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TMZ Live: Your Dog or Your Kids -- Who Gets the $$$?

6/9/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are you going to let your dog fend for itself after you keel over? Plus, Harvey uses the words he hates the most -- "I was wrong." Yes, he was totally wrong about the Mavs' Dirk Nowitzki ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Coming up: Harvey's apology, the death of a really rich dog, Shania Twain busts her butt, Flo Rida's silly arrest, and LiLo's obsessed fan.
(5:00) Let the debate begin -- is it ridiculous to leave money for your dog when you die ... or the right thing to do?
(13:05) Harvey semi-apologizes for his stance on the Dirk Nowitzki plays sick situation.
(14:35) Awesome ... the Special Olympics torch taken down Sunset Blvd.
(16:40) Shania Twain falls down HARD ... so we play it 90 times. Seriously. So the question ... was it staged to get her more publicity?
(25:40) Flo Rida was arrested last night in a $1.7 million Bugatti -- and that's not the ONLY ridiculous part of his arrest. You gotta hear this!
(32:20) Kim K. and Bret Lockett -- who do YOU believe???
(36:40) Why Charles is suspicious of Lockett's story.
(42:20) Lindsay Lohan's obsessed fan made a VERY strange move -- he went to the courthouse and claimed he was Lindsay's FIANCE!
(47:00) Harvey's struggle with vegetarianism ... and why fish are more majestic than chickens. 


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Why do these people continue to drive drunk when they have the money for a driver?...

1129 days ago


Yesterday I felt Kim was lying about not knowing him at all and Brett was lying about sleeping with her, though they may have spoken over the phone. NOW I believe Kim may have gotten his number at the start of her relationship with Kris (when she may not have been serious about him yet) and at the end of her relationship with Miles Austin (an overlap). I think Brett is in need of money and raising his profile, so he lied about sleeping with her, but his little lie turned into a big news story and he's too pompous to back down from it... Something about his eyes on TMZ live yesterday seemed very untruthful/uneasy...

1129 days ago


Brett is unusually evasive on questions which means lying.

1129 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

TMZ should add a live chat when they are on TMZ LIVE.... duh we are all human everyone falls once in awhile...

Shania Twain posted a video on youtube Shania's Response to "The Fall"

1129 days ago


harvey why are you so dark your darker than charles

1129 days ago


I want her to fall for me!

1129 days ago


How come you're not talking about the Cage beating?

1129 days ago


Harvey, I was a vegetarian for 11 years and had the same muscle weakness issue. Despite tons of walking, my legs were so weak. I struggled with the moral part too, but I did what I had to do for strength and health.

1129 days ago


Diet powder Harvey? How is this more ethically sound, what do you think they make that powder from?

1129 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

They say a real man wears pink..... Harvey!

1129 days ago



Conspiracy alert...

if Lockett produces pictures text etc... there will be no "face" image to identify Kim and he'll say he "believed" it was her - and he was tricked...

1129 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Harvey, you look horrible! You should see a doctor... there is something bad going on in your body.

1129 days ago


Harvey, I read your twitter page about sinus infections not being contagious. That's what I thought and I bet my aunt that they weren't contagious and asked my doctor. I lost the bet. Bacteria is bacteria. You're contagious. At least until antibiotics have been in your system for 48 hours.

1129 days ago


Shania Twain would not be part of a structured lie. That is not who she is. Just because she has a big show coming up in Las Vegas, she is being accused of dishonesty with nothing other than baseless speculation. Shania Twain recorded the best-selling album of all time by a female musician in any genre, and she had the best-selling country album of all time, and she never sold herself out to achieve that, so she certainly would not need to do that now. She does not need your cheap American-style of tickery to acquire an audience.

1129 days ago


Obviously, Leona Helmsley left an exhorbitant amount of money to the care of her dog, but she also knew that any funds left unspent on the dog, would then be funnelled to her charities, so it wouldn't really matter how much she left for the care of her dog. But, her dog would not be cared for in the same manner as most people, but in extreme luxury. Necessary surgeries or the finest medical care could be very expensive, and the total amount may have included a residence and burial expenses. So, why not leave extra extra money to make sure. But, at the same time, Leona Helmsley was a raging lunatic.

1129 days ago
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