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WWE Star Kevin Nash -- Cleared After Battery Arrest

6/12/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE legend Kevin Nash is in the clear ... TMZ has learned -- after cops arrested him in Florida recently for allegedly laying the smackdown on some drunk guy ... for hitting on his wife.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Big Sexy and his lady were leaving a restaurant after dinner, when a man approached Nash's wife and began chatting her up.

According to the report, Nash's wife told the guy to buzz off ... but he got aggressive -- so Nash stepped in and dropped him.

Nash held the man down until police arrived -- but in a cruel twist of fate, he ended up getting arrested himself on suspicion of battery, a charge that was eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.

Nash tells TMZ, he never should have been arrested -- and if he wanted to sue, he'd have a good case in court, adding, "I'm a 52-year-old fake fighter. My hands aren't deadly weapons."

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No Avatar


wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT!

wrestling is FAKE!?



(you ******* idiots)

1226 days ago

His Prince Michael    

I detest ALL forms of Violence. So, don't mind the haters Big Kev.
ANY man that would not defend a lady's honor,
needs to hang'em up.

Handled it. Properly.

1226 days ago


Kevin Nash is a total package. He is in great shape, smart, and witty! He does not deserve to be arrested on his son's Birthday. Leave the man alone. He deserves a hall of fame bid not to be drug into jail for defending his wife. Yo! Go Nash. I hope that loser feels like an ass.

1226 days ago


If the guy wasn't physically harassing his wife then attacking him was uncalled for. Call the police if the guy won't stop bothering you. If he lays a hand on you then go ahead and pound him, but you can't before then.

1226 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

The outcome is preordained. The injuries & risks are very much real. Think of the couple of in-ring deaths (not counting Owen Hart) over the last couple of decades: the Von Ericks, JYD; Pillman(ok, hotel room. But he had reaction to his meds for injuries). Sid Viscous: crippled with leg injury.Droz: paralyzed from neck down. Austin and Angle suffered real broken necks. Bret Hart suffered real brain hemorrhaging/concussions that severely limited his life for a long time. Hogan, Ventura, Andre the Giant: bad hips. And show me "real athletes in the real sports", that work as many days as your typical wrestler.

1226 days ago


Great reporting TMZ You failed to mention the part in the police report were it states the man attempted to attack Mr. Nash with a beer bottle, before he held the man down. I guess it is a better story to make Mr. Nash look like he did something unprovoked.

1226 days ago


WHAT? The WWE is fake?

1226 days ago


hah, id kicked the guys ass aswell, you dont go hitting on someones girl friend/wife, and if you even get aggressive, than you deserve to get your ass beat, i hope Nash wooped the dudes ass, i cant stand ******** that go around beatin on women and treating them like dirt.

1224 days ago


It's real to me man!

1224 days ago


Jafo Fubar-You are correct,the outcomes are already planned,however the risks these men and women take and the injuries they get are very real. Some have been killed as well as losing their careers. Also "Sting" suffered a bad knee injury back in 1990,inwhich he had to have reconstructive surgery for. These men travel close to 300days ayear,plus injuries,etc. I'd say besides the outcomes wrestling is pretty real.

1224 days ago

Greg Glazier     

nash is a loser put him away for life i would kick his ass and his son at the same time that family is garbage

1211 days ago


it big sexy lol he big guy he could hurt u don,t matter how old he is unless he is wheel chair bond our really old old lol

1092 days ago
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