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Matt Damon & 'Office' Star -- SURROUNDED by Guns

6/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon and "Office" star John Krasinski got in touch with their American roots on Wednesday -- hitting up a guitar/gun/grocery-selling gas station in Upstate New York. Seriously, the place exists.


It's called Dick's Country Store & Music Oasis in Churubusco, NY -- and we're told, the Hollywood duo stopped in to scope the place out for an upcoming film project.

As far as we know, no guns were purchased. America! F**k yeah!


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**** grow up, so proud to have a camofloged hat and a gun. I wonder how that will help you in the universe. Yes it does exsist.

1198 days ago

David LaDuke    

First this is not Matt Damon first trip to upstate NY and the guy in the bottom Photo is Tony Leclair a Rock promoter from days gone by and ***** sells legendary guitars to all the Major Rock ,Bluegrass,Country acts in the USA This location is legendary and also the birth place of Orville Gibson

1198 days ago


I think it's pretty neat to get someone famous up here to visit. I'm not a big Matt Damon fan, but just love John in "It's Complicated." Although I've driven by there every time I go to Plattsburgh, I have never stopped in. I am sure it is very different from anything they are used to in the cities, but wouldn't you expect it to be? You won't see a store like that in LA! I hope they are able to film a movie around here; it would help the economy by providing jobs to the area. Pretty cool that Tom Brokaw gave the commencement address a week or so ago at St. Lawrence University in Canton (BTW - Clarkson is about an hour away from there, not 10 miles, but no big deal). It's not that far away from Montreal either.

1198 days ago


That store sounds like it kicks ass.

1198 days ago


This place is my home town!! we are very proud to have a guitar/gun/grocery-selling gas station in our next of the woods!! its not often that celebrities of the caliber venture so far north. It would be awesome to give this place a dot on the map with a project by Matt Damon himself.

1198 days ago


Very interesting comments here. Also some very ignorant comments who have no clue what they are talking about. Glad to see some fellow upstate natives chiming in to defend the area.

It is a beautiful place to live, though it does get a little too cold for me in the winters. The writer of this TMZ article is obviously clueless and I can only presume that he/she is prejudice based on the name of the store. Actually, it houses many excellent musical instruments. Bought my first guitar there. It was a fender :)

1198 days ago

Carol Hoenig    

Even though I live on Long Island now, I actually grew up in this extremely tiny town and wrote a novel about it. ("Without Grace.") Matt and John's visit certainly created some excitement. Apparently, they were getting some info about wind turbine energy, since there's a lot of wind turbines sprouting up there.

1198 days ago


This story is bringing a lot of hidden prejudice towards country dwelling people. I have news for you 'city slickers.' I would be willing to bet my whole life that any one of us ('redneck' 'hillbilly' 'hick') 's could make it fine in the city, and that if the tables were turned, you all would fail miserably. I have a friend from long island, really smart kid, came home with my to visit (i live 40 minutes away from Malone where this happened) and the first thing she did was ask what the round things in the field were. (they were hay bails, btw.)

ON TOP of common sense, we 'country folk' have better people skills and better manners. don't believe me? interact with somebody who grew up in a small town, you might be surprised what we're really like in spite of the picture Hollywood has painted of us.

also, i'm seriously pissed that i didn't know Jon was in town until the next day. i am seriously in love with him :P

1198 days ago


The store in question is surrounded by a wind farm, and the duo were in the area conducting research on wind power. Two days ago, the duo met with our town supervisor to discuss the topic.

1198 days ago


There was a time when people who worked in journalism, even yellow journalism like TMZ, prided themselves on having a wide variety of life experience. Now it seems that never leaving Los Angeles is something you in which you take pride. Being surpised that a store of this nature exists shows a tremendous lack of life experience and worldliness. Apparently living in LA doesn't preclude someone from being a rube.

1197 days ago


i live in that small hick town and i am one of those people who meet them both, they really nice down to earth people. Our stores in our town and neairby towns are small but we gotta do what we gotta do to surive. This whole thing had nothing to do with guns, they where looking at the wind turbin farms and happen to stop in that store to learn more.

1197 days ago

Kim Kiser    

I didn't get to see Matt and John when they were here. I love that they hit ***** Country Store. PERFECT! If they would have come a few weeks later the town puts out an event to raise money for Make-A-Wish called the Redneck Games everything from a couple nashville bands performing, to getting dunked by a flushing is what it is! This would have completed thier trip :).

1197 days ago


This store rocks. Top of the line musical instruments. The only place in 150 miles (including Montreal) with electric violins in stock. Go ****!

1197 days ago

Life Long Northern New Yorker    

Throwing in my 2 cents..if not worth it I will take the change back,First Sienna6 a correction the Univesrity you mention is further then 10 miles from this town..But it is where Mr. Douglas,who by the way has sent them alot of money to help with a couple programs,and has been back to,Pete Duel, and Veggo Mortensen.The last time Mr. Mortensen was there was for a poetry reading.

As for the Elm Street story,No this is not the town the movie was done for, BUT the guy who did the oringial story did teach at one of the Colleges in Potsdam. Clarkson in Potsdam has had many experiments gone into space. Not bad for non NYC place.

A few hours drive from here is a small independant studio doing on line free downloads Star Trek movies where they have had Many of the Trek actors on set, George, Walter, Nichelle, Gary Graham to name a few, They are all wonderful people to meet, yes I have met them.they are also working on doing Buck Rogers who will have Gil and Erin playing Bucks parents. and Wild Wild West. I have known the Owner of this studio for 20 years.

Richard Gerico (21 Jump Street), and Mary Margert Humes and Mark Valley were all born in Northern New York.

For anyone who may rememeber the Andy Griffth show,Otis the town drunk,Mr Smith spent a good many summers in the town Mr Damons plane landed in.Wish I knew what time that was.. I drove by that airport going to the mall OH yes we do have a mall up here.

As for Malone one claim to fame is being the town Dutch Shultz tax evasion trial was at.Just outside Malone is the Almanzo Wilder homestead, Mr Buttler who played him on Little House made a movie there.

I personaly hope if the movie is made here it has a postive spin and not just a way for an actor to voice his oppion and make the area look bad, if thats all he wants to do then he could make up a town and do it anywhere...anyone remember OHMS, man there one spot in that movie could only have been done by Superman.and as far as I can remember never happened.

Maybe you should check a place out before you put it down there's alot going on under the first layer.As for me I have done 3 promos, one talk show and had a walk on on DS9, and a independant movie.

I guess we should be proud in order to get in touch with thier American roots they had to come to Northern New York, but then when you're where you don't have to put on airs, breathe the fresh air and see something much nicer then concret,and way to tall buildings and real not reel life you're bound to find your roots.

OH and the remark about the wild Quebecois have you ever met a person from Quebec? I live near the boarder to there and Ontario
,and know people in both.I have never had to fight any of them.

1197 days ago


As a person who works in the city, and country, lives in the north country, There is nothing Better thank ***** Country Store. I have customers from the city who travel to go to the country store, for the people, and the products they offer. YES it is well Known, as much as Dinasour BBQ!!!

1197 days ago
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