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Matt Damon & 'Office' Star -- SURROUNDED by Guns

6/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon and "Office" star John Krasinski got in touch with their American roots on Wednesday -- hitting up a guitar/gun/grocery-selling gas station in Upstate New York. Seriously, the place exists.


It's called Dick's Country Store & Music Oasis in Churubusco, NY -- and we're told, the Hollywood duo stopped in to scope the place out for an upcoming film project.

As far as we know, no guns were purchased. America! F**k yeah!


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Matt DAMON? What is someone, who is normal and balanced doing on TMZ? No Porn, no twits no........scandals?

1197 days ago


TMZ comment on Article : "Seriously, the place exists." I'm wondering what you are trying to imply? First, there's nothing wrong with guns in variety stores that sell groceries and gas.. and Second, they are all over America. I am guessing your editor is either Anti-Guns... or hasn't travelled beyond the Thirty Mile Zone ! ;) Cheers MikeD

1197 days ago


A red neck one-stop shopping center. Kewl.

1197 days ago


I am surprised at Damon, who's such a hard leftist, would even stand to be in such a place.

1197 days ago


As far as we know, no guns were purchased. America! F**k yeah!

thats kind of an odd thing for tmz to print...

1197 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

LOL no bias at TMZ, nope.

1197 days ago


That town is remote. Guess they need those guns protect themselves from those wild Quebecers above them.

1197 days ago


These stores are in neighborhoods that vote for Sarah Palin types.

1197 days ago

the Seeker    

Long live the Republic and the 2nd amendment -

America F**CK YEAH !!!

To all you people writing these anti- gun ownership comments

If You Can Read This Thank A Teacher If You Can Read This In English Thank A Soldier! *American Patriot*

1197 days ago


I grew up in this area and love going to ****** Country Store - it actually has three separate sections - the guns aren't next to the bread, for goodness sake. The music section has a great selection of guitars, pianos and various music supplies - I always bought my piano lesson books here! And as a card-carrying Democrat, I resent the Sarah Palin comment. Just because it is in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean all the residents are backwater rednecks.

1197 days ago

Handy Man    

LOL, yeah right. They were there because they were on a date.

1197 days ago


Do you all realize that ***** Country Store carries GIBSON guitars and that the Gibson Bros who invented these guitars grew up locally?
Good thing Matt and John were down to earth on their visit and not high and mighty like the posters on this site.
Maybe a little country scene would do some people good..

1197 days ago


"Seriously, the place exists" F**K YOU… what is wrong with living in a small town. YES we have small stores that sell a little bit of everything SO WHAT? What makes that soooo funny?? In this area it takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get to any major stores. Call us hicks if you wait. We HUNT yes with guns, FISH yes with real hooks, we take are trucks mudding, and you know what we are happy. So screw you and your small town jokes, there are a lot of us “small towns” out there and we are not any better and we are not any worst. And like Melissa said little bit of COUNTRY could do you all some good!!
It was nice to see Matt and John in this area and I hope they enjoyed it 

1197 days ago


Cool...I've seen a gun and liquor store down in central Texas... only in the country. No robbers of THAT liquor store. Everyone is armed to the teeth. Go Matt. Great guy. Not the typical Hollywood bozo.

1197 days ago


Now all they need to sell are girlie mags of your sister/wife/cousin LMAO

1197 days ago
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