


Kim love black. Not a white guy ahaha.

1231 days ago


So what? She's wearing her ring...THAT is the whole point to this story? BIG F'N DEAL! I think this whole story smells like a plotline to their show or dude is looking for some fame too. He claims he has a bunch of stuff, but when called upon it he won't clarify anything? Why? If he was so into his "privacy" (on TMZ Live) then why do a high profile story with a gossip rag? Pahlease! His story sounded just as fake as her denials! I don't care to be honest if she did date him or not. But I will say that it is so over done with all the hate about her and her sex tape. Get over it people! It's been a few years and my god, half of Hollywood has had some kind of it or another so its not a big deal anymore! Yes, she made money and a career on tv out of it. DUH! Most anyone else would too if they wanted to be famous. In this day and age, there are certainly a lot more important issues to be worried about then whether a reality star shows up at an airport wearing **GASP** a diamond ring! Give me an F'N break!

1231 days ago


The marriage will never happen. He's white and a child. She is just plain ignorant. No education, just me, me, me. Everyone should boycott their stuff and then Ryan Seacrest won't make so much $ off of them. Pimp.

1231 days ago


As Slim Shady would say "SL#T```Cu#t``Wh0re!!
♥ing Reese Witherspoon!!

1231 days ago


Lose the thigh high boots! They are seriously tacky and only make you look shorter...

1231 days ago
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