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Cops Investigate Weiner's Alleged Contact with Minor

6/10/2011 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police reportedly visited the home of a 17-year-old girl in Delaware this afternoon -- to question her about online communications she may have had with Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner Pedophile

Two officers went to the high school student's home today around 4:30pm -- where they spoke with the girl's mother about her daughter's alleged Twitter relationship with the Congressman ... this according to

According to the website, the girl followed Weiner on Twitter after she saw him speak at her school on April 1st -- and Weiner messaged her soon after.

It's unclear what he messaged her or how long the online relationship lasted -- but the girl tells Fox, "I'm doing okay."



If it already isn't over the top my guess it soon will be. Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's just a matter of time before something sordid is uncovered. His days as a politician are numbered.....

Workin my way to Trump status Workin my way to Trump status

lol this keeps getting crazier. i know all this was done online and no cheating happened in real life, but an elected public servant needs to know they cannot behave this way. maybe all the messages with this girl was about having a good time at the speech, but we don't know. weiner, stick with your wife when talking dirty from now on.

nebraska blonde nebraska blonde

Time to resign and go into rehab you sicko!


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This is what happens when you have a HUGE Wiener.

1194 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Tammy: First of all, he also sent a full frontal nude pic out. That was part of the pictures sent out, or haven't you been following? Second, the "ridiculous bulge pic" and the accompanying commentary is of a pornographic nature whether you refuse to believe it or not.

Thirdly, trust me when I say...even if he sent out the bare chest pic, the "me with the p_u_s_s_i_e_s" pic or the "ridiculous bulge" pic to the 17 year will be considered improper intent with a minor. And if you don't think it is...then you need to see a therapist.

The law is about "INTENT" and Weiner's intent is clear and can be easily proven. In fact, he has already confessed that his actions are he KNOWS they are inappropriate...and it is on tape. So YOU may not think there is anything inappropriate about it and can see these things every day at the beach...but even Weiner knows that his intent was inappropriate and he even admitted to saying so.

1194 days ago


I can't imagine sexting was all he did? They must have pretty much caught the guy red handed and are now dragging it out and using it as a media distraction at this point?

1194 days ago


At what point can we just start calling him "****" for short?

1194 days ago


Total sicko!!! Dare I suggest his career is over and the wife needs to move on!!

1194 days ago


If it already isn't over the top my guess it soon will be. Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's just a matter of time before something sordid is uncovered. His days as a politician are numbered.....

1194 days ago


Phone: Ring....Ring....Ring
Girl: Hello
Fox News:Hello this is fox news how are you doing today
Girl: I'm doing ok

Fox news: Sweet we got our story run it

1194 days ago


The Weiner is out of control.

1194 days ago


he's toast. cnn will hire him.

1194 days ago


Weiner is a huge distraction, from the main stream is the real news

1194 days ago


NOT NEWS already read this the first day .. The girl thought it was no big dea herself.. She says she is turned on by married men: Read it here toe weeks ago:

1194 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@NickSunset: Did you just say "Come on Jews"? No, really...did you just say pathetic piece of excrement?

How the EFF do you know that "the Jews in his district want him NOT TO RESIGN? Do you know this because "the Jews in his district" all have a star of David tattooed on their forearms? No, really HOW DO YOU KNOW what "the Jews in his district" want or don't want him to do? Jews are an invisible minority you stupid moronic fool.

I happen to be Jewish and I can't stand the creep and think he needs to be kicked out on his weiner. And you, NickSunset...need to suck his weiner...and the weiners of your friends the Nazis.


1194 days ago


How could anyone know if there was a minor on the receiving end of these pictures or conversations? If you are 'sexting' that seems to be a big risk.

How about if he picked up his wife's BB by mistake and sent out the Secretary of State's plans?

Seems so stupid and careless -- and potentially truly dangerous and/or illegal.

1194 days ago


Oh! Lets hurry to judge this before we have the fact!

1194 days ago


Considering that he's recently married and with a child on the way, I would say that guys like him need to be castrated, but if it wasn't for willing whores to spread their legs for married men, then these rich married a-holes wouldn't be able to cheat. Even this 17-year-old is jumping for the cameras for her 15 minutes of fame. The moral decay is sickening.

1194 days ago
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