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Kim Kardashian on Lockett: "It's Embarrassing for Him"

6/11/2011 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian finally spoke aloud on the alleged Bret Lockett affair story as she exited her lunchspot Carousel ... saying she was embarrassed for him and that she has never spoken him "a day in her life."

What more is there to say?

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Coming from Kim K Superstar, sex tape queen and effing slut, it's ironic to hear her saying that it is "It's Embarrassing for Him".

Let's hope that the whole Kardashian empire ends soon. Their 15 minutes have lasted far too long. Maybe that's why they court controversy. Keeps their nae in the press. Hmmm.

1233 days ago


Wow! Look at all those people following Kim around and photographing her every move like she's actually someone. lol You gotta hand it to her... for a girl who's famous for nothing except having a sleazy lawyer for a father, a sex tape showing her get pissed on, and scamming kids with her credit cards loaded with hidden fees, she sure does manage to get the star treatment!

1233 days ago


I admired the way Harvey Levin was grilling Brett -

Not letting Brett slide -

And with, "At the end of the dayz..."

I found Brett to be evasive -

Trying hard not to be hammered-down to anything.

Plus a lying expert should look at the tape of this:

If I'm right, Brett's eyes were going in a direction:

That indicates deception -

I liked the way Harvey continued to make points:

A la Howard Stern -

Without backing-down or backing-off -

It was one of the best pieces -

I've ever seen on TMZ -

Compelling, interesting-as-hell.

Those who have no*****ched this closely -

Might want to take another look -

And a deception-expert:

Would have a field day with this.


1233 days ago


Kim has ZERO credibility. I don't really care one way or the other, but she's not the most truthful person on the planet. That "leaked" sex tape was such a farce. Made to make her famous. She acted so innocent about it, but then we learned that she gave her approval and made millions off of it.

Then she goes on to post for Playboy and other magazines, then she claims she's embarrassed over it, then poses nude AGAIN..

She's full of it and has no credibility.

I am so sick of this family. They're nothing but a bunch of fame wh/res..

1233 days ago


I don't believe her at all because first of all most guys that want something out of lying LEAK THE INFORMATION THEIRSELVES. If you recall he didn't say anything ill about Kim when he did that interview with in touch magazine. He said "I hope she's happy". Plus you can tell in the interview he was trying to save some respect for her. Plus I think it's funny how she's taken legal action against In Touch magazine but I still haven;t heard of her sueing Bret Lockett. I agree with Bahh... What the hell does he have to gain? He has everything! I hope he shows the text messages and pictures because someone needs to put her in her damn place. She's so desperate to walk down that damn aisle she will lie as much as possible to make sure that happens. I really wish she would just shuttup and not say anything because if he does show proof she will be looking stupid as hell. Plus we all know her history so stop defending her.

1233 days ago






1233 days ago


So when is that "lawsuit" going to be filed? Put up or shut up, Kim. That's put UP, not OUT!

1233 days ago


Hey i slept with her too...I wish! At least I've dreamt about it. lol

1233 days ago


I think this is all fake since her show is coming up so she can get more ratings. I bet you that they would go to court she would pay him under the table, and then he would come up saying that he made everything up, so kim would come up like the innocent little thing. They all are on this together. Money and fame

1233 days ago


if it wasn't true why wouldn't she just file suit instead of "threatening" to sue him?

1233 days ago


I hope this gets nasty!

1233 days ago


its a little strange that all this is coming out right before her show goes on the air. Great pr, when you are famous for nothing you need all the hype you can get.

1233 days ago


Ifcourse Kim is gonna deny any allegations. Its not like she's gonna admit to being a cheating skank, right? She thought this guy would keep his mouth shut but he didnt. He has no reason to lie about it, on the other hand she does cause she's engaged, she has more to protect than Brett. Knowing her history of being a whore nothing that any man says says I would put in doubt.

1233 days ago


He doesn't seem the least bit embarrassed.

1233 days ago


What is also funny - is that US Magazine is one of the magazines that made Kim famous. After she leaked her own sex tape - the porn star should have faded out of sight after a few months.

Instead, magazines like US Magazine, OK Mag, Star, etc -- kept talking about her.. I think trying to fill the void that was left when Nicole Richie "settled" down and Paris started to act calmer..

Without the rag mags & Ryan Seacreast (who should be shunned for life for forcing the Kardashians on us - he's the producer of that trash).. Kim and her family would be NOBODIES.

They're actually still NOBODIES, as they're nothing but talentless, vapid, materialistic, vain wh/res.

1233 days ago
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