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Camille Grammer: Kelsey's Daughter is a Spy!

6/10/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer believes her divorce with Kelsey Grammer has gotten so ugly, Kelsey may have stooped to making his eldest daughter a spy -- someone who would actually steal confidential divorce documents from Camille.


TMZ obtained the latest docs in the Grammers' epic legal war.  Kelsey wanted his eldest daughter, 27-year-old Spencer and her new husband to vacation at the Grammers' posh Hawaii estate, beginning today.

Camille's lawyer, Neal Hersh went to court yesterday to block Spencer from using the house, and now we know why.  According to Camille's declaration, she's the one who has been spending a lot of time at the house with their 2 young kids, and Kelsey hasn't been there for a long, long time.

Camille believes if Spencer and her hubby use the house, they would have access to a lot of personal stuff related to the divorce and might just steal it.

Camille seems particularly bitter because Kelsey has banned her from their Bridgehampton estate.  Such rich people problems.

The judge ruled the only way third parties could use any of the Grammers' various homes is if both Kelsey and Camille signed off. 

Don't hold your breath, Spencer.


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They make an agreement that if anyone wants to stay at their properties they both must agree and then tries to slip his daughter into her home unnoticed? Nice try Kelsey! What a loser!

1198 days ago


ok, so if she doesn't have access to the house, why would she have "left" valuable do***ents there? Seems like a boneheaded move to me. I am sure before she was banned from the estate that either she was allowed to get personal things of her own out, or could have petitioned a judge for them. Why would she have left them....hmmmmmm.

1198 days ago


Get over it Camille - your a hateful, lying, bitter money hungry B.I.O.T.C.H.

With such a sour demeanor as yours - you really wonder why he went looking for someone else?

You've got his cash and it's not like you really love your kids anyway. Your nannies raise them, and you only take them out as show pieces when convenient to you.

1198 days ago


God will this story get any worse? Kelsey is a horrible person to be sure, but I really, really wish that people would keep their private crap private. The more details that come out, the more sick I feel for the young children involved. Trying to separate siblings is bad enough and if you are willing to do that, I would't put it past him to set his daughter up as well, BUT there is no proof of it as yet. Hope this goes away soon...

1198 days ago


jpierce26 - You misread it. She was banned from a house in the Bridgehamptons and this is regarding their house in Hawaii. As TMZ people problems. Sigh.....

1198 days ago


They obviously don't care for their kids and are using them as pawns!! Shame! PleaseTMZ enough with the coverage!!!

1198 days ago


Does this old cow ever stop talking to the press. Sad old hag! She is so affected!! Camille you ugly witch get a life. You are sounding really boring now. Crazy cougar!

1198 days ago


Why would you involve Spencer?! Camille has given Spencer a hard time since day one. Shes never liked kids.. step or real. Shes on vacation why would she even think about Camille. What is she trying to hide? And why hide it in Hawaii. Pictures of a nude Darrin maybe? How is Mr. Halliday?! Still getting it on with all the cougars? She is RIDICULOUS and obviously has way to much time on her hands (since she not a parent). Now she off to Vegas for the weekend with her sad, pathetic desperate Housewives. Ohhh and who has the kids? Surprise Surprise the nannies once again! Now you're really running out of ideas to keep yourself in the media. Are the media your only friends since they are the only ones who will talk to you? Get on with your life and leave Kelsey and his family to be happy!

1198 days ago


I can understand Camille not wanting Kelsey's adult daughter from a previous relationship in the house she frequents. I hope for the sake of the kids, this battle ends soon--and both parents go into required counseling. The level of hate between them can only be harming their children.

Wasn't a fan of Camille on Real Housewives, but after I saw her on "Watch What Happens Live", my opinion changed. Totally Team Camille now. Screwing a chic young enough to be your daughter is just disgusting...and then rushing to divorce your wife of 10+ years so you can marry the pregnant whore is inexcusable.

1198 days ago


Sara you idiot! You know nothing! This women is the DEVIL!

1198 days ago


Camille is the phoniest skankiest ho around. We all knew when she married Kelsey it was for $$. She should shut her reconstructed hole and be happy she got what she REALLY loved - the cash.

It's obvious she doesn't care about the kids and didn't care about Kelsey - her 'ho behavior on RHOBH kinda cemented that didn't it?

Beat it you phony delusional old crone.

1198 days ago

Law Lover    

Camille should never have given KG a quick divorce - she did so to be the better person and let him remarry. I hope she takes more than half and gets custody of both kids!

1198 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Spy? Wow. Does she have one of those little lighter-sized cameras tucked in her bra? How about a pen that shoots mini bullets?

Yep. All women stick together. Mm hm. CAN YOU BLAME THEM YOU PHILANDERING B@STARD?

1198 days ago


Spencer, you should have known better than to get involved in this. This is between Kelsey and Camille, not YOU and Camille. As immaturely as your father behaves, he IS nonetheless a grown man and should fight his own battles. Shame on him for involving you. You are also an adult yourself and should only be concerned about your own marriage. You and your father both need to start acting your age.

1198 days ago


She's just being spiteful and taking her anger out on Kelsey's daughter now. How long will it be before she does the same to her own two children?

Grow up. If you have something important in an empty vacation home, you are not very smart to begin with, are you?

1198 days ago
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