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Weston Cage's Mom -- Unwelcome at Hospital

6/10/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage's mother Christina Fulton is persona non grata at the hospital where her son is being treated -- because TMZ has learned, Weston himself turned her away when she tried to visit.


Sources close to Nicolas Cage tell us, Weston is pissed that his mother's been blabbing to the media -- blaming the entire situation on his dad.

We're told Weston has been estranged from his mother for some time -- he doesn't want to see her, and he certainly doesn't want her to visit him in the hospital.

0610_rip_nic_mini_launchTMZ posted a video yesterday -- in which Christina unloads on Nic outside the hospital, blaming him for Weston's condition ... and we're told, it all took place after she was denied from Weston's room.


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I guess the solution... for the kid to return to you -

-and for NC to ante forth?

Did you need an extra room or anything -

A new car?

Maybe a wardrobe-upgrade?

Cuz Nof can make all that happen.

1208 days ago


mama looks like she's crazy in bed. i'd hit it.

1208 days ago


These people are such WASTES OF HUMAN FLESH......just horrible beings, the mother , the son, the loser father who is a drug addict, they had so very much the world has to offer and they just waste it and abuse their bodies, get them off the planet NOW.............people are suffering around the world and pieces of **** like this continue on with their worthless lives

1208 days ago


OK.. I'll say it 'again'... This is another family, unfortunately, who is all screwed up. As for the MOM.. it falls under my Rules of Thumb... 1. Injected Lips 2. Fake Boobs 3. Lotsa' Tattoos = Crazy and Mixed Up Mind (oh, that's redundant - well, it should be) !

1208 days ago


I'm not sure why most people are blaming this kid's mother. Weston obviously takes after his unstable father. The kid is greedy and will side with his father because he knows where the money's coming from. Sad.

1208 days ago


Where's Weston's new bride in all of this? I don't think that guy was a trainer, he was probably a 'sober buddy' being paid to shadow Weston so he doesn't pop pills like candy. I doubt they'll press charges against the sober buddy because it will all come out.
I agree with Nic's ex. It's all his fault.

1208 days ago


weston? isn't that category of films?

1208 days ago


The kids probably bi-polar. The real question is just how much of her butt has his ex had injected in her lips?

1208 days ago


With parents like his it's a wonder he's as well as he is.

1208 days ago

nee nee    

weston is insecure( check out all the foundation he wears to cover his acne) Hello , ProActive ! everyone knows nick has issues

1208 days ago


BOTH parents to this young man should be completely ashamed of themselves. Whether or not the son has medical issues or not, it has been up to the parents, the adults, in this situation to always do what was best for their son. From where I see it, both parents know how to point fingers but neither of them know how to own up to their mistakes and put their son first before themselves! SHAME ON YOU BOTH! What the hell is wrong with both of you? Your son needs both of you to support him and to help him and for the two of you to grow up! It's sickening to watch this train wreck happening. Remember the Bible story about King Solomen and the two women claiming to be the mother of the same child. Solomen said to cut the child in half to satisfy the women. The real mother said NO, let the other woman have the child in order to save the child's life. Which parent here is doing their upmost best for Weston without ANY concern for themselves? Neither. Sickening. This is sickening!

1208 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Thank goodness he stood up for himself and told his mom to go fly a kite!!! She even LOOKS disturbed, IMO!

1208 days ago


This has to be the stupidest story of the week, even outdoing Wiener's Weenie Derby! Here's this guy who looks like Rasputin getting pissed 'cause his trainer won't let him order something in a cafe, takes a go at roundhouse kicking the trainer, and gets the sh*t beat out of him! D'oh. All these people need a giant dose of Grow Up! And Cage, please, no more kids - they're taking on your uglies gene, in more ways than one.

1208 days ago


Didn't he recently get married? I think the little lady may be driving him crazy.

1208 days ago


maybe its her freakishly botox filled face

1208 days ago
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