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Jack White & Wife

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6/10/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rocker Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson are doing something special to honor their 6-year wedding anniversary -- they're getting DIVORCED ... and throwing a huge party to celebrate!

Jack White
The couple announced the split in a joint statement -- saying, "In honor of that time shared, we are throwing a divorce party."

The big post-marital bash -- which will feature "dancing, photos, memories and drinks with alcohol in them" -- takes place tonight in Nashville.

The 35-year-old rocker married Elson -- also a musician -- in 2005. They have two children.

Mazel Tov?


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Who & who?????

1229 days ago


I'm pretty sure with parents like Jack White and Karen Elson who both probably are amazing parents together or not, the kids are going to be fine. Honestly, when are people going to get it out of their heads that sometimes it's healthy to split up and that it doesn't always have to be some traumatic event. Would you rather have people stay to together for the sake of a child but be bitter, constantly fight and have a cold war in a house or for the parents to be separate but live in peace and be happy? A child can grow up to be a healthy and happy human being with split parents too believe it or not. People could learn a lesson or two from the likes of Jack White, seriously, he is quite the intelligent character.

1229 days ago


She's kinda icky looking. I know, I know... she's supposed to be a model and he's supposed to be grotesque, but I find the opposite is true.

Anyway, what a great way to do what so many do with such hate and venom. Always loved Jack.

1229 days ago


If he was a random guy in high school no one would date this guy. Its funny what money will do to people. It will make even the ugliest turn appealing- especially to people only interested in living a life of riches. He looks sickly. Just sayin!

1229 days ago


While it's better to be amicable, especially for their two kids, divorce isn't really something to celebrate (unless it's someone leaving an abusive situation) and something about this just seems stupid. They want their kids to know that one day, their parents partied over splitting up? And if they have so many great memories with all the photographs and whatever they plan to share with their guests, why don't they try and make it work since there is obviously love there? Ridiculous.

1229 days ago


clearly it's a mutual thing, and they're ending it on good terms.
best luck to both. hope they can find something that can last forever.... or someone else to throw a divorce party with?

1229 days ago


I'll admit that I'm a big Jack White fan, so obviously my opinion of this is pretty biased.

But I think the example of the White Stripes tells us that Jack is more than capable of maintaining a strong and stable relationship after a divorce, he and Meg White divorced only a couple years into their bands existence and continued to make it the huge success it was for almost a decade afterwards.

If they could be so amicable to perform in that band together for all those years and make it the success it was, I'm sure he and Elson will do a marvelous job of raising their kids.

Unconventional, perhaps, bad for the children, I don't think so. Hope my fanboy opinions didn't come through too much.

1229 days ago


Absolutely disgraceful. What a sad state of affairs when the world has gotten so messed up that not only is divorce epidemic but some people now consider it a cause for celebration! It's one thing to appreciate the years and good times that you spent together, but the break-up of a family is nothing to celebrate, especially when there are minor children involved. I feel sorry for their kids. It's nice that the break-up is amicable, but these parents are still idiots who haven't got a clue. Besides, if it's so amicable, then why don't they try to work it out and save their marriage for the sake of their children? Yes, sometimes divorce is necessary, but people give up WAY too easily on their marriages these days--nobody said that marriage was easy but nobody wants to put in the effort to make it work anymore. According to your wedding vows, you're supposed to be married until DEATH does you part, not until DIVORCE does you part!

1229 days ago

best rocker going    

one of the best bands in the last 10years and the next 10 more real talk

1229 days ago


i know exactly why they got divorced. it had to do with something in my family.

1229 days ago


This is very strange but oh well better than having a bitter divorce I suppose...

1228 days ago

My New Name    

"noname 5 hours ago

i know exactly why they got divorced. it had to do with something in my family."

So? What difference does that make? There is clearly no animosity in this divorce - no big secrets - so why are you coming here acting like there is some big secret no one knows but you?

Did you just want to try to find a reason to act like you know something other people don't know? Is this just a situation where, perhaps, someone in your family has brushed elbows with someone whose name is well known and you just can't resist the temptation to act like you have some "inside information" despite the fact that these people are already putting it all out there and making their divorce pretty much no big deal?

Too bad that this is your only brush with a famous person and they have stolen your thunder.

What a truly pathetic need for attention.

1228 days ago


Good for Karen, shes been through a lot with him. Friends of theirs and mine have said that Karen has split the beans about Jack and his affairs through out the marriage (Allison+). Ask her yourself she is probably the sweetest gal I have ever met and wouldn't lie to your face.

1228 days ago


He's going to celebrate his inability to honor his comitment to his wife & 2 small children. He's going to celebrate another broken home. Mybe she'll marry somone who will take care of those kids. What an *******.

1228 days ago


cool jack white song about things like divorce maybe?

1227 days ago
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