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Chris Rock

Defends Tracy Morgan, Then Backtracks

6/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Rock came to the defense of fellow comedian Tracy Morgan after Tracy's homophobic rant became public ... then backed off his support a little, saying he doesn't "support it at all."

Morgan's rant went down during a show in Nashville last week. Among his remarks, he said if his son ever came out to him, he "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death."

Morgan has since apologized for the remarks, but Rock had Tracy's back on Friday when he tweeted, "I dont know about you, but I dont want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate s**t."

But Rock got back online last night and explained that he hadn't heard everything Tracy had said, until now. He explained, "wow i get it that s**t wasn't called for and i don't support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked."


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Christopher R    

Oh, YES he DOES support Morgan. They are two of a kind.

1200 days ago

tony gee    

These homophobes are walking on egg shells on a thin line that divides the gay and the homophobes. They are the ones who are disturbed about anything gay because they are the ones in the closet who are too afraid to let others know they are truly a flaming queen beneath that macho image they want to portray.

But alas, it had been proven time and again that most homophobes are repressed homosexuals themselves.


1200 days ago

Michelle A.    

Tracy Morgon should have kept his mouth shut. He is aware of his status and the ongoing problem in AMERICA and across the world with discrimination of Homosexuals. It may have been free speach but is DOSEN'T make it right!!

1200 days ago


Yeah... suicide is one problem.

People killing gay people is also one.

HE ADVOCATED VIOLENCE. I have a cousin that was attacked for being gay and he had to have LOTS of surgery.

I knew a person in college, just a few years ago, that was hospitalized in intensive care for a week after he was attacked by some frat boys.

I was chased on several ocassions on my campus. I was lucky, in that I run everyday and was able to outrun the people chasing me (both times).

Its not "people being sensitive"... its people getting attacked.

I was threatened with murder on the job in high school. Two witnesses reported it and the guy was still allowed to work there.

You have no idea what its like to grow up in this country.

1200 days ago


In Chris's subconcious mind, he is tossing Tracy's salad, but his concious mind cannot allow any of that to surface.

1200 days ago


Shingabis- I highly doubt that has ever entered Chris Rock's mind, but we all know what is on yours.

No- Chris Rock's conscious and subconscious mind is filled with fear of what others think or say about him, as evidenced by his backpedaling from his initial free speech defense.

1200 days ago


If my son came to me and said basically he wants to bend over in front of Johnny next door, I guarantee I will say something worse than that.

1200 days ago


Not cool, Tracy. I really like Tracy Morgan, but he really screwed up. Bad karma, bro.

1200 days ago


For the love of God!!!! If you are offended dont go to his show! I wish everyone would stop being crybags!! Let the man (or anyone for that matter) do their show. In the words of my two year old, "STOP YOUR WHINING!!"

1200 days ago


it's funny how all the unattractive women and feminine acting boys are supposedly born gay. I went to school with a boy who just hung around girls alot and we thought he was gay because he acted like it, but he didn't grow up gay. I know a lady who wasn't always a lesbian and had boyfriends she was in love with when she was younger, but now she said she only likes other women. That's no birth defect, you have to train your children up the way they should go. All these people saying they people are born like that is no excuse.

1200 days ago


I'd like to live in a world where you "...cant say foul inappropriate s**t."

1200 days ago


Harv loves any "story" that is about the pc police/anything gay/anything about the Jewish community - no wonder TMZ got scooped on the Ah-nold story. Ah-nold knows how to kiss butt with the simon weisenthal center et al. Right Harv? Keep posting these great pieces about "who would you rather"

Somewhere Sam Kinison is looking around thinking he is glad he is dead because these people are so corporate, Fey give me a break Tina, Chris Rock had to hear it all before worrying about whether he should stand by a comic? Are their comics left? One of Rock's heros was Sam.

Get over it, with all the homophobic hate crime, really Tina? That is your big issue in this world? That is your statement? NBC owned. No wonder most movies are CGI crap. 30 Rock is riding the suck train these days.

Oh yes we are very liberal, as long as you do not say anything about x group, y group, z group or anything else we deem hurtful because our little bitty feelings are so sad. This from a town that turns most "aspiring actresses" into strippers - not that there is anything wrong with that, and Ah-nold - where TMZ got scooped - is protected not only did he do all the right things he write them big checks to the simon weisenthal center then stuck his love child in a $268,000 house in Bakersfield while he "real family" flies around the country, eats in $5,000 a meal restaurants in Malibu.

Take a poll Harv who'd you rather Harv or Ah-nold? Then chill out.

1200 days ago


I get why Chris Rock changed his tune - I've found myself on both sides of the fence, too. On the one hand, it IS comedy (albeit BAD comedy), so from that perspective (and just on the basis of free speech) I think Tracy and all comics should have free reign to say what they want...but then, we weren't there and didn't hear how Tracy delivered it, so when you just read the lines verbatim it really does sound awful, so you feel like you can't in good conscience condone what he said. Anyway, it's not a black and white issue (no pun intended).

1200 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Now you see why these 'celebs' love twitter, they pop out a one sentence statement to everything while laying in bed and don't have to answer the phones and deal with reporters.

That's why I don't use it. Nothing worth listening to can be said in 140 characters or less unless you're a simpleton.

1200 days ago


This really disgusts me. It's a well-known fact the African-American community is the most homophobic sector of the American population. Even President Obama has addressed the issue in black churches.

These two obviously don't get it, and are only saying what they need to say to protect their careers. I have absolutely ZERO doubt that they're still spreading their homophobia amongst their black peers in private settings.

Until the black community stops being so bigoted, and people like the President stop looking the other way when said bigotry shows itself (he still has Leigh Daughtry working in the White House, I believe), things will never change.

1200 days ago
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