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Mel Gibson -- Mending Kids

6/9/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After flying down to do charity work in Guatemala yesterday, Mel Gibson  visited some sick kids at a local hospital.

Gibson is doing good deeds with Mending Kids International, which provides medical care to underprivileged children.

He and estranged wife Robyn have been working with the charity for years.


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St Murphy    

hardly any other countries are helping missouri or massachusetts let alone katrina.but when it hits them boy its hey USA help us!

1196 days ago


Really ? How about hollywood helping those IN THE STATES not other countries.... HHMMMM maybe they need to feel the pain of tornados & floods to understand that they could do so much for these folks, Just saying !

1196 days ago


I know this sounds crazy, but I honestly am wondering if TMZ isn't getting paid to do PR work for Mel Gibson. And during the Oksana debacle, I wonder if TMZ was host to professionally hired poster who ran a smear campaign on Oksana Grigorvia, Mel's ex-girlfriend.

These staged photo ops are so obvious, and aside from just a couple, you rarely if ever see most of "team mel" posters post on anything but Mel.

1196 days ago

I love J3ws    

Mel Gibson is not some crazy racist lunatic. This proves it.

1196 days ago

St Murphy    

finally someone gets my point...tyvm Iw

1196 days ago


Mel does this regularly for kids here in the US and all over the world (those in most need) - it's rare the cameras catch him.

He's the best!!

1196 days ago


A little PR stunt by gibson? I am sure there is a recording out there of him lashing out and latinos.

1196 days ago


I still love Mel Gibson.

1196 days ago



Mel Gibson knows scripture as well as you. He has done work for and donated literally millions, as much as $10 million to one LA hospital, over many years. He and his (soon-to-be-"former") wife, Robyn, began working together for this charity about a decade ago.

Photos are standard when a celebrity visits a hospital. They are treasured by the patients, the parents of children involved, and the staff. They are used in fund raising for the organization involved. You are seeing the photos of this visit because Mel Gibson is a hot news item.

1196 days ago


@St Murphy Interesting use of the word "we". Perhaps you're confusing individuals who should have the freedom to do what they want and the government who uses our hard earned tax dollars to waste? The government should use our tax dollars at home, with a few exceptions like the tsunami victims, perhaps (and they're still being killed by radiation, by the way). The government IS obligated to help those in need here, not individuals.

1196 days ago


I think st. Murphy is jealous of Mel. If he really is a firefighter, he probably has resentment about all the stuff he has done without recognition, whereas Mel is a star so he gets his charity work known internationally.

The funny thing is, I don't think Mel LIKES all this attention. If he wanted all his donations to be known, they would, and he keeps most of it very private.

So Murphy! Your self descriptive of "saint" gives you away. Bad on ya, Irish Catholic! Stop being jealous and count your blessings that God gave you the vocation to be a firefighter and save people... and stop yelling at Mel for his GOOD WORK. Your attitude isn't pretty!

1196 days ago


@MW Yes, it benefits the hospitals to do the photo op thing and press releases. Mel doesn't call them, they do, I'm sure

1196 days ago


Frieda less than a minute ago

@Lilac Lay off with the holier than thou crap, please. Even the devil quotes scripture. 99% of what Mel does for charity work isn't reported. Just a guess but a good one

Why don't y'all get off the computer and celebrity tabloid sites and go help some kids if it means so much to you?

Either you are one of the paid professional poster hired by Mel Gibson's PR firm, or you are just a delusional obsessed Mel Gibson Fan. Anyone and everyone, regardless of who they are and what they believe, can post on this site, and can post what they want. Yes, even the devil can quote scriptures, I'm sure you would know that first hand wouldn't you?

1196 days ago


@Ohreally This all just shows to what level these professional haters will stoop, begrudging even children in need just because it is their target of hate, Mel, doing something good. That just burns them, doesn't it? Oksaloons at work!

1196 days ago


Yes indeed, the trolls froth at the mouth when there is a news story showing Mel in a good light.
Ox is gonna need a wig soon, she must be tearing even more of her hair out!

1196 days ago
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