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TMZ Live: Your Dog or Your Kids -- Who Gets the $$$?

6/9/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are you going to let your dog fend for itself after you keel over? Plus, Harvey uses the words he hates the most -- "I was wrong." Yes, he was totally wrong about the Mavs' Dirk Nowitzki ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Coming up: Harvey's apology, the death of a really rich dog, Shania Twain busts her butt, Flo Rida's silly arrest, and LiLo's obsessed fan.
(5:00) Let the debate begin -- is it ridiculous to leave money for your dog when you die ... or the right thing to do?
(13:05) Harvey semi-apologizes for his stance on the Dirk Nowitzki plays sick situation.
(14:35) Awesome ... the Special Olympics torch taken down Sunset Blvd.
(16:40) Shania Twain falls down HARD ... so we play it 90 times. Seriously. So the question ... was it staged to get her more publicity?
(25:40) Flo Rida was arrested last night in a $1.7 million Bugatti -- and that's not the ONLY ridiculous part of his arrest. You gotta hear this!
(32:20) Kim K. and Bret Lockett -- who do YOU believe???
(36:40) Why Charles is suspicious of Lockett's story.
(42:20) Lindsay Lohan's obsessed fan made a VERY strange move -- he went to the courthouse and claimed he was Lindsay's FIANCE!
(47:00) Harvey's struggle with vegetarianism ... and why fish are more majestic than chickens. 


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Charles: A dog that size really should have lived to about 16. There's something suspicious about it. I don't want to always be the conspiracy theorist, but...
HarveyL: What do mean, somebody killed the dog?"
Charles: Well, the dog got a lot of death threats.
Now, that's some cheezy and lazy reporting, boys, because the dog died last year; about six months ago, so both of you should have known that the dog died of natural causes, unless you are either really shoddy reporters, or you are just trying to manipulate people with baseless inuendo. Maybe a bit of both. Don't tell me how you hate to always be the conspiracy theorist, Charles, because that is exactly what you are when you report speculative information when the facts are readily available to you.

1209 days ago


Not contagious with a temperature of 102? What about the fact that you die when your temperature goes over 108? Is a basketball game so important that it is worth risking the life of a human being? Maybe the league should have a rule that says you don't get to stay in the game if you are that sick.

1209 days ago


You guys are desperate. You are speculating on whether somebody put something on the floor to make her fall, without her knowledge, but she has already said that her shoe broke. I'm out of here. You idiots are the s*** of the earth.

1209 days ago


It's a simple matter. It's my money, I should be able to leave it to whatever, or whomever, I wish. Period.

1209 days ago

Carl Steinmetz    

Harvey, really? Is that how you treat your employees? Charles looks scared for his life in the still shot of TMZ Live. I am sure this will be evidence in any "Creating a Hostile Environment" Lawsuits you are likely to encounter. HAHA

1209 days ago
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