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Octomom's Bikini Car Wash -- CANCELED

6/12/2011 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you wanted to catch a glimpse of Octomom in a bikini AND get your car washed ...  sorry, you're outta luck -- her bikini car wash for next weekend has been canceled.

Nadya Suleman's manager tells TMZ the car wash -- which was organized to help Nadya raise some scratch for mortgage payments -- is off because the deal with they had with the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing went south.  The manager says the place wanted $13 from the $20 they were charging -- plus they had to bring their own towels and soap.

The manager says the car wash is off and they're looking for a new place to have it.

The weekend manager at the car wash confirmed it was canceled, but wouldn't go into detail.


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Oh Nadyaaaaa--it's time for you to move to Oklahoma, girlfriend! If you can't afford that clowncar full of crotchlings you spit out, you have NO business living in one of the most expensive states in the country! No more palm trees and sunshine for you, gf! Pack the U-Haul and get outta dodge, gf! --Suze Ormon

1166 days ago


This woman is such a loser.

She blows thru thousands and thousands of dollars on HERSELF and then expects everyone to bail her stupid azz out. Did this shiat for brains EVER stop to consider how she would pay her house payment while she was tearing through the Brea Mall, buying up everything in sight at MAC and Victoria Secret or wasting thousands on plastic surgery? Meanwhile, she has a kid with a cleft lip that she could care less about fixing.

I could care less what happens to her. She can pitch a tent in Featberly Park...why not? She can't afford to pay her house payment. Millions of other hard working Americans are getting evicted, she is just one of the millions. No matter how much money you throw at this dumb azz, six months later she will be crying, screaming and begging for more, more, more.

1166 days ago


If your local jr. high school band can organize a car wash and your management team is unable to handle soap,bucket and water; then it's probably better to go ahead and drop the kids off at the fire station next time they have their "abandon your baby drive".

1166 days ago


Doesn't matter! Nadya is a go getter! She always have a back up plan, bet she and her team are working on upcoming plans and events as we speak. She will never lose her home or her children, so get over it haters! LOL

Team Nadya!!! :)

1166 days ago


Oh, look. It's the Tweak Fairy come to twinkle delusions of Gosselin Grandeur into Octomom's double up dosage.

Back to posting to yourself as TeamNadya, are you?
Some winner. You can't even get a carwash to lather up with some D-list porn stars.
And who would ever pay to watch some camel-faced, saggy middle-aged bag of plastic parts wrestle?

1166 days ago


TeamNadya: the only thing your goddess is good at "going and getting" is knocked up. Has she ever done an honest day's work in her life?

1166 days ago


Um VickiC, she's not my goddess and actually YES, Nadya has done an honest day's work in her life. Remember she used to be employed-- working as a psychiatric technician at Metropolitan State Hospital? (Wink!)

And to dondonedone STFU-- LOSER! LOL

1166 days ago


Ahhh, TeamNutso is back. I have to give it to you, Sarcia - she did work an honest day... for about 1 year out of her 33-34 years of life. She may think she has it all but there's one thing she will never have - respect.

1166 days ago


That's the problem Alvinutso, she keeps trying to win the respect of pathetic, useles*****ers, like you lol. Many tried to tell her it's soooo not worth it. :)

Nadya has the respect of her supporters, friends and family members and that should be good enough but for obviously reasons unknown it's not.

1166 days ago


Hey Team Nadya AKA: Octo Tard:


What makes you so special that you expect to be supported by the State of California and anybody else you can swindle a nickel out of? Maybe that worked with your idiot parents but you are now a grown up, act like one.

Get a job, do an honest day's work for once in your loser life. You might feel better about yourself if you actually contributed to society instead of being a leech. Don't you think you would feel better about yourself if you got a job (ANY JOB) and then people would stop bashing you? People hate you because you are a leach, not because they are "jealous" of you. Believe me hunnie, nobody in his/her right mind would change shoes with you, even for 10 million dollars.

Stop begging like a six year old. Move out of California. Get some professional mental help. Get that kid's lip fixed. Grow the eff up. Act like an adult. Stop begging people for money. Stop thinking that holding porn star car washes and making fetish videos is "working hard to support my kids". You have made ZERO effort to work and support those kids. What you have done is make a supreme effort to make an azzhole out of yourself in the eyes of the world. I'm sure the older kids would just love to crawl under a rock and forget that you even exist. I'm sure they see mentally sane mothers of their classmates and just wish to holy hellz that they lived in a "normal" family instead of with a mentally ill, loser leech such as yourself.

I have more respect for that slutty Mildred person who got pregnant by Arnie than I do for you. At least Mildred WORKED in his house for a living and didn't hit him up for money or go to the media to exploit her kid for money the way YOU have done. Mildred was never on MediCal or welfare and has actually held a job and WORKED for the last twenty years.

You are such a POS Natalie.

1166 days ago


Way to go Sammy!!

Unfortunately it won't do any good - she is so sanity challenged that she actually believes everyone believes her lies - that is why she keeps repeating the same ones over and over - lies that have been proven to be lies.

Her poor kids - I hope they have someone in school that they can turn to. It must be so shameful to know what a loser their mother is and the way she keeps trying to become a celebritard, doing all that porn star stuff. Ugh, poor children, sentenced to a life of chaos and confusion with a wanna be porn star for a role mode.

1166 days ago


Yeah way to go Sammy! I didn't think you could do it but you did. You made an even bigger fool of yourself accusing me of being Nadya Suleman (yet again). And um excuse me Sammy, but if you had a job of your own, you wouldn't have the time to be on board telling others to find one nor would you have the time to hit ever open forum in cyber world about Nadya Suleman hating on her like she stole your SSI checks LOL.

Your life sucks!

1165 days ago


Hey, I'm glad you read my posts Octo Tard. It sounds like they get you are bent out of shape...he..he...

I know someone who has seen you at the gym. They said you look like a wax dummy with giant fake lips and two giant inflated bags of silicone bolted on to your chest.

1165 days ago


Ummmm, TeamNadya, you also seem to have the free time to come to (many) message boards spouting your BS. Are YOU also on SSI?

Thank you TMZ for spelling CANCELED correctly! So many do not.

1163 days ago


Vinyl the only board I post on is TMZ and YT. Once in a blue moon I comment on Radar Online, I stop mainly because their forum sucks with delay postings.

As for my being on SSI, not saying I am--but if I was, what's it to you? Are you going to wrap my from lawn with toilet tissues? bust out my car back window with a child car seat? Sic Gloria Allred and AIW on me? Make life threatening phone calls, letters and emails? Are you going to follow my every move, stalk me, watch my house from across the street? Call CPS on me? Talk trash about me online? Are you going to highjack and vandalize my website? Write griffiti on the wall in my neighborhood? Send your kids to protest with signs outside my home?

FYI--I am not on any kind of gov't programs, but if I was in survival mode, you damn right I would apply and be on it. Only way I wouldn't is if you send me your disability checks every month. LOL

1157 days ago
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