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Jack White & Wife

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6/10/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rocker Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson are doing something special to honor their 6-year wedding anniversary -- they're getting DIVORCED ... and throwing a huge party to celebrate!

Jack White
The couple announced the split in a joint statement -- saying, "In honor of that time shared, we are throwing a divorce party."

The big post-marital bash -- which will feature "dancing, photos, memories and drinks with alcohol in them" -- takes place tonight in Nashville.

The 35-year-old rocker married Elson -- also a musician -- in 2005. They have two children.

Mazel Tov?


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Joe Smo    

This just shows how superficial their marriage was...."Im tired of sleeping with you well I'm tired of sleeping with you so lets get divorced so we can throw a party and hookup with other people in front of each other and our children."

1195 days ago


Jack White just likes to be weird so that everyone will comment about how weird he is.

1195 days ago


Why would a young gifted musician EVER get married sober or not in their right mind to begin with.You may as well get drunk and get divorced..... Jack is one helluva talent.Wish I could go to that one. "You are never alone if you have a guitar",Jimmy Page !

1195 days ago


jack white is sexy... in an odd way and crazy talented. very low key i had no idea he was married or had kids...

1195 days ago


Do you think he tries to look like edward scissor hands or was he just born unhealthy looking and scary ugly? I'd divorce my husband too if he looked that creepy. YIKES! Sad for their kiddos tho. But maybe they will sleep better at night now that boogie man dad is out of the house...

1195 days ago


The Edward scizzorhands look doesn't seem that sexy to me. But, he is talented and seems to be a nice guy so I'll give him a break and just say, way to go! End your marraige on a positive note and your lives will be much easier, spacificly when kids are involved.

1195 days ago


From what I hear he's talented, probably nice to his mother also. He's not very photogenic.

1195 days ago


She's a model? Really? Maybe a hand model.

1195 days ago


While they are 'partying' their children will be crying.

1195 days ago


What a couple of odd ducks. Too bad for the kids involved. Hopefully it'll all be amicable.

1195 days ago


For those of you expressing your concern for the 'poor children', relax. I was one of those 'poor' children and have been grateful my entire life that my parents were smart enough to know I'd be a lot better off with two separate but happy parents, than two that are together and miserable. My Dad remarried so I was lucky enough to have three parents that loved me.

Get off your high horses.

1195 days ago


Although I agree that it is good that they are not fighting and using their kids as pawns, I think that the demise of both the marriage and the committment they made is not a reason for a party and celebration. I agree with thehouh, I'm sure their kids are NOT feeling the "joy" these two headcases are feeling. So sad that marriage means nothing to so many now a days.

1195 days ago


Doesn't this guy already have one ex wife that he is "best buds" with? I don't understand why they don't try work on their relationship if they are on such supposedly great terms. I can understand having a party after the divorce with your respective friends, but together?? This seems really childish.

1195 days ago


Jack white is such a poseur his music has no emotional content to it at all...He's like an arrogant jock/popular kid in High School playing at being a rock star.

1195 days ago


What an infantile couple of people.

1195 days ago
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