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Chris Rock

Defends Tracy Morgan, Then Backtracks

6/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Rock came to the defense of fellow comedian Tracy Morgan after Tracy's homophobic rant became public ... then backed off his support a little, saying he doesn't "support it at all."

Morgan's rant went down during a show in Nashville last week. Among his remarks, he said if his son ever came out to him, he "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death."

Morgan has since apologized for the remarks, but Rock had Tracy's back on Friday when he tweeted, "I dont know about you, but I dont want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate s**t."

But Rock got back online last night and explained that he hadn't heard everything Tracy had said, until now. He explained, "wow i get it that s**t wasn't called for and i don't support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked."


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Hooooooooooooray 4 TRACY MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big *******
_ _ _ _ _ _ g deal, what TRACY MORGAN said was NO big *******
_ _ _ _ _ _ g deal, get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1229 days ago


@doug pound
With a name like your's, who needs suckers!

1229 days ago


Rock may agree with Morgan to some extent- who knows

but if he is sceduled to be on the Tony Awards given the number of gay
actors/singers/dancers/producers/choreographers etc. who will be in attendance
he has to backpeddle big time on his support for Morgan by pretending he hadn't read the whole thing

so not sure if I buy him truly backing off on his support privately-maybe only publicly

1229 days ago


Too late, Rock. You're on the chit list now too. What is it with you guys. Prop8 won because black*****e gays.

1229 days ago


WTF ****** comedians can make all the straight and gay jokes they want..let a straight guy make a gay joke and suddenly he is a villain..******* preach tolerance but dammit if they know nothing of how to be tolerant themselves..good ole hypocrites for ya

1229 days ago




especially when it comes to some comedians
they feel they can get away with anything if they say they were making a joke

Joy Behar comes to mind also
spewing out hateful venom on people who differ from her in political leanings
and then laughing that she gets away with it because she's a comedian

a lot of them out there like that sadly

1229 days ago


Chris should not have defended tracy Tracy period!! He now looks stupid for flip flopping!!

1229 days ago


Lesbi-honest, I think it's laughable that people think the "black community" has a collective problem with gays....these people obviously never heard of vogue battles or simply voguing that originated within the black community. Whether you're white, black, asian, etc. someone some where is going to have negative things to say about being gay. The problem is with society as a whole, period.

1229 days ago


Hoooooooooooray 4 TRACY MORGAN, you CAN say anything you want to say, hooooooooooray!!!! MAX is waaaaay too handsome & waaaay
too COOL!!!! I like that new young Black guy, what's his name?!!
Hooooooooooooray 4 TRACY MORGAN!! Guess little baby Harvey
is crying at TRACY'S words, ohhhh waaaaa waaaaa!!!!

1229 days ago

Good Friend    

BOYCOTT Tracy Morgan!

1229 days ago


who cares about the gays and their rights...NOT ME! And I support 100% freedom of speech. BUT to threaten to stab your child FOR ANY REASON is totally sick and social services should check out his household if he has children living at home. Wonder how his son feels about the comment.

1229 days ago


Who cares about the gays and their rights...NOT ME! Everyone is fair game including God so why are gays so sensitive, expecially if it is a "lifestyle choice"? And I support 100% freedom of speech. BUT to threaten to stab your child FOR ANY REASON is totally sick and social services should check out his household if he has children living at home. Wonder how his son feels about the comment.

1229 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i wonder if there are gay comedians who freely use the f-g-word? the way black people use the n-word. because apparently, this time, the fact that tracy morgan used the n-word went totally under the radar.

1229 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

really. i'd REALLY!! like to know what type of joke tracy morgan would make if the topic was: his DAUGHTER! is a lesbian. i really do wonder if he would have made the same remark, and if "NO"!! then WHYYYYYYYYY????!!! is that just a double standard, or is it based on actual experience and REALITY? i wonder.

1229 days ago


To the poster gonesi...I know we're in a very difficult economic climate and it's hard to pick up and move, but your nephew's life would probably be better if he lived in a more tolerate town than he's currently in. I don't if he's considered it, but it might be worth thinking about as something to do in the future. Best of luck to him.

1229 days ago
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