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Last Meals -- What's On the Menu?!

6/12/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were down to your last meal and could eat ANYTHING in the world -- what would you choose to chow down on???


From two pints of ice cream to a surf-n-turf spread -- check out what these death sentenced inmates enjoyed before the final curtain.

Bon appetit.


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great question for harvey....would he eat meat during his last hours of life?

1199 days ago


I have celiac disease so my last meal would be:

A fresh loaf of french bread with baked brie, battered onion rings, black forest cake and a burger on a proper wheat bun. Hopefully they would kill me before the pain from all that wheat kicked in. lol

1199 days ago


TMZ!!! You ought to be ashamed posting this! Minimilazing the execution of a fellow human being, making fun of such a horrific moment in a person's life. Shame on you!

Imagine if he were your brother, husband, son or friend...or YOURSELF and TMZ was making fun of your state-sponsored murder at his and your expense. SHAME ON YOU TMZ!

1199 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Whatever I ordered, I'd definitely need some Alka-Seltzer, because I'd have an upset stomach knowing what was coming next! But on the bright side, I would be able to finally eat some onion rings because they make me feel real bloated and give me gas the next day something awful. But I obviously wouldn't have to worry about the next day.

1199 days ago


genius post, this is factual information, nothing wrong with that. for all those complaining about it, go to a library and read something else or go back to reading ****in people magazine, or whatever you find MORE educational.

1199 days ago

Angie Diego    

Lol... why is there a pic of Obama eating grits? Was he saved from death row to become our black warlord? Make the death row inmates happy with a last meal. Give them a choice of any banquet frozen dinner $1 menu.....

1199 days ago


1 gram Morrocan hashish and $50 dollar gift certificate from Bubba Gumps...(for delivery, of course) and 12 crisp & cool Heinekens!

Okay, and a slab of keylime pie....

Hey, would it be too much to ask for a 2 hour congical from Jenna Haze?

Just askin...

1199 days ago


This is completely tasteless. How is this celebrity news or entertainment? I'll stick w/ Perez for my entertainment news.

1199 days ago


There was no Hot Pockets on here?
Can't you find any CURRENT celebrity gossip? This is LAME.

1199 days ago


why you gotta put a black man pic on this question? why not scott petersons pic..or casey anthonys in a month or so when she gets the needle do***ent? why a black man>? huh? please explain...

1199 days ago


Nicole 16 hours ago
christina 28 minutes ago

This is a truly tasteless post, not related to celebrity news. I can't imagine who would read this and I'll never go to this site again.

I 100% agree this is a truly despicable post and no one should be trying to make light of capital punishment.


Agreed. What is wrong with you people?

1199 days ago


I check in TMZ occasionally as a guilty pleasure, but this? This crosses the line. Come on, guys.

1199 days ago


Number 7 of 24, Allen Lee Davis is better known for his photos taken after he was electrocuted. Blood ran from his nose during the execution and photos were taken as evidence and released to the public. Type in his name in Google images, but dont do so if you are squeamish.

1199 days ago


Oysters and Champagne for me thank you...I'd die happy.

1199 days ago


Gino's East Depp Dish Sausage Patty Pizza with Fried Mozzarella Sticks and a bottle of Moet. And people need to relax seriously. All of those people paid the ultimate consiquence for what they did and this site isn't glorifying it but just showing what they had to eat for a last meal. People really need to get over themselves.

1198 days ago
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