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Kim Kardashian on Lockett: "It's Embarrassing for Him"

6/11/2011 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian finally spoke aloud on the alleged Bret Lockett affair story as she exited her lunchspot Carousel ... saying she was embarrassed for him and that she has never spoken him "a day in her life."

What more is there to say?

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Trooper Tom    

No matter if she did or not, no matter how expensive the clothing she wears or how many times she gets her hair done, or how important she thinks she is, who knows how many people have see her getting every hole on her body effed and then peed on, thats your legacy Kardashian effed on tape and sold to the highest bidder for 5 million

1209 days ago


Kim ALWAYS wants to be perceived as the victim in EVERY situation, including this one. There are multiple other examples:
#1. Her sex tape. What sex tape? Oh, you mean the one that got leaked without her consent? Yeah, that same one she made a fortune from!
#2. Being put on the cover of a Turkish magazine. Oh, that was SO offensive because she's just SO passionate about her supposed Armenian heritage that no one seemed to know she was Amernian before the incident occurred and heaven forbid they put a picture of a 100% AMERICAN girl on the cover of a Turkish magazine.
#3. Well, she just had NO idea that she and her sisters were cheating all those kids out of their money with all those hidden fees! Of course Kim would never deceive anyone for personal profit!
#4. Terrace Martin and Devi Dev using a picture of Kim's naked torso on their album cover. They didn't even know it was Kim, but of course Kim expects everyone else to be able to recognize faceless body shots of her. Besides, a person's right to provacy isn't at ALL compromised by having naked pictures of yourself taken and plastered over the Internet, right?

Poor Kim is just SUCH a victim! Let's all throw her a pity party now! Never mind the fact that she's walking around with a disgustingly over-priced ring that could feed a small country and there are people starving to death every single day, let's all feel sorry for KIM!

1209 days ago

Jim Jones    

COME ON, who really gives a RATS ASS?

1209 days ago


did you ever wonder if the Kardashians move out of the country that TMZ would go bankrupt?

considering how they continually chase after the girls with their cameras and microphones and they bombard us with trivial non-stories knowing people will read them out of curiosity

but rarely if ever are the reportings actually something that you would label news worthy

fess up Harvey--how much revenue is generated by chasing them?
obviously plenty or you wouldn't keep posting on them!!

so as much as paeope blame the girls for always being out there-why not blame the leeches like TMZ who are making big money off them

just a thought i had

1209 days ago

Ol Virginny    

Sociopaths are Sad is a kike.

1209 days ago


If he is ruining her good reputation, that is a reason to sue, otherwise lawyers just get rich over b s. If he is lying he should join Weiner and get help. If she is lying, she should join Weiner.

1209 days ago


This dude is a window shopper!!

1209 days ago

In L.A.    

Hey Lockett, you may need to provide proof - the video should be out next week. Busted.

1208 days ago



Why would any respectable man want to wed a woman who has a video of herself performing a ******** on one of her many bo’s, floating around the internet. First of all who would be dim enough to allow themselves to be video taped and not take the video camera and the tape and destroy it afterwards….come on. She is a glorified porn star at best and companies actually pay her to endorse their products. Why would you want her name on a product. Her name represents a father, God rest his soul, who stood by O.J. Simpson, a murderer, and a much publicized ********. What is going on out there? Have we no more propriety? Short term memory? I personally purposely avoid anything with her name on it because of what it represents. An ever diminishing level of class and propriety in our society. Sometimes evil comes in pretty packages and we get taken in by it, we endorse, we make money off of it. It's repulsive. All I picture now when I hear Kardashian, is a bunch of money grubbing women who will put their name on ANYthing which just cheapens a product. Can you spell O V E R E X P O S U R E ? They would walk the red carpet and attend a Grand Opening of an envelope. Please people stop allowing her and others spawned by the same school of garbage to inundate us any longer. Kris Humphries parents should sit him down and talk some sense into him. There is a good girl out there for him. One who will not have to explain to his children why mommy is on the internet performing a ********. She claims she is religious yet she acts like, excuse my language, a whore. All the make-up in the world can't disguise what she really is to a tasteful person. And I'm sorry but please don't compare her wedding to that of the British Monarch. That is really reaching. The future Queen of England isn't capitalizing on a home made sex tape. She was respectable before she walked down the isle and is far out of most of the Kardashian women's league. I hope Kendall and Kylie Jenner have better sense. A respectable modeling career and so far innocence seem to be on their side. Let's hope they carve out a more respectable future for themselves and redeem the rest of the family's circus act like name.

1208 days ago


Kardashian and Wiener - perfect couple!!

1208 days ago


trueresults: That is so funny...and true. Good one. Now his wife is a classy women.

1208 days ago

todd hilley    

D-bag Lockett admitted he didn't have sex with D-bag kardashian...

1208 days ago


Kim Kardashian actually has advertisements on TMZ? Who's paying who? Isn't that sort of a conflict of interest? I would conclude that anytime there is a story to report in regards to that family, TMZ will spin the story in favor of the Kardashian's...interesting. She has TMZ in her pocket as well. Quite a monopoly.

1208 days ago


He never claimed he had sex with her in the 1st place. He claimed she mislead him via sexting etc. I wouldn't put it past her type.

1208 days ago


Ahhh hello? : glittz: She can't sue on the grounds that her reputation has been damaged. All the defense would have to do is play her internet sex tape...She doesn't have a good name to protect. She made that bed, literally, several years ago with Ray J.

1208 days ago
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