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Cops Investigate Weiner's Alleged Contact with Minor

6/10/2011 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police reportedly visited the home of a 17-year-old girl in Delaware this afternoon -- to question her about online communications she may have had with Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner Pedophile

Two officers went to the high school student's home today around 4:30pm -- where they spoke with the girl's mother about her daughter's alleged Twitter relationship with the Congressman ... this according to

According to the website, the girl followed Weiner on Twitter after she saw him speak at her school on April 1st -- and Weiner messaged her soon after.

It's unclear what he messaged her or how long the online relationship lasted -- but the girl tells Fox, "I'm doing okay."



If it already isn't over the top my guess it soon will be. Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's just a matter of time before something sordid is uncovered. His days as a politician are numbered.....

Workin my way to Trump status Workin my way to Trump status

lol this keeps getting crazier. i know all this was done online and no cheating happened in real life, but an elected public servant needs to know they cannot behave this way. maybe all the messages with this girl was about having a good time at the speech, but we don't know. weiner, stick with your wife when talking dirty from now on.

nebraska blonde nebraska blonde

Time to resign and go into rehab you sicko!


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This is stupid. If there's something inappropriate about what took place on Twitter or as a result of that, then report that. Don't report the fact that a 17-year-old followed Mr. Weiner and he sent her a tweet or direct message.

Ha ha... I said 'followed Mr. Weiner'.

1231 days ago


This is the tip of the iceberg. More woman will be coming out of the woodwork according to some. He's toast. He deserves to be toast and Huma needs to run. He's a pervy little twerp that never got laid in highschool or college. He's the John Mayer of politics.

1231 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Progressive Gurl: Unbelievable isn't it? Huma's just as bad as the Weiner. If she even is pregnant. And if she is pregnant, if it is even Weiner's kid.

You should google a bit on Huma. Interesting lady. Makes ****-ALL as Hillary's "body woman"....very low salary (official papers show this)...yet has been doing it ever since she was 19 - for 16 years. Yet with her low salary she has always worn extremely $$$$ clothes and has "very important political friends" who "would do anything for her". The stuff online clearly implies she is Hilary's lesbian lover and has been for some while...who knows if that's true. But if it is's really not a stretch to imagine her in a sham marriage with Weiner. And so she wants him to stay.

She needs to realize that even if he stays...this scandal will taint his political future forever...she's better off leaving and finding herself a new congressman...maybe even a mayor!!! C'mon can do it....aim high.

Maybe Weiner felt his manhood suffering at his fake wife's refusal to put out and searched for satiation elsewhere. Ugh...all of it is just so disgusting.

1231 days ago

george fudge!    

Weiner should be sent to the local jail for a couple weeks where he can play 'Show & Tell' with his weiner. He would be cured of his sick mind very fast in those 2 weeks.

1231 days ago


"... according to FAUX News", hence, it's a bogus investigation.

1231 days ago

Freddie K    

Geezus buddy, I saw a picture your **** on the net. Actually its something that kinda looks like a **** only alot smaller! Probably the only guy in New York that could make Brett Favre's **** look huge.

1231 days ago


He's acting out because he married a muslim.

1231 days ago


@Sociopaths are Sad - Do you think he's pervy because he did what he did or because he did it as married man? I don't think the picures and emails/tweets, in and of themself, are pervy people's sexual proclivites are their business. As to intent, it was inappropriate because he's married, so that's an issue for his wife and not one for a resignation. Currently, the majourity of people in his distrcit, based on polls, don't want him to resign. So, I think he needs to stay until the people who elected him wants him gone, not what the deomcratic leaders wants, not what the general public wants and not what the media wants. His obligation is to his constituents and his wife and both seems to be cuurently standing by him.

1231 days ago


More tweets captured by Maggie Henning seen here several of her own tweets about/to Weiner screenshots:

1231 days ago


Ok, so we are to believe FOX NEWS??? The most RIGHT WING news program?? Highly doubtful!

Sorry, but believing Fox News is like believing Obama wasn't born in Hawaii!!!

1231 days ago


Twitter names of girls Weiner followed, attractive woman who made it on Rep. Weiner’s select list

More than 45,000 people followed Rep. Anthony Weiner on twitter. He followed only 198. Click on tweet names and some tweet accounts are still active or you can at least still see their pics:


1231 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This man is worse than least Arnie didn't flash his weiner around.

1231 days ago


Link was wron before, here it is without :

1231 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Tammy: What he did is pervy in and of itself. Regardless of whether or not he is married. People who are defending him are trying to make it seem an issue of a married man sexting on his wife....and that it isn't so bad since it happens all the time, yadda yadda.

But that's NOT what this is. This is a public figure...who gives speeches on political issues and when people follow him because they agree with his stance on these issues or they are impassioned by his politics...he TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THESE PEOPLE (WOMEN AND MAYBE GIRLS) SEXUALLY. That is what is at issue here and that is what is improper. It's like...can't women follow him on twitter as a public figure and not be ogled sexually?

When women follow Weiner....HE DIRECT MESSAGES THEM FOR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. You really see nothing wrong with this? It's disgusting and inappropriate and Weiner KNOWS THIS which is why he lied initially. If there was truly nothing wrong with it as you are implying...Weiner would never have lied so outrageously about it.

And as for his marriage....if you want to know what I really believe? It's that Weiner and Huma have a sham marriage. I don't think he "cheated on her" because I don't think it's a love marriage to begin with.

But again, that's not the issue. It's what Weiner supporters are trying to MAKE INTO THE ISSUE so that they can then refute it. It's a straw-man argument and it's done often in politics. Avoid the REAL issue...and instead bring up a superficially similar issue and then refute that issue.

Read up more on straw-man argumentation here:

Again, the issues are:

1) Abuse of power and improper intent with women members of the public. It's not like he is frequenting strip joints. It's that these people are interested in his him after he gives a speech or they see a speech of his online or TV...and he SEXUALLY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF IT. This is for sure.

2) Issues with a minor (but this is pending)

3) Falsely reporting a crime that was NEVER committed (this is for sure).

And maybe some others that I can't think of right now.

1231 days ago


THIS GUY IS HISTORY. Pack his bags for him & kick him and his little Weiner out into the gutter where he can feel at home.

This isn't funny anymore. Men are dirty. I'm starting to think that all men are dirty.

1231 days ago
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