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Undersea Explorer -- I'm Gonna Find Bin Laden's Body!

6/13/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even in death, Osama bin Laden is the most wanted man on the planet -- at least to one undersea treasure hunter ... who's determined to find out once and for all if Osama is really dead.


Treasure-hunting explorer Bill Warren tells TMZ, the purpose of the excursion "is to try to find out if [Osama] is really dead and to provide to the world the proof that he is ... We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof."

Bill adds, "I do not trust my government or Obama."

The search will take place in the North Arabian Sea, where a U.S. Navy ship allegedly dumped Osama's body back in May. Bill explains, "We intend to locate/recover his body and photograph and video tape him, then do a DNA test on the ship."

Bill tells us, he's using several boats and top of the line technology to perform the search --
and the entire operation will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Good news for conspiracy theorists -- Bill plans to take a film crew along for the ride and document the whole the trip.


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Good luck with that! He died in 2001.

1227 days ago

spelled cyndi with one eye    

geezus! what a right wing nut job!
i and anybody else with a brain bigger than a dust-bunny, know for a fact that bin laden is alive and well. he is living the good life in tweed, ontario, canada, along with elvis presley. don't believe me, then google elvis and the town of tweed. you'll see its no b.s.

1227 days ago


No wonder the guy is a Republican. He's a professional thief who thinks he's entitled to steal other peoples' treasure. For there to be a conspiracy, everyone from Al Qaeda, to Bin Laden's wives (including one who was an eye-witness to his death), to Bin Laden's kids, to the US military, to the CIA , to the Pakistani government would all have to be in on it. The Pakistani government was HIGHLY embarrassed that Bin Laden was found in a protected compound so you can guarantee they'd deny the story if they thought it wasn't true. Seriously TMZ, how the hell is this even news??? Are you on the Republican payroll too?

1227 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I was wondering when somebody would try this. Good luck finding that piece of rice a couple miles under. They had to have made sure they dumped it at the deepest part of the water in anticipation of something like this happening.

1227 days ago


While you're down there genius, look for the lost city of Atlantis, Mermaids, Jimmy Hoffa, The Missing Florida Ballots and your IQ.

1227 days ago

Sonya in Tx    


In the name of everyone killed on 9/11, let him stay there with the fishes.....

1227 days ago


i predict that our seal team 6 will be paying a visit to bill warren's home in the near future.

1227 days ago


What a fool.

1227 days ago

PRO US    

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Sarah Bellum 6 hours ago

I don't buy President Obama's story either - there are too many pieces that don't fit. Remember how many different stories the White House told about HOW it was done at first? And who was there - at first, the wife was a human shield and then she wasn't. It was embarrassing for the White House to have so many different accounts of what transpired!

And, why would our Navy Seals have a 45-minute burial for this killer if he WAS killed? Furthermore, why would our Navy Seals supposedly wash his mutilated dead body (that they supposed just killed), put clothes back on it, board it on a plane, and fly the corpse 1,500 miles to the sea ---- just so it could have a proper Muslim burial? Especially since Bin Laden has been responsible for the murders and terrorism throughout the world, and especially 9/11? Why on earth would we give his corpse so much respect?
Obama wanted to show the corpse so much respect because Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim and President Obama didn't want to inflame 1.3 Billion Muslims to hate America more and for more Muslims to choose the path of terrorism and attack Americans more by not giving a Muslim leader a proper and respectful Muslim burial ceremony. President Obama's father and stepfather were Muslims and Obama grew up partly in Indonesia in a Muslim culture, going to pray in Arabic from the Koran at a mosque there, so Obama is sensitive to the beliefs and wishes of Muslims. It is normal Muslim tradition to wash the body of any dead Muslim, recite prayers over the body in Arabic and bury the corpse as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Obama would have allowed Saudi Arabia to bury the body on land there but Saudi Arabia refused permission to do that. Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia, you know and still a citizen of that country. No country accepted to bury Osama Bin Laden's body on its territory, so President Obama decided to bury the body at sea.

1227 days ago


IM WITH YOU ON THAT! I dont really trust the fact they he is dead but were suppose to believe it since thats what they said like some bunch of morons with no common sense enough to demand evidence. I am aware that a picture of his dead body would cause outrage and perhaps more problems to the US than not, but dont we have the right to FKING know for sure???? After all, this bastard killed people from the US and those family members DESERVE TO know. Dont show me the picture, but atleast show those family members!!!!!

1227 days ago

PRO US    

makeitstop 4 hours ago

Doesn't Glenn Beck have better things to do with his money?
Glenn Beck has nothing to do with this.

1227 days ago


This is what is referred to as a short story. It will read,Searching for Osama, nothing found. The End. Will probably retail for $39.99 and people will be stupid enough to buy it!!

1227 days ago


Conspiracy nut job! If Bin Laden is alive he would appears in some video and embarrass Barack Obama

1227 days ago


Where was this guy when they were looking for Natalie Holloway? Finding her body for her family would have been a more worthwhile way to spend all that money. America has too many nutjobs living in it, throwing away money other people could use to live...

1227 days ago


Sarah Bellum-

I agree with you 100%. Do people REALLY believe that because we "supposedly" gave Bin Laden a "proper" burial, that the Muslim*****e us LESS? How ridiculous.

I, too, have heard the rumors that supposedly came from someone high up in the military that Bin Laden has been dead for approximately 5 years now. The reason it was kept under the radar is so the US could keep going after Al Quada.

We will probably NEVER know the truth in our lifetime, but I am sure that years/decades down the road, someone who WAS present when Bin Laden was killed, will write a tell all. It's all very sad. I don't know what is happening to this country. Our "representatives" in Washington seem to be in the news MORE than our enemies! I say forget Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers etc. and let's get people in office who are looking out for US and NOT THEMSELVES! We need integrity and honestly in the people that represent us and not people filling their coffers or sending pictures of their weiner to young girls! It's ALL NUTS!

1227 days ago
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