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Rep. Weiner

Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop

6/13/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner took numerous photos of himself -- clothed and partially nude -- at the House Members Gym and sent them to at least one woman ... raising questions about whether he used Congressional resources in his online exploits.

TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ ... the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. 

 The pics were taken on both the gym floor and in the locker room.

TMZ has confirmed the pics were sent online to at least one woman.

The question that's dogged Weiner since his news conference/mea culpa is -- did he use Congressional resources during his cyber affairs?

So we gotta ask ...


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this is cyber flashing. aren't there laws about this? and doesn't this ususally escalate into more devient behavior? he is sick no doubt and should resign.

1228 days ago


I don't see what he did wrong. Obviously people are not fans of a well built man.

1228 days ago

Patrick Eagan    

big deal, if he was twenty and had a body o*****od would people put up a stink, I think not.. Sounds like the girls club is pissed that they can't get their collective hands on any man.

1228 days ago

X Slapper    

Anthony Weiner an Adult Film Star trapped in a Politician! Shouldn't we embrace our true calling?
There is even a Congressman Weiner's Tribute Song.... X Slapper!
Howard Stern, only your show can erect Congressman Weiner carrer as the Real X Slapper, his incessant photo op's has proven he embodies the true talents needed to launch a career as a Adult Film Master. After all Weiner has Saluted America and the least we all can do is return a tribute. -ORN Rapper Carl tells the story.........So If Your Pounding On The Street, Girl Better Watch Your Feet,
Before Your Drawn To The Beat, Filmed A Special Treat,
Your Hollywood Meat, And Catch The Body Heat Of The X Slapper
-ORN Rapper

1228 days ago

Flit Andersen    

KWM: Again, the idiotic argument that Vitter didn't resign, so Weener shouldn't have to. I say again, the two situations are completely different. Vitters visits to a hooker were seven years old when the madame released his name to the press (why?) but not the names of her democrat political clients (and we all know she had 'em!). Vitter did not lie - he confessed his "sins" immediately to the press. Said he had already told his wife a long time a go and SHE had forgiven him and they were past it. He asked for the voters to forgive his weakness and they did. Vitters activities did not involve government property or personnel, they did involve adult professionals.

How is this anything like what Weenie did? He denied; denied denied. Then he lied; lied & lied. Then he blamed everybody but himself. Now we learn there may have been minors involved (we don't know) and we learn that staffers may have been involved and we know he was using his government computer/propery for at least SOME of this nonsense. The picture of him in the towel grabbing himself was taken in the gym of the Rayburn building - more government property. They're nothing alike. And by the way, I hope the s***bag STAYS. I WANT America to see what a Democrat truly is. It's other Democrats who are leaning on him to quit.


1228 days ago



1228 days ago


Can You Say...."Registered Sex Offender" ..? Federal, how many counts?.....How much Jail Time...after all fair is fair....Others have had to register for much less......hmmmm....

1228 days ago

Kraig Rasool what the guy was in a towel grabbing himself. He is
proud of his body and wanted to show it off..women who would want
a man like him are mad and guys who are overweight and out of shape
are mad because they cant be him...Leave the man alone and let him get back to the business of running his district..

1228 days ago


couldnt care less about politicians...esp. ugly ones. can we talk about famous peeps & celebs instead? just sayin.

1228 days ago


Why didn't he hit on me? I would have had lot's of fun with him, he's HOT! HEHEHEH

1228 days ago


I feel really sad for his wife, it took this to find out, what he was really doing, Weiner is self destructing, he chose to play to the dark side of the camera, and thought he would not get caught, soooo narcissistic, egotistic, all the while playing the look at me, I have it under control, on Television, what a fake. But wait I bet all the Politicians are doing the same thing, living like fat cats on the Tax Payers money. Both Parties have robbed every citizen, and now they want to give up everything to the super rich, and take school lunchs from the children, and put elderly people who are in nursing homes on the street, the Republicans are stealing away collective bargaining from the Union men and women, oh boy I can see a huge protest across the Country brewing as I write this.

1227 days ago


I think he is a real jerk, but what he did should be between himself and his wife. If he is effective in his elected position, and those he represents are satisfied with him as their representative, then he should not have to resign. Clinton didn't resign or other congressmen who had outrageous scandalous behavior didn't resign. So he shouldn't have to.

1227 days ago


Hey Weiner;

You're UGLY and have a below average body. Why all the self love? Thought you're supposed to be in congress! You sure seem to have a lot of time on your hands--among other things. You're one sick dude that needs to be locked up in a mental institution with your hands tied behind your back. Bet that would make you even more insane--not being able to handle yourself. What a sick pig.

1227 days ago

Melanie Richard    

My headline would be "Lonely Weiner seeks Boehner with Porn Star".
Sorry Congressman Weiner. You appear lonely and in need o*****ood woman who doesn't travel all over the world.
Sorry about your troubles! and GET OFF THE STEROIDS! It's affecting your judgement.

1227 days ago

D Grant    

He is in great shape for his age, but a bit full of himself. These photos are PG13. I don't see his weiner! What a bunch of non-sense. Leave the poor guy alone. Much ado about nothing.

1227 days ago
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