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Ricki Lake Sued -- You Burned Down My Beach House!

6/11/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does Ricki Lake have in common with the Exxon Valdez? Each is responsible for a super-destructive, wildly expensive oil spill ... allegedly.

Ricki Lake Lawsuit

Lake is being sued for allegedly making a HUGE mistake with some flammable heating oil ... and causing the fire that burned down the Malibu beach house she was renting back in 2010.

According to the lawsuit filed by the owner of the home ...  Lake was refilling a portable space heater when she spilled the oil on the hot heating coils -- and the oil burst into flames. The fire quickly ripped through the entire property. 
Ricki Lake
In the lawsuit, filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, the owner, Hovsep Kousouyan, claims Lake spoke with emergency personnel who responded to the fire -- and she admitted the whole thing was her fault.

Kousouyan says his beach house was completely destroyed in the blaze -- and wants Lake to pay for all of the damages ... which could be in the millions.

Calls to Lake's rep have not been returned.


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Insurance doesn't pay for those types of accidents. Ricki Lake should have done the following:

Get three estimates, and from the three pay the lowest estimate.

The owner could possibly sue for punitive damages if Ricki refuses to pay.

1193 days ago


U can have a house without insurance if u own it.. The bank just requires it if they used their money to obtain it. Now i believe it's law to have insurance if u rent. I know i had to get it if only to protect myself from liability from a unlucky tenant. The important thing here is that our Ricky Lake is safe and unharmed. A better person u'll never find.. I hope i'm on that jury,the first question i'd have is, why the dangerous heating system?? The hydrocarbons released by that type of heater are very dangerous to breathe and i don't think they're permitted in rentals. Good luck Princess Ricky.. DA

1193 days ago


That House is not worth a million dollars, 30k at the most its the land that worth millions.

1193 days ago


She may have lost weight but she didn't get any smarter.

1193 days ago


Renters insurance just covers belonging of the renter. The renter never has to insure the house,whomever said that was very ignorant or very misinformed. DA

1193 days ago


Oh, Boo Hoo. She should get Dr Phil, Oprah, and the cows from The View together and have a candle lit vigual. Give me a break.

1193 days ago


Got Marshmellows?

1193 days ago


Didn't the owner have insurance?

1193 days ago


Anyone who mentions the word "insurance" in their comments is a F***ING MORON!!!

1193 days ago


with a name like Hovsep Kousouyan, what would you expect. COSANI PIG foreigner, home owner, wants to take advantage anyway he can... just typical of these foreign slobs, the house looked like a POS in the first place, probably get more just to sell the property outright...greedy fiend!!! I AM SURE he has INSURANCE!!!...wants it both ways, slob!

1193 days ago


Filling a space heater? I remember a similar story involving Richard Pryor regarding filling lighters in his house, and everything burned down. We all remember the reality of that story (free basing cocaine). Has anyone drug tested this broad. How about checking her for track marks.

1193 days ago


To The Owner: Such As Land Lords Renting A Place Like A Apartments Or A House Thay All Need Insurance? And Plumbing, And Heat, And Cooling System, For Summer, BeFor Someone? Renting It Out OK. This Renting Place In Malibu Beach Should Had Owners Insurance And Plumbing And Heating And Cooling BeFor He Rents It Out To Any Bubby? OK. But This Owner Such As Land Lords Well Most LandLords Do But This LandLord Did Not Have No Plumbing, NO Heat, NO Cooling System For Summer, Its The Owners Responsible And His Fault For Not Fixing It Up Since Year 1945 To 2010 To 2011 This Owner!!! Such As LandLords Well This Man Was Asking For It ByNot Fixing It Up!!!!! Since Year 1945 To 2010 To 2011 OK. Well Ricki Lake Dont Pay NO Money At All To This Man He Was Asking For It OK. Dont Pay This Man NO Money

1193 days ago


what a piece of junk house..move back to ny ricki...go ricki go ricki
need more info on this story..doesnt the landlord have renters fire he suing or is the insurance suing..or is he suing for the deductible

1193 days ago

brock lesnar    

leave her alone. she's having my baby.

1193 days ago


these comments are funny. im actually her neighbor a few houses down, and it was a disaster. Her stupidity caused a lot of problems. She should have her own renters insurance and the owner his own insurance. The house was a dump. Worst one in the hood. Most likely the owner is taking advantage of her celebrity. She's probably broke, and he's most likely under insured. It shouldn't be more then a million, but he probably has 200k of insurance.

1193 days ago
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