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Spencer Pratt -- Take My Ride, Please!

6/12/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Everyone's favorite loveable d-bag Spencer Pratt is getting rid of one of his biggest assets -- and it isn't his buxom wife Heidi Montag ... it's his tricked out monster truck.

Pratt's 1990 Chevrolet C/K Pickup 2500 truck is currently on sale on eBay for $5K and has 177,000 miles on it.

While Mr. Montag recently spent $11K to rebuild the engine, he says he's selling it "because it gets too much attention driving a monster truck around L.A."

Without his truck and "The HIlls" off the air, Spencer should have no problem going unnoticed.


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Does it still smell like douche bag?

1192 days ago

karen darvin    

I like it although it needs monster wheels really always wanted oneof those, but then I'm from Texas (or a chopper)

1192 days ago


Why does it not surprise me that this major douchebag, Spencer Pratt, drives this monstrosity.

P.S. You know what they say . . . the bigger the truck, the smaller the *******. Major compensation issues here!

1192 days ago


Guy w/Big Truck = Boy w/Little ____!! LMAO!!!

1192 days ago


The bigger the truck, the smaller the pee-pee. Have fun sucking gas!

1192 days ago


Only if I can run him over with it afterwards. You know, really get my money's worth.

1192 days ago


just when you think spencer pratt couldn't be any more nauseating...??? a monster chevy truck with cadillac logo that he has to sell because it gets "too much attention." he is a broke, sad clown indeed.

1192 days ago


what a bunch of rednecks! First off it's not a 90, that interior did not come out till 95, It has a Cadillac Escalade front clip... not just an emblem...da!! Definetly is a Chevy, Cadillac has a different engine set up.
I love how people like Randall Spencer ba***** and call it a piece of crap....lets see whats in your driveway hillbilly!! Look at the suspension, far from stock!! cool truck....douchebag owner haha!

1192 days ago


The biggest problem I have with this story is that you call Spencer "lovable."

1192 days ago


he must need the cash
hope nobody bids on it

1192 days ago


Now we know how small is penis really is

1192 days ago


The truck sold, $5500. With that lift kit, that's a freaking steal. That's probably why the buying wanted it, that kit is worth a lot of money.

1192 days ago


I always heard that the hayseeds who drive these ridiculous trucks are trying to make up for their TINY p e n i s . . . . from reading this story I now believe it must be true, considering who owns it! What I want to know is how this jerk got the $11,000? What a genius . . . put $11,000 into a $5000 truck.

1192 days ago


Monster trucks usually compensate for shortcomings in a man. But if you are going to make a monster truck, use a real truck like a Ford F-series or Dodge Ram. Using a small Chevy (or Cadillac based on the front grill logo) is pretty sad.

1192 days ago


WOW, I can't believe the amount of people here who don't know anything about cars/trucks. Its a Chevy with a Cadillac front end put on it which is a fairly popular modification. Has no performance? It has a 454 big block in it for Christs sake. Looking at all of the things done to it I bet there was at least 20 grand spent easy, and to sell it for 5 grand is insane. Who ever bought it could resell it if they wanted and easily double their money.

1192 days ago
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